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hile having coffee with one of our couples, they shared the experience of their granddaughter, a 6th grader in a local private school. At the beginning of the year, she was assigned to a "household," simply a group of people who meet together in the mornings for discussion and prayer. Hopefully, they begin to grow closer and closer over time, caring for one another and helping each other through the school year. While she's a member of a big school and part of the 6th grade, there's a need for greater closeness with others. Sounds nice, doesn't it? But watch how this model worked in one instance. This couple's granddaughter was coming down the stairs and fell, books and papers flying everywhere. When she looked up at those who were helping her up and collecting her things, it was members of her “household.” It was those who knew her well and cared for her most.


Prayer & Fasting

During these 40 days, we encourage you to visit the corridor between the Worship Center and the Apex and share your prayers and praises on the Prayer Wall as the Lord moves you. We have also created an online Prayer Wall where you can find requests for your Taylors family and post your own prayers.

O Lord, God of heaven, THE GREAT AND AWESOME GOD, WHO KEEPS HIS COVENANT OF LOVE with those who love him and obey his commands, let your ear be attentive and your eyes open to hear the prayer

your servant is praying



I told this story to Life Group leaders at our January meeting and it truly captures my heart for us in the year ahead. Let me challenge all of you to think about these questions: Are you in a "household" at Taylors? If you were to fall down the stairs this week, would there be anybody there to pick you up? And are you part of a group where you have the privilege of looking out for and caring for others? Let's wade into the water a little bit deeper. Are you a member of a group that not only cares about you personally, but cares that you grow closer to Jesus and cares about you spiritually? Are you engaged with others to the point that you are investing in helping them grow spiritually? Then what about people outside our church who have never trusted Christ? Are we attentive to the spiritual growth of our own lives, but forgotten the spiritual lostness of those around us? Beginning in February we have wonderful opportunities available for people across the spectrum to grow with others. Some Life Groups are dividing into Community Groups that will meet in homes once each month for six months, for the purposes of growing closer to one another and to Jesus. Other groups are forming for those who worship and serve on Sundays but don't have a Life Group to call home. Our first 2014 “Dinner with the Staff” takes place on February 10 and 12, (see page three) an opportunity for many who need to make that next step in connecting as members. Of course, Life Groups for all ages on Sunday are vital places where you can begin the growth process. Both men's and women's ministries can start you on a journey with others. Throughout the year, be assured we're going to be offering ways where you can find a "household" to call your own. So while we take our seats weekly in a big place and even have a "grade" we belong to and classes we attend, those things alone won't get us where we need to go when it comes to becoming like Jesus. It takes the Word of God in relationships with others, growing and caring for one another personally and spiritually. It's going to take a "household" to move us toward Christ-likeness. Make 2014 the year you become a vital member of one.

Paul Jimenez, Pastor

Sunday, February 23 6:00 pm

Sunday Mornings WORSHIP SERVICES 9 am Traditional 10:30 am Contemporary 10:30 am Modern

Adult Life Groups: Sundays at 9 and 10:30 am & Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

SERVICE Friday, February 28 6:30-8:30 pm

You're Invited PART ONE:

Monday, February 10 | 6-8 pm | The Apex

Biblical Womanhood See Back Cover for Details

Join us for a free, casual dinner in a relaxed setting with a group of people who, like you, want to learn more about Taylors.

PART TWO: Wednesday, February 12 | 6:30-8 pm | B231

Saturday, March 1 8-10 am

“Are You a Good Man or a Godly Man?” See Back Cover for Details

After you’ve had time to pray and think about everything you learned at Dinner with the Staff, come back to ask questions, discuss membership and serving opportunities, as well as help us get to know you a little better. In Community Wednesday Night Dinner is served 5:15-6 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Children’s activities begin at 6:15 pm and Student’s at 6:30 pm. See page eight. Reservations required by February 3 | Contact Gail 678-8811 or Childcare reservations for 5th grade and younger are required. Dinner will be served.

New Community Groups ­

If you are currently serving on Sunday morning and not connected to a Life Group, I would love for you to consider joining a Community Group. Community Groups exist to be a place where you can fellowship with others and grow deeper in your walk with Jesus. We are looking to launch several new groups in February that will meet once a month in homes. To learn more, please contact Beth by calling 678-8815 or email at — Jason Hodges, Minister of Adults

Cover Photo: Early 1970's Worship Service in Previous Sanctuary, now Building C

COMMUNITY GROUPS AT A GLANCE… • Once a month gathering in homes • On-site childcare • Great time of food and fellowship • Opportunity to go deep in the for the family Word with others TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 3

REACH Women's

Missionary Union WMU week is February 10-16 WMU, Women's Missionary Union, is an auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention and has been in existence for 125 years. The objectives of the WMU are to pray for missions, to engage in mission action and personal witnessing, to learn about missions, to support missions financially, to develop a missions lifestyle, and to participate in the work of the church and denomination. Three WMU groups meet at Taylors FBC: • Global Missions Group: second Tuesday of every month at 11 am in the Taylors Ministry Center. A catered lunch follows the meeting. • Bold Missions Group: fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 pm in members’ homes. • Mission Doll Workshop: Mondays, 4-7 pm in the Family Life Center. During WMU meetings members learn about the work of IMB and NAMB missionaries. They collect funds and items to help with various ministries at Taylors and in the community such as Camp Marietta, Greer Soup Kitchen, Taylors Free Medical Clinic, and Miracle Hill Overcomers Center. The Mission Doll Workshop makes witness dolls which are sent all over the world with various mission teams.



