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Don't ever make the mistake that I did and let others influence you decision when it comes to money making ideas. We all have them to a greater or lesser degree, but not so many of us turn our dreams into reality. Even those that do, many run out of steam or have problems with cash flow and give up before they've really given I had plenty of money making ideas as a youth, but when I ran them through friends and family they used to say things like; "you're talking through a hole in your head boy" or "you'd be a fool to give up such a good job", and more hurtfully, my folks used to tell me I was living in a dream world. Despite all this negative feedback, it wasn't until I got to into my late twenties that I finally resigned to the fact that I would always be working for 'the man'. However, something happened that triggered a new leash of life into my thinking. In the mid eighties, I got a real enthusiasm for the internet. It opened up a plethora of ideas and inspiration for the solopreneur irrespective of age, sex, creed or color. There were inspirational articles not only from the captains of industry, but lots of rags to riches stories too. I joined an interactive forum which was set up for other like minded individuals that all swapped ideas and information about running online and off line businesses. Many of the finest achievements came from uneducated people with unprivileged backgrounds. In fact, many of these guys had been the most successful with their money making ideas. I learnt that most things are possible if you want them enough. Once an idea was implemented, patience and persistence seemed to be the key ingredient and a determination to succeed no matter what. It was negative thinking that prevented me in my younger days, but it was a positive change in my attitude and outlook upon life in general which was to be my rise to success. I would never have found my forte if it wasn't for the World Wide Web. However, and this is important, you have to believe in yourself otherwise you're on to a hopeless case before you've even begun. So many of us have untapped potential that is quite often latent or pushed away by those in our lives that have influence on us. If you've read this far you're probably curious as to what money making ideas I've managed to put to good use? Well, as it all started with the internet, this was where I was most comfortable, so I decided to pursue an online career. No bricks and mortar business for me, although I do have a couple of staff members now due to the success of what I do. So just what do I do? Put simply, I sell products and services online. I learnt the ropes of reaching customers and finding niches on eBay, but later went on to launching my own successful websites from where I sell mainly affiliate products. This is a perfect setup because you don't need to invest in your own stock, nor do you have the hassles of post and package, not to mention after sales service.

The great thing about this kind of online business is that there are no heavy set-up fees for becoming an affiliate. It's simple to get started once you have a website, (or even a single web page in some cases). You just enter your details, subscribe to the program(s) offered by merchants, add them to your site and begin earning commissions. Your site drives traffic to the merchant's site and your job is done basically. Okay, so there are a few nitty-gritty bits to learn in between, but the basics are launching a website, and getting it found by the search engines through promotional methods. Once web surfers find your site, it is your job to get them to follow the links to the merchant, and that is done through the successful layout or your web pages. But that's not all I do. I also write articles for webmasters on various topics that are of interested to me. Webmasters are always hungry for fresh new and unique content, and so when I have time, I offer my services as a freelance writer and charge per article, which is done by negotiation. But what I do is only a very small slice of the internet pie. Maybe your forte is design, sport, real estate, catering or whatever. It doesn't really matter what you do, it all can be accomplished through the Internet in this technological world. If you need inspiration with money making ideas, jump into cyberspace and see how the others are doing it. It all begins with you!

Andy Maingam is a proficient writer and webmaster for MakeOutMoney dot com where he writes on such issues as How to Make Extra Money and Online Banking. He also has many other money related pieces on the site.

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==== ==== Money Making World is an independent source of quality information. No mutual endorsement between the writer of this article and ourselves. ==== ====


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