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From Our Pastor Paul Jimenez

In my personal quiet time, I've been walking through the book of Joshua, and I am impressed by the challenge and significant change that occurs for people of God as they move forward in the next phase of their journey. After 400 years in slavery to the Egyptians and forty years of wandering in the Judean wilderness, the people of God now stand on the edge of the Jordan River where they can see their new home just on the other side. Yet crossing the Jordan was only the beginning, as significant challenges loomed. They would face opposition from people groups who stood in their way (See the story of Jericho and the battles that followed). They faced uncertainty as to how they would establish vast new lands among themselves along with new patterns of living and worship. Yet, challenge and change were all part of God's overarching purposes. It was another chapter in the grand story He was writing that extended from generation to generation. Through my study, I notice three truths that took place that spring season some 3,400 years ago. Hopefully we can use them as we continue to move forward as a church in our journey together as a community of faith. With anticipation you can use them as God moves you forward in your walk with Him during seasons of change and transition. 1. Embrace change as necessary in order for God's greater purposes to unfold.

This had been the plan from those early days of Moses speaking to Pharaoh. In fact, go back further to Abraham when God promised him a land where his descendents would bless all nations. In stepping over the Jordan, the people of God would establish a new place to worship, to raise their families, to build their communities and nation, and a permanent place where God's name is to dwell and to be made known to the nations. Eventually, this new nation would give birth to the Messiah, the One who would create a new people -- the church -- from many tribes and nations, who will at the end of time gather around the throne to worship Him.

Change is part of a stream that flows towards God's greater purposes. The simple command to move forward -- "arise, go over this Jordan" -- with all its uncertainties and opposition, is suddenly not a larger-than-life fearful transition. It's a time to see God put another piece of the puzzle in place that will ultimately reveal a greater picture. When God brings change, embrace it in faith.

2. Hear from God to receive encouragement and instruction.

You hear the Lord saying time and time again throughout the early sections of Joshua: "Be strong." "Take courage." "Do not be afraid, I am with you." You find the Lord guiding and directing Joshua as he leads. You find trouble when the people move without hearing from God first. When faced with change, we often move instinctively in imitation of those around us or out of the desires of our own heart. In the middle of change, listen for God to speak, then move.

3. Remember the power of God that was faithful in the past is available for the present and future.

Think back to the March or April evening when Joshua and his people were able to celebrate the Passover for the very first time in their new land. What great confidence they must have felt as they remembered that the same hand of God that freed them has now brought them rest. Significant challenge and change is not dependent on our strength, but is designed for God to demonstrate His mighty hand.

Grace and blessings to you as you follow Christ individually, and as we follow Christ collectively as a church. Throughout the changes of your life and certainly during this Easter season, may Christ’s love and purposes for you renew your faith and strength in Him. Paul H. Jimenez


Worship Ministry WORSHIPMINISTRY Kevin Batson, Minister of Music & Worship | Scott Norman, Associate Minister of Music & Worship

Friday Service, 12 pm MARCH Good Take time this Easter Season to experience Christ in a deep and meaningful Join us for the Good Friday service this Friday at Noon. Come and 29 way. celebrate the Lord's Supper as we remember Christ's death on the cross.


Regular morning schedule | No evening activities

200 West Main Street . Taylors, SC 864.244.3535 . 24 Hour Prayer Line: 292-8864

Taylors Ministerial Staff Paul Jimenez, Pastor John Alexander, Minister of Children Kevin Batson, Minister of Music & Worship Ryan Brooks, Minister of College & Young Singles Gerald Caskey, Financial Supervisor and Interim Church Administrator Chris Causey, Minister of Students

of Worship, 6 pm APRIL Night Come celebrate Jesus and His redeeming love for us in this service led Taylors Worship Choirs, Worship Teams, Regeneration Student Choir, 14 byOrchestra, and Bands. MAY 5 MAY 19

Orchestra Concert of Praise, 6 pm Following a weekend workshop with writer and arranger, John Gage, the Taylors Orchestra will lead us in an evening of instrumental praise.

Jesus Is Calling, 6 pm Taylors Children’s Choirs will lead in a special evening of worship through music and creative arts as we focus on the importance of spending time with God in prayer and reading His Word.