College on Mission in Tennessee by Ryan Brooks, Minister of College and Young Singles

Ever left Greenville to go to a foreign place? There are ninety-one unreached people groups in Nashville. Not quite a foreign place, but a city in which the nations are coming.

that is spiritually and physically filled with darkness. We even met with a former Iranian pastor who was imprisoned there for sharing his faith. Trey Stoudemayer shared, “I have confidence in sharing with Muslims. Before, I was intimidated, but I see them as real people who need to hear about Jesus.”

If you would like to become a member of this great organization of women, simply come to a meeting. There are no dues; they do, however, take an offering to help with the cost of some projects. Every member receives a subscription to “Mission Mosaic” magazine which contains articles about the work of missionaries around the world and suggestions as to how to pray for them.

Over Christmas Break, thirty-two students and leaders went to Nashville to share the Gospel with the “K” people group. The students boldly proclaimed the good news in apartment complexes and homes to many who had never even heard the name of Jesus. Besides sharing the Gospel, we visited two mosques in order to conduct interfaith dialogues where many of the students shared the hope of Jesus with those inside. Likewise, we were invited to visit a Hindu temple

For more information about WMU, contact Jane Godwin, WMU Director, at 244-0779 or email at

Please pray for our college spring break mission team as they prepare to share Christ with the Muslim, Chinese Hui people of San Francisco, CA.


One member of the team stated while visiting a local mall for our fun night out, “I feel like I’m in another country that happens to have American stores.” The nations are coming to America. It’s a great opportunity to share with those who desperately need the name of Christ.

Will You Commit to REACH

We have revised the deadline for some 2014 mission trips to honor your time seeking God during the 40 Days of Prayer. Visit for details. Pick up an application at the Missions Desk today.



SAN FRANCISCO, CA Dates: March 8-15 | Team is Complete


Dates: June 20-28 | Team is Complete

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH TEAM 1: Vision Tour Dates: May-June | Deadline: March 3




Dates: September 24-October 5 Deadline: March 3

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC Dates: October 3-11 | Deadline: March 3


TEAM 2 Dates: July 6-13 | Deadline: March 3

TEAM 1 Date: May | Team is Complete

TEAM 3 Dates: July 20-27 | Deadline: March 3

TEAM 2: Prayer Walking Date: August | Team is Complete



Dates: June 21-28 | Deadline: March 3

Dates: May 17-24 | Team is Complete



Date: August 16-23 | Deadline: March 3


TEAM 1: Prayer Walking Dates: July 17-20 | Deadline: March 3

Week of Prayer for North American Missions March 2-9

TEAM 1: Student Ministry Dates: July 28- August 6 | Team is Complete TEAM 2: Adult Coed Team Dates: August 29-September 7 | Deadline: March 3

200 West Main Street, Taylors, SC 864.244.3535 24 Hour Prayer Line: 862.292.8864

Ministerial Staff Paul Jimenez Pastor

John Alexander Minister of Children

Kevin Batson

Minister of Music & Worship

Ryan Brooks

Minister of College & Young Singles

TEAM 2: Community Outreach Dates: September 20-27 | Deadline: March 3

Gerald Caskey

Director of Finance and Administration

David Cline Executive Pastor



HopeNet: Family to Family Begins Tuesday, February 25, 6:30-9 pm | Led by Jim and Glenda Hayes

Designed specifically for families with a loved one suffering from mental illness, Family to Family is an in-depth course developed by National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Discover that you’re not alone, receive encouragement from compassionate leaders who’ve walked in your shoes, and gain valuable insight along with survival skills for the journey with your loved one. To register contact NAMI at 864-331-3300.

Kathy Dority

Minister of Assimilation and Spiritual Care

Dr. Jimmie Harley Associate Pastor

Dr. Jason Hodges

Minister of Adults and Leadership Development

Daryl Hopkins

Minister of Family Life Recreation

Rhonda McMahan Minister of Preschool

Dr. Doug Mize

Minister of Discipleship & Evangelism

Scott Norman

Associate Minister of Music & Worship

Ricky Stark

Associate Minister of Students

Jeremy Thompson Minister of Missions



Adopted as Sons

The Keating's Adoption Journey… So Far


was the summer of 1990, and David and I had been dating for over a year. We were driving somewhere in his little red Honda Civic and I said, "So, tell me something about you that I don't know yet." He said, "Hmmmmm. Well, I was going to say that I'm adopted, but you already knew that." "No, I didn't!" I squealed. "That is so cool!" I had already spent lots of time with his family by this point, and no one had ever mentioned it. That's how the Keating family is! David is sandwiched between two sisters who both came to the Keating’s through birth. They were always, and still are, a very close-knit family--and no one thought to mention the adoption because it was simply the way David had become a Keating. David’s parents had struggled to conceive after their first child, and had been assured through prayer that God would give them another child—and He did! And then, at the ages of thirty-nine and forty, he enabled them to give birth again, bringing along David’s younger sister less than two years later. Coincidentally, David and his sister look very much alike. Most people assumed they were twins! David’s mom did share with me that while David’s being adopted was never a secret, she tried to always make sure the word “adopted” was sandwiched in a string of positive adjectives like “wonderful,” “happy,” “lovely.” From the very beginning, she wanted him to associate adoption with something wonderful! We were married about a year after that conversation in the car and several years later began our own family. While adoption was not on our minds, we were growing in love for children and for the possibility of a larger family. The Lord blessed us with four children in little stair steps and the years flew by-births, nursing, diapers, pre-school, beginning homeschool, changing jobs,


and growing in faith as we trusted God more with every aspect of our lives. We began trusting Him more and more with everything—including career, finances, missions, “safety” and parenting. When we first came to Taylors FBC about four years ago, the whole church was reading David Platt's book, Radical. There was much in that book to convict the heart, but one anecdote jumped out at us. Platt shares that one Sunday morning the church was made aware of the 150 children in their own town waiting for adoption. THAT VERY DAY, 160 families walked the aisle and volunteered to bring these precious ones into their families! This story began a shift in our thinking, away from “why should we adopt?” towards “why not us?”

