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Introducci贸n del texto: in this issue we find everything that happened in our school the happiest moments of our lives enjoy it

Book fair on that day was a very cool day we find a variety of people who knew things not one thought known as Andres Lopez and members of shamans was also a day of interaction with other colleges and is chevere step that day.

Cane liquor

Alcohol is a colorless, volatile liquid that is present in various fermented beverages in concentrations ranging from 5 to 20%, as is the case of beer and wine. leaves and the drink


CHILDREN MUSEUM All the visits to the Museum of Children are guided.They typically have a duration of one and half hours and cover a variety of topics.Two of our zones, Zone Gold and Silver Zone has been designed especially for children from one to five years of age. The other five areas are suitable for children aged six or older and obviously for youth and adults.Come and have a wonderful time with your children and grandchildren

Cigarette also cigarette is harmful to the health also cigarette instead of a make a fresh

at school should be allowed also cigarette consumption outside the school


drugs do not lead anywhere you want to be a drug addict and homeless still consuming q be a great evil you are doing.

at my school looks much the sale of drugs

Inauguration of the Olympic Games

this day the whole school is divided into countries in which each course, from 6 to 11th this year who represented Grade 11, students represent countries, which accounted for with flags, making banners, shouting, table and streams of smoke ..

The prize for the winner of the carnival to inaugurate the games was a walk outside Bogota. on this day the whole school is noted for his creativity and spirituality and was very pleasant

incubator projects, promoting the business world

Clycle V My company is called Toelle tour is a company to develop ba desserts of different colors, flavors, different shapes with tastes for the palate.our company is limited and is available to the public from even the most adult children who delight em our experience we also have desserts and servivios home sales and wholesale. Come and visit us at our business and will go like: crr zone frank 99 # 14-78 tel: 3162268192

Influence televicion programs in human sexuality sexuality can include all these dimensions, however, not all are experienced and are always expressed. Sexuality is influenced by interaction of biological, psychological, social, economic, political, cultural, ethical, legal, historical, religious and spiritual.

Jairo anibal ni単o

Jairo Anibal Ni単o was a hombregrandioso for all his accomplishments and goals that could achieve with their efforts Colombian Narrator and playwright. At first it was devoted to painting and then theater in acting, directing and playwriting


Battery is a very cool instrument in which we find various items such as a snare cymbals bass drums is a basic tool in most of the bands internationally and I think this is my favorite instrumen

Sexuality in Betancuort Rodrigo Arenas

Rodrigo Arenas In Betancuort therefore given us an talks about sexuality but it's as if we do not say anything because she always was to see the great vastness of cases of pregnancies in the institution and is also not knowing the plan well and know good use of methods of protection

Welcome to preschoolers that day for eleven students organized a beautiful activity for school children with a variety of games such as the greedy, the painted also an interactive dance and that day the children had a great time.

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what happened in my school to

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