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Reader’s Confessional… Modern readers share their juiciest and funniest stories with yours truly. Skype Wipeout “I recently had set up an interview over one of our newest social network link known as Skype. Previous to this appointment I had received the ugly virus we all hate, the Flu. Instead of being up front about this when the time came for the interview, I carried on, groggy and all. At some point during the interview I re-iterated my favorite surfing article. My interviewer responded “You do know that article is about couch-surfing right?” Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.” High Expectations “While working for an ad agency, I heard of an upcoming availability for promotion. This inspired me to try and impress my boss with an unexpected sales promo. This promo I worked so hard on for weeks, I continued to refer to as my baby. My boss days later surprised me with a congratulations on your baby news. So embarrassing, especially after still receiving no promotion.!

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