By Shannon Keating

currently legally available to adopt. We learned from our good friends Jennie and Frank Nation that though we may not feel rich, in reality we are in the "top 1%" of the world and that we could trust God to provide financially as we trusted Him to adopt. Then, we became a wrap-around family to the wonderful Madden family and started walking with them through their adoption process. We saw them grow closer to God and as a family as they trusted Him to navigate the difficult waters of “The Adoption Process” no matter where it leads.

Since we teach children on Sunday mornings, we have made the Mission 1:27 our “Life Group.” We have been blessed and challenged to be part of this community where we are seeing families trust everything to God — even “Pure and undefiled religion before their hearts, as our God and Father is this: they break over to look after orphans and widows the needs of these precious ones. in their distress

The next step in our journey was getting involved with Mission 1:27. We were adjusting to a new church, and to keep oneself unstained a new job, and a Last summer, by the world.” James 1:27 new stage of life as David and I both our oldest entered felt (individually) high school. We didn’t feel the time the Lord telling us “now is the time.” We was “right” to add to our family at that prayed about “when?” and “how?” we point, but we had a heart to help orphans might adopt and then shared with our where we could. We went as a family to children. Our son, who has asked for a a Jamaican orphanage where we taught brother every birthday and Christmas since them “The Story” curriculum, the same I can remember, immediately shouted out, materials we had helped teach the kids "yes!" His sisters had more questions, but here at Taylors and led several of them after a few weeks of their own prayer time to the Lord! We saw our children bond with God, they, too, felt overwhelmingly with those children, and our hearts were that adoption was a call on their hearts. opened even more to the possibility that One of our daughters said the turning God might add to our family through point for her was when we gave our son/ adoption. brother-to-be a "placeholder" name and started thinking of him as the actual Through Mission 1:27, we became aware person that he is and not just the idea of the great worldwide need to care for of "adoption" in the abstract. We have orphans, and even the overwhelming been praying for the little boy who is out need here in our own state. We learned there and waiting for a family, just as we that there are over 100 million orphans are waiting for him to join us. During the worldwide and 6,000-7,000 here in South holidays, especially, we thought of him Carolina, including about 1,500 who are

The Keatings: Abigail, David, Shannon, Anne Darby, Henry, and Elizabeth and wondered where he was and longed to share all our special traditions with him. As is the case with many potentially adoptive families, we were "shaking in our boots" to share our decision with grandparents, aunts, and uncles, wondering how they would respond, but they have all been very supportive and encouraging. Several of them have very real concerns, but have shared them in a wise and loving way. In fact, I was so nervous our son said, "give me the phone, and I'll tell them!” He explained that “all six of us had decided” and, as is often the case, the faith of our children has strengthened us on this journey. One night, after talking to all the relatives, we

were tucking in our son and I said, “I’m really thankful your grandparents were so supportive of our decision.” He said, “Yeah, that’s nice that they are, but we would have done it whether they were or not, because it is what God has called us to do!” Amen! We have decided, given the ages of our children (8-16), that we are going to pursue adoption of a little boy between the ages of 4 and 7 from right here in South Carolina. We have already put in our first round of paperwork to DSS and we are looking forward to our first training session at the end of January. We hope by late summer to have our little son in our home!



HopeNet: Mission 1:27

Orphan Justice Wednesdays through April 2 , 6:30-7:30 pm As Christians, we are mandated from God to care for the fatherless. Yet caring for orphaned and vulnerable children requires us to care about related issues, from child trafficking and HIV/AIDS to racism and poverty. Too often, we only discuss or theologize the issues, relegating the responsibility to governments. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Based on his own personal journey toward pure religion, Johnny Carr moves readers from talking about global orphan care to actually doing something about it in Orphan Justice. Book cost: $13

One thing we have been meditating on lately is the human relationships that God uses to describe His love for us: marriage and adoption, which are the families we “choose,” not the ones we are born into. Jesus calls the church His bride, and He calls believers His children! Jesus is the only “natural born” son of God, but He loved us so much He was willing to share His inheritance with us. Although we didn’t deserve it, He chose us and adopted us and gave us His name and calls us sons and heirs—and He promises never to forsake us no matter what! This is the way I’ve seen the Keating family love David and the way we want to love the little guy God brings into our family. People ask David sometimes about his birth parents. All we know is that they were college students and they wanted David to have a Christian family. When Mother’s Day and Father’s Day come around, we give a special prayer of thanks for them who brought him safely into this world and cared enough to place him in a family who loves and trusts God. He has never been curious about tracking them down because he knows who his parents are. We know that our son’s life may be more complicated, since he will be a little older, but we trust that God’s love, working in us, is strong enough to overcome anything he may face. He will be ours and we will be his! TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 7

Wednesday Nights New Journey Classes Begin March 5

WEDNESDAY DINNER Served 5:15-6 pm, Fellowship Hall Adults $6, Children, $4, Family Max. $20* In addition to our home-cooked menus, we offer... Chick-fil-A: Sandwich or eight count chicken nuggets, a fruit cup and a home-cooked dessert. Children receive six count nuggets, a fruit cup and a home-cooked dessert.

