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School Magazine Peer Feedback Are the fonts readable? Are there a maximum of 3 fonts? Have they used a different font for their masthead and their coverlines?

Is there a clear colour scheme? Is there a sense of branding / House style

Fonts are readable. Folks and Verdana used. Verdana both used for masthead and coverline.

Clear colour scheme of green and gold (yellow) Marylebone colours.

Is the eye flow natural? Yes, green and yellow go well with each other and the fonts aren’t over the top so seems quite natural to the reader.

Is the picture believable/well edited? Yes, hasn’t been over edited so it looks natural with just enhanced colours which nice.

Is the picture suitable for the magazine? (Subject, model, mise-en-scene, costume, props, location)

Is Spelling Punctuation and Grammar accurate-Are there any typo’s?

Clearly students looking enthusiastic about schooling. Look well dressed and because there isn’t a busy background the focus of the picture is on the models only.

All accurate, no typos.

Are coverlines lined up No, the coverlines are separate to each other and do not start at the exact same place.

Are all key elements there (Masthead, dateline, main cover line, other coverlines (kickers+explanatory)

Most of them are, Masthead, dateline, coverlines, barcode, but could have some more detail.

Is the page on A4 (21cmx29.7cm)


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