Kathy Dority, Minister of Assimilation and Spiritual Care Dr. Jimmie Harley, Associate Pastor Jason Hodges, Minister of Adults and Leadership Development Daryl Hopkins, Minister of Family Life Recreation Rhonda McMahan, Minister of Preschool Dr. Doug Mize, Minister of Discipleship & Evangelism Scott Norman, Associate Minister of Music & Worship Ricky Stark, Associate Minister of Students Jeremy Thompson, Minister of Missions

Regeneration Student Choir Plans a Week of Missions in Bayou Country More than seventy-five students and leaders will depart June 15 for New Orleans, Louisiana, to spend a week serving Gentilly Baptist Church. The choir will be leading one of GBC’s Annual Neighborhood Summer Day Camp weeks as well as doing servant evangelism projects, several concerts and ministry through local agencies. Begin now praying for this team as they prepare music and day camp activities. If you would like to know other ways you can be a part of this week of missions, contact Diann Greer:

Regeneration Student Choir

It is a tremendous blessing to receive such a great response to "A Night of Music on Main" Dinner Theatre. We humbly thank our members and guests for all of your support. TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 3


Served 5:15-6 pm in the Fellowship Hall | Adults $5, Children, $3, Family Max. $17*

In addition to our home-cooked menus, we provide an alternative dinner option. • Atlanta Bread Company: Turkey, Ham, or Chicken Salad sandwich, chips, cookie, pickle. Children receive turkey or ham sandwich with chips and a cookie. • Chick-fil-A: Sandwich or eight count chicken nuggets with a fruit cup and a home-cooked dessert. Children receive six count nuggets with a fruit cup and a home-cooked dessert. * The family maximum does not apply when purchasing Atlanta Bread and Chick-fil-A meals. No reservation required. First come first served. Home-cooked meal offered weekly. Atlanta Bread Company and Chick-fil-A will alternate weeks. Drinks included.

4/3 Dinner will not be served. 4/10 Home-cooked Meal: Baked Spaghetti Chick-fil-A* Children may choose from pizza, the home-cooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. 4/17 Home-cooked Meal: Pork Chops Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose from hot dogs, the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Company. 4/24 Home-cooked Meal: Chicken Marsala Chick-fil-A* Children may choose from hamburgers, the home-cooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. 5/1 Home-cooked Meal: Baked Ham Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose from pizza, the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Company.

5/8 Home-cooked Meal: Grilled Chicken Chick-fil-A* Children may choose from steak fingers, the home-cooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. 5/15 Home-cooked Meal: Fried Chicken Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose from cheeseburgers, the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Company. 5/22 Home-cooked Meal: Pork Loin Chick-fil-A* Children may choose from hot dogs, the home-cooked meal, or Chick-fil-A. 5/29 Home-cooked Meal: Chicken Casserole Atlanta Bread Company* Children may choose from hamburgers, the home-cooked meal, or Atlanta Bread Company.


Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm | Room B229

Led by Dallas & Dawn Darnell and Keith & Lin Cunningham


Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm

Experience a time of corporate prayer as we come together to lift up individuals, our church body, and ministry and mission endeavors. Led by Dr. Jimmie Harley

WORSHIP MINISTRY The Worship Ministry is made up of people with a desire to lead others to do what we were created to do…worship God. Becoming part of this ministry will allow you to impact lives for the glory of God. Contact: Diann Greer, REHEARSALS: Contemporary Choir – 6:20 pm; Traditional Choir – 7:30 pm; Taylors Orchestra — ­ 7:30 pm


For Preschoolers | Wednesdays 6:15-7:30 pm

The music time of Preschool M&M for 3-5 year olds provides the opportunity to learn the beginning skills of listening, singing, and playing rhythm instruments. The missions portion of M&M teaches your preschooler the importance of loving others, sharing Jesus' story, and praying for missionaries all around the world! M&M will help your preschooler experience different people groups, cultures, and countries through games, hands-on craft projects, and dynamic teaching.


For Children | Wednesdays 6:15-7:30 pm

Jesus is Calling will be presented by Taylors Children’s Choirs on May 19 at 6 pm.


For Students | Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm | Café Opens at 6 pm

A weekly worship gathering of 6th-12th grade students in the Apex. 4 | TAYLORSFBC.ORG