Atlanta Bread Company: Turkey, Ham, or Chicken Salad sandwich, chips, cookie, pickle. Children receive turkey or ham sandwich, chips and a cookie.


Dr. Jimmie Harley leads a time of prayer for specific needs.

JOURNEY CLASSES 6:30-7:30 pm God Loves Broken People led by Nell Norton Heaven led by Jason and Rachel Hodges The Book of Daniel led by Peter Peach Men's Fraternity led by Craig Colaluca PLACE led by Kathy and Ken Dority

DIVORCE RECOVERY** 6:30-8:30 pm Divorce Recovery 101: Divorce Care Divorce Recovery 201: Boundaries DivorceCare for Kids **Contact Nancy at 678-8827 to register for childcare up to age five.

LIFE GROUP 6:30-7:30 pm Led by Dallas and Dawn Darnell/Keith and Lin Cunningham in B229.

WORSHIP MINISTRY Contemporary Choir, 6:20 pm | Traditional Choir, 7:30 pm Taylors Orchestra, 7:30 pm For information on how to join one of our choirs, orchestra, bands or the media team, contact Diann at


Home-cooked Meal: Pecan Chicken Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose: Chicken Fingers, the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Co.

2/12 Home-cooked Meal: Tex/Mex Chick-fil-A* Children may choose: Pizza, the home-cooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. 2/19 Home-cooked Meal: Chicken Pan Pie Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose: Chicken Fingers, the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Co. 2/26 Home-cooked Meal: Roast Beef Chick-fil-A* Children may choose: Corn Dogs, the home-cooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. 3/5

Home-cooked Meal: Baked Pasta Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose: the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Co.

3/12 Home-cooked Meal: Chicken Marsala Chick-fil-A* Children may choose: Hamburgers, the home-cooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. 3/19 Home-cooked Meal: Meatloaf Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose: Hot Dogs, the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Co. 3/26 Home-cooked Meal: Pork Loin Chick-fil-A* Children may choose: Pizza, the homecooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. * The family maximum does not apply when purchasing Chick-fil-A or Atlanta Bread Company meals. No reservation required. First come first served. Homecooked meal offered weekly. Atlanta Bread Company and Chick-fil-A will alternate weeks. Drinks included.



Birth-Two Life Groups at 9:00 and 10:30 am K3-K5 Life Groups at 9:00 and 10:30 am Includes Preschool Praise at 9 am 1st-2nd Grades Life Groups or KidsWorship at 9:00 and 10:30 am 3rd-5th Grades Life Groups at 9:00 or 10:30 am

WEDNESDAYS 6:15-7:30 pm

Children's Choirs Begin March 5 Children’s Choir Night of Worship is May 18 at 6 pm.

THIS SUMMER Summer Spectacular

June 16-20 | 9 am-12 pm | No Charge

Camp in the City

July 21-25 | 9 am-4 pm | $240 Join us for five full days of “Camp in the City” for children in grades K5-5th grade. Register at life-stages/children/summer/ beginning February 3. Use the code "CITY" only on 2/3 for $15 off. Please contact the Taylors Children office at 292-4056 if you have questions about camp or are interested in being a host home.

Consider Becoming a Host Home

Counselors will be coming to our town and we are looking for host homes to provide breakfast, several dinners, and a place for them to relax and unwind while they are here ministering to the children of Taylors. Contact the Taylors Children office at 292-4056 for information.


Life Groups at 9:19 am Free Breakfast Each Week


Sunday, February 23 and March 23, 7 pm


6TH-12TH GRADES Life Groups at 9:00 am in the Apex






Authentic manhood is all about setting men up to live lives of truth, passion and purpose. The study will point men to a Gospel-centered vision of life that sets them up to enjoy God’s grace as they pursue the promises of His Word.


Buncombe Street United Methodist Liz Curtis Higgs Speaker and bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible Breakout Speakers Include Brenda Blankenship, Ruth McWhite, Frankie Sherman, and Dianne Lister Breakout Topics Include Prayer, Spiritual Development, Brokenheartedness, Grief, Depression, Addiction, Abuse and Neglect, and Tools to Meet Life’s Daily Struggles Registration & Information:


MONTHLY EVENTS GUITAR FELLOWSHIP First Tuesday, 7 pm Family Life Center

PAR 3 GOLF Third Thursday, 7:15 pm Crosswinds Par 3 Golf Course TARGET SHOOTING LEAGUE Fourth Thursday, 6:30 pm SharpShooters Indoor Range,

March 21-23 Register through March 2


Life Groups at 9 and 10:30 am


Sunday, February 2, 5:30-10 pm


Sundays, February 9 and March 9, 11:45 am in the Singles' Welcome Area


Tuesdays, March 11, 18, 25, Family Life Center Gym 7-9 pm

MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDING GROUP Second Tuesday, 6:30 pm Paris Mountain State Park. TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 9

Our Church Family Congratulations

Staff Anniversaries Christy Williams and Jonathan Thomas who were married on December 28, 2013. Lenna Fox Neill and Ralph Smith who were married January 18, 2014.

