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UNSER SCHTORI Waking up early to feed the horses, moving the cows and checking the fences, starting up the milking process and feeding the animals; these are just some of the tasks that you could experience while staying at Bauerai Haus. Founded in 1891, Bauerai Haus has become the largest functioning farm in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our family wants to connect people to rural living and educate your family on how their food gets to the dinner table.










The Dulleblumm (tulip) is the most basic motif of hex signs and it is one of the most ancient designs in PA Dutch western culture. The rosette appears on buildings, furniture, gravestones and pottery. The rosette design is a symbol for luck and widely known as a Dutch symbol which is why we show them in our logo.

PRIMARY LOGO The primary logo is a monoweight style that has a logomark and the name of the company together. We take pride in where we come from so Bethel, Penna is also in our primary logo. We have combined key symbols in our logo including the dairy cow, the chicken and our Pennsylvania Dutch tulips. This logo keeps our traditional customs of farming intact but brings in that modern touch of our new bed and breakfast. This is the main logo that will be used across primary brand applications. This trademark helps audiences easily identify Bauerai Haus products, web presence, ads and other materials around our farms. It is essential to the success of the brand that the logo always be applied with care and respect in every application. Color usage for the logo is shown to the left. Primarily, the logo should be used with the logomark in our navy blue and the title in our mustard yellow. Other than that, the logo is one color in our color palette. This applies to secondary logos as well.




The Guckerigu (rooster) was a big influence in a lot of the graphic elements and the color palettes of our patterns. Their intricate feathering is symbolized in the intricacy of the pattern shown in our designs. The rooster is also in our logo to symbolize waking up early in the morning to start our day off right.

SECONDARY LOGOS Bauerai Haus’s secondary logos can be used in replace of the primary logo (but should never be used directly next to the primary logo). The badge logo can be used when the full primary logo is not necessary or in cases where the brand name is already displayed in plain text. For example, the badge logo could be used as a profile picture on Facebook or Instagram since the username will be adjacent to it in plain text.

GRAPHIC ELEMENTS These graphic elements can be used where there is need for a design in the Bauerai Haus branding. These design elements all contain graphics from the primary logo, therefore they will work with any of the Bauerai Haus branding. For example, if you would like the backside of a page to be branded, use the pattern on the back. The pattern shown here has a red background, but our pattern can be used with a blue and yellow background as well.





LOGO CLEAR SPACE To ensure legibility, always keep a minimum clear space around the logo. This space isolates the mark from any other competing graphic elements like other logos or body copy that might conflict with, overcrowd, and lessen the impact of the mark. The graphic element used to determine the clear space no matter what size the logo is, would be the Dutch Tulip design as shown to the right. The logo shown here on the right is the smallest size our logo will ever go in print and web applications. The exact measurements are 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches.



Do not add a drop shadow.

Do not fill with a gradient.

Do not use a thicker line weight.

BAUERAI HAUS Do not layer on top of a bright image.


Do not layer logotype over the logomark.

Do not use different line weights throughout.

Do not rotate the logo.

Do not stretch the logo.

Do not squish the logo.

Do not use colors other than the color palette.

Do not switch positions of logomark and type.

BAUERAI HAUS Do not use a different typeface.

UNACCEPTABLE USAGE A few rules are necessary for maintaining the integrity of the brand. Don’t compromise the overall look of the logo by rotating, skewing, or distorting in any way. This includes adding unnecessary and unattractive text decorations like drop shadows and outlines. Here are a few examples pictured above of some ways you should never consider using the logo.


UNSER SCHEPFER Pieter Bauerai is our founder and the last member of the Bauerai family. He is the man who brought our family’s dreams of Bauerai Haus to life. Pieter brings the tradition to our farm and keeps it alive. Pieter also has a class on the farm that teaches our guests the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch slang that we use around the farm.




PMS 533 | C:100 M:88 Y:38 K:30 | R:25 G:47 B:88 | #192f58

PMS 187 | C:15 M:100 Y:90 K:10 | R:190 G:30 B:45 | #be1e2d

PMS 124 | C:20 M:38 Y:100 K:1 | R:204 G:155 B:43 | #cc9b2b

COLOR PALETTE There are three main colors in the Bauerai Haus branding. These colors come from traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signage used on the sides of all historical barns on our farm. Traditionally, the color blue symbolizes protection and peace, the color red symbolizes charisma and passion and the color yellow symbolizes health and love. These colors represent everything Bauerai Haus hopes to accomplish through our mission.


QUICKSAND REGULAR Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz Used for Headlines

Aver Regular & Bold Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz Used for Body Copy & Key Words

TYPOGRAPHY Typography is a powerful brand tool when used consistently. This set of typefaces best represent the traditional yet modern feel of Bauerai Haus. These typefaces should be used across all print and web applications. Follow these guidelines when choosing which typefaces to use for headlines, body copy etc.


Your kids will love the hands on activities we have around Bauerai Farms. Our staff is highly trained and ready to make farming fun for everyone. Take tours of the grounds and even plant seeds in our fields. Not sure where you are on the farm? We have over 100 staff members on the farms at all times.

PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH All of our Bauerai employees are from PA Dutch Heritage. There are a lot of fun slang phrases and terms used around the farm by our employees. Don’t worry, when you stay here you will pick up on them fast! There is also a class provided on our premises where you can learn the language and use it while you are farming with us!





PHOTOGRAPHY Professional photography is taken regularly of our ever changing farm. These photos are highly saturated and always shown with a short depth of field. A lot of our imagery also shows very close up and textured materials around our farm. Here are two examples of a bad way to use a photo and a good way to use a photo. A database of our photography can be accessed with permission. Using photography with Bauerai Haus promotions in print or web must follow these regulations.



BETT UN MARYEESSE The Bauerai Haus Bed & Breakfast is like no other. The rooms we provide for you and your family are five star rated with a beautiful farmhouse style. Each cottage is equipped with a full size bathroom and wonderful hearth style fireplaces. We want you to feel like you are at home here in our Bed & Breakfast.


UNSER SCHTUWWE We decided that we wanted to educate families on where their food comes from and how it gets to the table. The question was how could we make our experience different from other ‘farm-cations’. That is when the modern take on Bauerai Haus was born. We have five star rated rooms in our beautiful farm houses and cottages. Work all day on our farm and then sleep in the comfort and relaxation of a highly rated, traditional yet modern suite.






PACKAGING DESIGN At Bauerai Haus we want our branding to pop in the most unexpected places. We want you to experience our farm to its utmost potential and we feel that by keeping our brand in every aspect of our design whether it be packaging, room design or even our tractors design. We sell our cheese, milk, eggs, beef, vegetables, the list is never ending. All of these products can be found at our Schtor located in the main Bauerai Barn.


BOOK YOUR STAY So are you ready to stay with us at the Bauerai Haus? It is very easy to book your stay with us, just visit the website at and check out the dates we have available. We have large family rates and family packages that include the full Bauerai Farming experience. We can’t wait for you to come and learn about traditional farming.






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Bauerai Haus Branding Guide  

Bauerai Haus Branding Guide  


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