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My Musical Story: Personal Connections with Music Taylor Wright

My personal background with music I would say is quite unique in a couple different ways. Growing up, my family was not one to have music playing throughout the house. I remember going over to friends’ homes when I was little and they would have radios on in the kitchen or their mom would be humming a song in the living room. Friends would have pianos in their great rooms or guitars leaning up against the wall. This was always something that was intriguing to me because the only time we ever really listened to music was in the car on our way from point A to point B. It wasn’t until grade five when I decided to go into band and play the clarinet that music really made an appearance in my life. I began to play the clarinet and was taken out of class once a week with the other instrumentally inclined individuals to play. Once I hit high school, continuing in band was no longer something I wanted to participate in thus my musical background began to halt once again. Thinking about music in my life, I really predominantly think of the social aspect of music. I grew up competitive dancing and dance class was a very social activity for me. Of course we would dance to music which I loved but it was more about the dance movement than the sound of the music for me. Once I graduated high school, my dance career stopped and since then, music to me remains to be a social component in my life especially in regards to going to concerts. I have grown to love country, pop, and folk music but I will pretty much listen to anything! From having a little bit of band background where I learned about tempo, beats, how to read music, etc. (not that I remember much of it!) to learning to love the social aspect of listening to music with friends and dance teammates, music has in fact been impactful in my life. I know how good music can make me feel and how it can enhance a

mood that I am in. It has helped me connect more deeply with friends and understand emotions in a different way than simply talking can. As you can see, music education in the traditional classroom never really stuck with me as being a fun or exciting thing‌ let alone even memorable. However, I have learned to love music and I see the importance of it in life which is why I desire to be a positive provider of music education to students in my future classroom! The type of music teacher I would like to be is one that is relatable to students. In my personal experience, my classroom teachers have been either SO into music education that it is overwhelming and in that sense I was unable to fully immerse myself in the education enough to enjoy it. In other situations, I think my teachers were either hesitant or uncomfortable teaching music so we would complete as little music education as possible. I would like to be that music teacher for my students that is approachable, relatable, and one that creates an extremely comfortable atmosphere for my students. We know how ‘out of the box’ participating in music can be for some students because it often puts people in a vulnerable position to something they have never done before. Singing out loud, physically moving your body in certain ways, practicing skills using instruments, etc. are not tasks that many people (especially students) participate in on a daily basis. This is why I think it is vital to create a safe atmosphere and a judgement free zone for the students to express themselves. I am very excited to learn some skills and techniques in this course to help me feel more comfortable with the idea of and concepts behind music so I can make my future students comfortable enough to learn the content as well!

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Taylor wright body map