FEBRUARY Jimmie Harley...........Twelve Years of Service Rhonda McMahan.....Seven Years of Service Lynn Glidden.............Seven Years of Service Joyce Musgrove........Seven Years of Service Diana Holder................. One Year of Service MARCH Diann Greer................... Ten Years of Service Betty Groom............... Eight Years of Service Dawn Darnell................ Two Years of Service

In Memoriam

Liz Farley April 19, 1939 – November 27, 2013 Randolph Coker December 24, 1931 – November 28, 2013 Montez Sammons July 18, 1923 – December 2, 2013 Charles Stuart February 18, 1943 – December 4, 2013 Donna Kerns October 18, 1948 – December 6, 2013 Wayne Sumner February 24, 1937 – December 9, 2013 Ryan Blackwell August 12, 1981 – December 23, 2013 David Hopkins June 8, 1954 – December 26, 2013

Taylors Welcomes New Senior Staff Member

Bob Terrell January 5, 1934 – December 27, 2013

David Cline, our new Executive Pastor, is a Greenville native and is married to the former Chamblee Duty of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He graduated with a B.A. in Business from Furman University, a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has served as a pastor to churches in Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina. His passion for ministry is ‘to see people reconciled to Christ and equipped to be and to make disciples who live for His purposes and glory.’ He and Chamblee make their home in Greenville and are the parents of four children: Davis, Caroline, Claire and William.

Bobby McCauley November 17, 1933 – December 28, 2013 Lindsay Walser April 11, 1029 – December 31, 2013 Bill Murphree January 26, 1922 – January 15, 2014

Welcome New Members

Ed & Darcey Birkenstock Joined November 24 by Letter

Byron & Teresa Brown Joined November 24 by Letter

Bill & Barbara Kirby Joined November 24 by Letter

Matthew Williamson Joined December 9 by Watchcare

Robin Holden Joined January 5 by Letter

Arthur & Lisa Blackstone Joined January 19 by Statement

Gail Crenshaw Joined January 19 by Statement

Haley Hester Joined January 19 by Watchcare

Charlie Hammond Joined January 19 by Statement

Alexis Muhumure Joined January 19 by Watchcare



Jeff Mahon Joined December 22 by Statement

John & Jeannie Fowler Joined December 22 by Letter

Stewardship Report

NOVEMBER Budget Needs........................... $506,444.64 Budget Receipts........................ $547,595.52 Other Receipts.......................... $521,112.12 Total Nov. Receipts................. $1,068,707.64 YTD Budget Needs............... $5,950,724.52 YTD Budget Receipts............. $5,087,535.12 DECEMBER Budget Needs........................... $633,055.80 Budget Receipts........................ $739,591.97 Other Receipts............................ $68,389.05 Total Dec. Receipts.................... $807,981.02 YTD Budget Needs................ $6,583,780.32 YTD Budget Receipts............. $5,827,127.09

Thank You Taylors Family! Money raised in the Taylors FBC Red Kettle at Walmart-Taylors: $12,800.00 We manned the Red Kettle for twentyone days, with more than 150 different Taylors members involved. Some were young families with children, and many were veteran seniors who have rung the bells for many years. We expressed "Merry Christmas," "Thank You," "God Bless You;" and stated, "Yes, we're members of Taylors First Baptist Church!" well over 35,000 TIMES! The Salvation Army extends sincere appreciation to Taylors First Baptist Church for this effort and other support year-round. - Dan Boling, Coordinator Pastor Paul accepted the Volunteer Group of the Year Award at the Salvation Army County Christmas Luncheon on December 12.

Sunday Statistics

11/3 11/10 11/17 11/24 12/1 12/8 12/15 12/22 12/29 1/5 1/12 Preschool..............429..........383.........N/A.......... 375.......... 323.......... 357..........359..........311.........N/A.......... 354.......... 398 Children................198..........174.........N/A.......... 195.......... 139.......... 154..........173..........164.........N/A.......... 169.......... 200 Students...............205..........168.........N/A.......... 146.......... 127.......... 149..........152..........118.........N/A.......... 148.......... 188 College...................88............84.........N/A............ 97............ 34............ 71............56............38.........N/A............ 50............ 32 Singles....................88............71.........N/A............ 78............ 65............ 74............76............67.........N/A............ 77............ 82 Adults...................974..........919.........N/A.......... 902.......... 824.......... 852..........915..........828.........N/A.......... 860....... 1,007 Total SS............... 1,982....... 1,799.......... N/A....... 1,793........1,512....... 1,657....... 1,731.......1,526..........N/A........1,658....... 1,907 Hispanic..................80............86........... 91............ 67............ 76............ 69............78............38........... 59............ 58............ 50 AM worship........ 2,092....... 2,020........1,602....... 1,889........1,773....... 1,797....... 1,928.......1,731....... 1,226........1,562....... 1,910 PM worship..........145..........171......... 129.......... 139......... N/A......... N/A..........889..........202.........N/A.......... 115.......... 436

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New Items in our Library Strange Fire by John MacArthur

Trapped by Irene Hannon

Emotions by Dr. Charles Stanley

Everybody Can Help Somebody by Ron Hall & Denver Moore

In this book, Pastor John chronicles the unsavory history behind the modern Charismatic Movement. Overwhelmed by your emotions? Do you wish you could find freedom from the pain? Genuine healing can occur if you’re willing to allow the Father to set you free.

This book is a fast-paced tale of fear, deception, and just the right dose of romance!

