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ince 2017, the team behind Stockport’s Business Improvement District at Totally Stockport have been working hard to encourage more people to visit Stockport and to showcase the positive chang-

es that are happening now and those planned for the future. Greater choice, improved security, events and improving the town centre experience for everyone remain priorities. Totally Stockport will continue to


work to address these concerns and issues over the coming months. Totally Stockport’s website will keep you informed of news, events and projects in Stockport town centre:

3rd Party Funding Support

Totally Stockport are happy to support third party events including Foodie Friday and Stockport Beer Week. If you are organising an event in Stockport town centre and would like to apply for third party funding, email:

Stockport’s Giant Leap Totally Food & Drink Festival


A unique Art Trail featuring giant, brightly coloured frogs is being billed as a Giant Leap for Stockport and will be hopping into the town centre creating an engaging and vibrant, outdoor art trail throughout the summer! The project is designed to increase town centre footfall, to promote Stockport and to support the local youth community – tomorrow’s giant leapers. Find out more and download the art trail map in the centre of this magazine

6th, 7th & 8th September Totally Stockport, Stockport Council, Market Place and Merseyway are working together to present Stockport’s Totally Food & Drink Festival.

Totally Free WiFi Totally Free Wi-Fi is now available in the town centre and is already being enjoyed by over 8,000 visitors who have signed up to the free service. Alongside the Wi-Fi sits another unit that accurately measures footfall and helps provide data on how people are moving around the town, where they are going to and for how long. One of Totally Stockport’s objectives is to increase the amount of time people spend here and increase exposure to Stockport town centre shops and services. This valuable data helps us to shape plans for Totally Stockport’s future projects, addressing areas of concern and hosting events and activities aligned to visitor preferences.

Totally Keeping Stockport Safe and Secure Totally Stockport is on a mission to make everyone feel safe in Stockport, is committed to tackling crime and in reducing antisocial behavior: Welcome to DISC - the Stockport Town Centre Crime Reduction Partnership What is DISC? DISC is a Security Intelligence Network, a secure information-sharing system connecting businesses, retail, security, operational staff and police in the town centre, enabling them to share intelligence and compile evidence about known offenders. The aim of DISC is to: • Reduce low-level business crime and ASB within local areas. • Manage banning schemes efficiently and compliantly. • Enhance security current-awareness. • Increase engagement levels

• Communicate effectively with Members • Link to police and other DISC users. Storenet Radio Storenet radios are used in the town centre, keeping businesses in touch and connected across the town centre to help in the reduction of crime. Business Watch and License Watch In partnership with the local police and Stockport Council, Totally Stockport are managing Business Watch and License Watch, a group of BID levy payers and volunteers working together to make Stockport town centre safer. To find out more about any of the initiatives and events taking place across the town centre, email Lisa Noel: at Totally Stockport BID


Totally Stockport Magazine Issue 8  

Showcasing all the great things happening in Stockport Town centre, this month; Tramp - Produce Hall - Martin Kemp - The Frogs are coming -...

Totally Stockport Magazine Issue 8  

Showcasing all the great things happening in Stockport Town centre, this month; Tramp - Produce Hall - Martin Kemp - The Frogs are coming -...