A children’s book, this remarkable story shows what can happen when we choose to help somebody. Kids will discover we can all make a difference.

God is Able by Priscilla Shirer

Displace your doubts and rebuild your assurance, knowing that God is always up to great things. He’s a God who cares, and a God who CAN!

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• See the list of the songs sung this week and even download them if available on iTunes. • Get Sermon Notes TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 11

We are the heirs of the rich story of God’s work in ages past. We worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We “remember the days of old” and “consider the years of many generations” (Deuteronomy. 32:7). We remember how the God-man Jesus bore our sin and shame and rose from the grave to secure our pardon. We remember the cloud of witnesses, who have gone before us—who advanced God’s kingdom to the peril of their own lives. And we remember how the advancement of that kingdom arrived here in Taylors some 150 years ago.

WE ARE THEIR LEGACY Doug Mize Minister of Discipleship and Evangelism As we enjoy the beginning of 2014, our Education Staff is engaged, excited, and ready to see what God has in store for His Glory and for the mission He has given all of us. In anticipation of this year celebrating our 150th year, I hope you can glimpse the expectancy of our team of God doing incredible things in our midst. Jonathan Swift once said, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” It is my vision this year that Our discipleship team and I will assist you and your family in an incredible journey of grace, joy, and spiritual transformation as we seek to lift up the Name above all others…King Jesus! Please contact any of us for questions or assistance in walking with you this year. It is our desire not only to lead but to serve! Let’s go!

Kathy Dority Minister of Assimilation and Spiritual Care I rejoice in all God has done at Taylors to raise up members who are enthusiastically using their gifts, passions, and experiences to minister to others! As we approach this year of celebration, I greatly anticipate how God will use these 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting to prepare us for what He has in store for our church and community. Just picture a “house of prayer” that seeks the heart of God for His vision and His plan. Envision new members who connect in true community and begin to serve; young believers begin married life with a commitment to a Christ-centered marriage; women learn to walk intimately with God reflecting Biblical womanhood in relationships; transformed lives as He uses our HopeNet leaders to come alongside those broken hearted over painful life circumstances as He “sets captives free” from bondage, as He provides homes and hope for orphans, and as He saves and restores marriages and families. While we rejoice over what God has done in

these last 150 years, we anticipate even greater things as He continues the work He began!

John Alexander Minister of Children | Rhonda McMahan Minister of Preschool Taylors Children has a rich history of faithful leaders committed to serving the Body of Christ by loving and teaching children. Celebrating fifty-seven years, Taylors Weekday and Parent’s Day Out (formerly MAFAD) programs continue to educate and care for children in an environment that promotes spiritual and intellectual development. We are excited to continue to open our doors to children and families so that we can love, challenge, and minister to each one. The same focus in teaching a foundation for spiritual change extends into summer. Instead of traveling, camp is coming here for a week in July, creating a greater opportunity for children in our community to attend. We are praying “Camp in the City” will not only bring children into a relationship with Christ, but will also give those who already know Him a hunger and thirst to know Him more. We know deeper growth results in greater commitment. Do you know that some of the children we teach now on Sundays and Wednesdays will become missionaries, pastors, leaders, husbands, or wives whose hearts will forever be transformed by the Gospel? Those same children will in turn point others to Jesus and honor Him with their lives. In the past people like Alfred Taylor made the choice to invest in these children and we are excited

God is calling out more leaders with this same passion today. Are you one of these men or women?

This exciting history of investing in children on Sundays, Wednesdays, in weekday education, and summer camp, will grow even more in years to come and we praise God for what He will do in Taylors Children in 2014 and beyond.

Alfred Taylor, for whom the Taylors community is named and who donated the land on which our current church exists, taught a class of young boys in the yard of the octagonal church shortly after the turn of the century. Alfred Taylor, Robert Smith, Heyward Raines, Jim Bell, John O. Kenrick, Jimmie Barton, Clyde Wood, Ansel Wood, Edward Williams, and Charles Neves

(pictured left to right)


Jason Hodges Minister of Adults I’m thankful to be a part of a church that has connected people for 150 years — may this year be the best ever! As the Adult Minister, I am most excited about launching new Community Groups this spring! For some time we have talked about offering a fellowship and growth opportunity to those at Taylors who serve on Sunday morning. There are countless numbers of volunteers serving in multiple ministry areas during their Life Group hour and only attending worship. We are responding to this need by launching what we call Community Groups. Community Groups exist to be a place where you can fellowship with others and grow deeper in your walk with Jesus. These groups will meet once a month in different homes on a particular evening of the week. (see page three)

Ryan Brooks

Minister of College and Young Singles What if more young adults committed to serve at Taylors? Think of the value it adds to our church and to their experience as followers of Christ. This fall, we began “Watchcare” membership in which college students commit to Taylors as their church during their college years. Already this year we have seen the fruit as young adults serve our children. In March, many more college students will have the opportunity to impact our youth by serving at DNow. I’m excited for a church that cares about students, but also for one that allows them to grow in Christ through service!

Ricky Stark

Associate Minister of Students As we reflect on the faithfulness of those who have gone before us and as we remember the purpose of God throughout all generations, we’re reminded that we too are a part of the story. Now it’s our time, and we have no intention of slowing down. Students aren’t the future church. Students are the church, right here, right now. We’re not playing any games — well, at least not in the figurative sense. We’re not waiting around until we’re older. We’re marching forward. That’s why we’re excited for 2014. We are ready to go deeper in the Word and in relationships — on Wednesday nights at UNITED, on Sunday mornings in Life Groups, and on Sunday nights in small groups. We can’t wait to see what God does in our lives this year at DNow and on Fall Retreat. And we are pumped to go on mission — partnering with Regeneration Student Choir to reach New York City, taking the good news to the poor of Fortaleza, Brazil, and hosting our first ever Luminous Missions Conference in April. At Taylors Students, we’re thankful for our rich history — and now we're ready to make history — joining with the generations of the past to make disciples here and now and to take the Gospel to places it has never been.

What a wonderful opportunity we have as a congregation to celebrate the “Voices of Taylors” during the 150th year of our church’s existence. This year will be filled with exciting events to commemorate this milestone in our history. Looking forward we have many wonderful activities and speakers to help us springboard into the next phase of our life as a church. Many of you witnessed on Sunday, January 5, a video that reminded us that “we are their legacy.” Certainly we are going to commemorate the events that have made Taylors FBC what it is today. But more importantly, we as a congregation need to focus on what will be our legacy to the future. As part of our celebration of the PAST we will focus on where Taylors needs to forge ahead for the FUTURE.

SPECIAL DATES TO REMEMBER September 14, 9 & 10:30 am Dr. Frank Page, former pastor and now president and CEO of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, will address the church. His perspective on evangelism is second to none. September 14, 6 pm “Dinner on the Grounds” An evening of meeting, eating and worship. Taylors choirs, orchestra, and worship bands will lead us all in a service that we trust will be a breathtaking worship offering unto our Lord. Wednesday, September 17 Dr. Edwin Young, former pastor of Taylors FBC, and currently the pastor of one of the largest Southern Baptist congregations in the convention, Second Baptist Church Houston, Texas, will join us. Dr. Young’s ministry reaches over 25,000 people every week in the Houston area. Friday, September 19 Dr. Fred Luter is our current Southern Baptist Convention President and pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Luter is an energetic speaker whose engaging messages ring true with all who have heard him. Watch for more activities that call us to glance back at our past while driving us forward to our future. When we look back on our 150th year of engaging the world with the message of the Cross, it is our hope that these activities will push us ever onward to bring more people to a saving relationship with Christ, creating and strengthening individuals as disciples of Christ. Our legacy will be our gift to Christ. When we appear before Him, it is my earnest desire that He looks at what we have done and remarks, “Well done, good and faithful servant ... Enter into the joy of your master.” Matthew 25:21

Yours in Christ, Chuck Morton Chairman, 150th Anniversary Committee


Registration is Open for K3, K4, K5 & PARENT’S DAY OUT Parent’s Day Out offers childcare for parents who need a few hours to do shopping, housework, errands, part-time work, or just time to themselves. Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday, 9 am-2 pm | Contact Ann Flack at Kindergarten is offered for children ages three through five. Our purpose is to provide a loving Christian atmosphere that will promote the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of each child. K3, K4, and Full-Day K5 | Contact Robin McDonald at



Baptism, 9 & 10:30 am

Girl’s Ministry: Dads & Daughters, 4 pm

Singles Big Bowl Party, 5:30 pm

Taylors Singles Valentine's Mission, Residents of Cottages at Brushy Creek, 1:30 pm

Students Big Game Cookout, 6 pm



Young at Heart Breast Cancer Support Group, 6:30 pm

Church Conference, 6 pm

Men’s Guitar Fellowship, 7 pm



Greenville County Schools Closed

Taylors TownSquare, 12 pm

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7 Music on Main, 7 pm

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9 Lord's Supper, 9 and 10:30 am Singles Lunch, 11:30 am

High School Gravitopia, 2 pm Grief Support for Parents, 6:30 pm

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20 Men’s Par 3 Golf Outing, 7:15 pm

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23 Widow/Widower Supper, 5 pm


40 Days of Prayer & Celebration Service, 6 pm

XYZ Fellowship, 11:15 am

College Worship Night, 7 pm

Dinner with the Staff, 6 pm Love the Lar Benefit Dinner, 6 pm

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11 WMU Global Missions Group, 11 am Men’s Monthly Mountain Bike Riding Group, 6:30 pm

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 Dinner with the Staff Part Two, 6:30 pm AA Meeting, 8 pm

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25 Family to Family Begins, 6:30 pm

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27 Men’s Target Shooting League, 6:30 pm

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Refresh for Women, 6:30 pm

EVERY WEEK AT TAYLORS SUNDAY Library Open 8 am Traditional Worship / Life Groups for Adults, Children, and Students / KidsWorship 9 am College Life Groups/Breakfast 9:19 am Modern Worship / Contemporary Worship / Life Groups for Adults, Children, and Students / KidsWorship 10:30 am Regeneration Student Choir Rehearsal 5 pm Evening Worship 6 pm Student Small Groups 6:15 pm College Guys Bible Study 7 pm

MONDAY Legacy Choir 10 am Mission Doll Workshop 4 pm Grief Support for Spouses 6:45 pm (Through March 3) Encounter Bible Study for Women 7 pm

TUESDAY Tuesday Morning Bible Study 10 am Cub Scouts 6 pm Employment Support (2nd & 4th Tuesday) 7 pm

WEDNESDAY Encounter Bible Study for Women / Mom to Mom 9 am Library Open 4 pm Dinner Served 5:15 pm Parish Nurse Office Opens 5:30 pm Contemporary Choir Rehearsal 6:20 pm M&M for K3-K5 / M.A.D. for 1st-5th Grade / Children's Choirs begin 3/5 6:15 pm Pastor's Bible Study / Prayer in the Chapel / Life Group / Journey Classes / United for Students 6:30 pm Traditional Choir Rehearsal / Orchestra Rehearsal / Vocal Team Rehearsal 7:30 AA Meeting 8 pm

THURSDAY Men's Fraternity 6:15 am


AA Meeting 8 pm



Men’s Breakfast, 8 am

WMU Global Missions Group, 11 am


Men’s Monthly Mountain Bike Riding Group, 6:30 pm

Week of Prayer for North American Missions (Through 3/9)


Baptism, 9 & 10:30 am

MONDAY, MARCH 3 Mission Trip Deadline

TUESDAY, MARCH 4 Young at Heart Breast Cancer Support Group, 6:30 pm Men’s Guitar Fellowship, 7 pm

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5 Taylors TownSquare, 12 pm Children’s Choirs Begin, 6:15 pm


Evening Worship, Church Conference and Lord’s Supper, 6 pm

MONDAY, MARCH 17 Grief Support for Parents, 6:30 pm

THURSDAY, MARCH 20 Men’s Par 3 Golf Outing, 7:15 pm

FRIDAY, MARCH 21 D-Now Weekend (Through 3/23)

SUNDAY, MARCH 23 Combined Contemporary & Modern Worship, 10:30 am

College Mission Trip to San Francisco (Through 3/15)

College Worship Night, 7 pm


Men’s Target Shooting League, 6:30 pm

Daylight Savings Time Begins Singles Lunch, 11:30 am Evening Service, 6 pm Guest Speaker: Dr. Frank Page, President and CEO of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention



Second Monday of the Month, 11:15 am February 10 — ­ Brown Family Ministries March 10 — Nancy Welch Senior adults ages 55 and older are invited to join us for fellowship, entertainment, lunch, day trips and vacations.


What a blessing it was in December to deliver a truck load full of toys for children ages 9-12 years to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army calls these children the “forgotten angels.” These toys were given, along with $355 in cash, by the members of XYZ. The generosity of this group is amazing. It was my privilege along with Alma and JV Mahaffey to experience the joy of delivering them to the TD Center. ­ Lea Ricker, Chairman Mission Committee of XYZ

FRIDAY, MARCH 28 Take Heart Conference (Through 3/29) Buncombe Street UMC


MONDAY, MARCH 10 XYZ Fellowship, 11:15 am

We are accepting applications for summer internships through March 15. Contact Paula Overstreet at


Receptionist, 244-3535

Missions, 678-8838

Administration, 678-8823

Media, 292-4066

Adults & Leadership Development, 678-8815

Worship Ministry, 678-8816

Assimilation & Spiritual Care, 678-8833

Pastor, 678-8818

Building/Grounds, 678-8807

Taylors Children, 292-4056

Taylors College, 678-8827

Public Relations/Publications, 678-8817

Discipleship/Evangelism, 678-8810

Prayer Room, 292-8864

Family Life Center, 292-4060

Taylors Singles, 678-8827

Financial, 678-8825

Taylors Students, 292-4990

Food Services, 678-8826

Weekday Preschool, 678-8803

Parents Day Out, 678-8805


Articles/events must be approved by a ministerial staff liaison. Submissions are printed at the discretion of the church staff and may be edited. Please e-mail items to by March 6 for the April/May issue.

Hispanic Ministry, 678-8838 TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 15

Taylors Family (USPS 625-920). published bimonthly by First Baptist Church, 200 West Main Street, Taylors, SC 29687. Periodical postage paid at Taylors, SC 29687. Postmaster: Send address changes to First Baptist Church, 200 West Main Street, Taylors, SC 29687. Editor: Kim Keller, Phone 864-244-3535, Fax 864-244-6067, Email Web site

200 West Main Street . Taylors, SC 29687

Are you moving? Please notify the church office of your address change!

Taylors FBC to Host Husband/Wife Speakers for Women’s & Men’s Events

Friday, February 28 | 6:30-8:30 pm

Biblical Womanhood Tickets, $15, includes Dinner Purchase Tickets online:

Saturday, March 1 | 8-10 am

“Are You a Good Man or a Godly Man?” Cost, $10, includes Breakfast Pay at the Door

Kimberly Wagner’s passion is Christ, and she desires to ignite women's pursuit of God's glory. She is a frequent guest on the Revive Our Hearts radio program, as well as a regular contributor to the True Woman blog. Kim is the author of Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior. LeRoy Wagner serves as teaching pastor at Dayspring Baptist Church. He received his educational degree from OBU and theological training from Criswell College. The supreme love of his life is Jesus Christ, then his wife, Kimberly, their children and grandchildren. LeRoy has served as a pastor and speaker for more than forty years, starting with his first message as a thirteen-year-old kid! LeRoy’s life mission is encouraging others to connect God’s Word to their daily lives. His greatest desire is to see God’s glory fill the earth and walk in obedience to His commands.

Set sail with us on The Love Boat as Regeneration Student Choir, Taylors Students and Taylors Worship Ministry present A Night of Music on Main Dinner Theater. Join the crew for a fun night of music and laughs! Proceeds benefit the 2014 NYC mission trip.

Their children include Rachel and her husband Adam, Caleb and his wife Lindsey, plus a growing tribe of grandchildren!

Tickets available weekdays in the Church Office.

February/March 2014 Taylors Family  
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