JOURNEY • Christian Legacy and Spiritual Inheritance – A Biblical Necessity – Bringing Generations Together Led by Don Basler | B128 Increase your spiritual inheritance and continue to craft a Christian legacy. Join hands and hearts to maximize the power of God’s Church. Just as every season of the year is necessary to complete the cycle of life, every living generation plays a role in advancing God’s Kingdom. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter, come join together to learn how to minimize the tension between seasons, accept the inheritance and craft the legacy. • God Anthology by Mark Batterson Led by Andy Vanasse | B228 Looking for a more God-centric and less topical approach to group Bible study? God Anthology by Mark Batterson guides groups on an exploration into six of the critical aspects of God’s character and personhood. • God Loves Broken People (and those who pretend they’re not) by Sheila Walsh | Led by Nell Norton | B134 Have you ever felt broken, in despair, like life will never be good again? In her latest book, God Loves Broken People, Sheila Walsh uses Scripture and stories seasoned with depth and hope to illustrate how God’s great love can transform brokenness into a new wholeness if only we will invite Him into our personal darkness. Come join us as we explore and journey through the subject of brokenness together. • It Starts At Home by Matt Chandler Led by Jason Hodges | B232-233 Learn to Confidently Teach Your Kids About God Who is shaping what your kids believe? We take them to practices, games, music lessons, and other activities to give our kids the best opportunities for success. But are we missing the chance to teach them what matters most? The time they spend in church can be helpful, but it cannot nurture a faith that will withstand the trials on the horizon. Teaching must start at home. But many parents feel ill equipped. Come explore biblical and tangible ways that parents — couples, single parents, blended families and grandparents — can build a legacy of faith for their children.

New Classes Begin April 10 | Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm • Orphan Care Group | Hosted by Mission 1:27 | B129 If you are a foster or adoptive parent, considering fostering or adopting in the future, or desire to provide support for families who do either, please join us as we provide encouragement, support, and education for all of the above. • Pastor's Study | Led by Pastor Paul | Fellowship Hall • PLACE | Led by Kathy and Ken Dority | B231 This valuable assessment tool will help you discover how God has uniquely designed you, as well as help you realize His purpose in your life. It gives you information needed to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and life experiences. PLACE is a six-week course. • Revelation | Led by Peter Peach | B234 An in-depth biblical look into the book of Revelation. • Sprinkle: How to be Salt and Light to Neighbors, Coworkers & Friends Led by Doug Mize | The Loft Learn how you can look for intentional ways to reach out with the love of God to those who may not yet know Him. • Tour of Duty: Preparing Our Hearts for Deployment Led by Jennifer Giles/Avery Krawcyk | B227 A Bible study for Military Wives. Participants will join together with others who have a common thread — husbands who are being or have been deployed. • Unglued: Revisited Led Kim Keller/Hara Knight | B132-133 “God gave us emotions to experience life, not destroy it!” In her book, Unglued, author Lysa TerKeurst admits that she, like most women, have experiences where others interrupt her happiness and she comes emotionally unglued. We stuff, we explode, or react somewhere in between. What do we do with these raw emotions? Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us? Join us as we dig a bit deeper and “Revisit” Unglued. Open to everyone, whether you participated or not during winter.

New Books in the Media Center Follow Me by David Platt Discover a relationship with Christ that is marked by self-denial, single-minded ambition and ultimate joy. Fatherless by Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner Plagued by nightmares about her absent father, Julie finds herself drawn to the quiet strength of a man she meets at a friend’s church. She faces choices that pit professional success against personal survival in an increasingly uncertain and dangerous world. Fiction.

The Chance by Karen Kingsbury A heart-warming story about childhood friends, broken lives, and a long-ago promise that offers hope for today. The Baxter Series by Kathy Herman Like a skilled weaver, Kathy Herman draws us in, entwining one mystery within another, layering rare insights upon solidly based truths. 1 Tested by Fire 2 Day of Reckoning 3 Vital Signs 4 High Stakes 5 A Fine Line TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 5

Missions at Taylors Jeremy Thompson, Minister of Missions

June 2013 begins a yearlong celebration to commemorate one hundred and twenty-five years of the Women’s Missionary Union. WMU was founded in 1888 as an auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention. A small group of women met in Richmond, Virginia to establish a network that could help churches discover the joy of missions and has now grown to include more than one million members. The purpose of WMU is to educate and involve people in missions through various age appropriate organizations, volunteer opportunities, leadership training, conferences and prayer, in an effort to equip people to live a missional lifestyle. WMU exists on national, state, and local levels. The financial support of missions has always been a priority of the WMU. From its early days of existence, WMU has helped raise funds for the International and National Mission Boards through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Annie Armstrong was actually the first corresponding national secretary for WMU from 1888-1906. Since the beginning of these two offerings, more than 2.5 billion dollars have been raised for missions. Here at Taylors First Baptist Church we use the WMU Mission Friends curriculum for preschoolers. There are two groups for ladies, the Bold Mission Group and the Global Mission Group, which meet to pray for and learn more about missionaries and mission opportunities. Recently these ladies collected funds and items to help local organizations such as the Greer Food Pantry, North Greenville Food Crisis Ministry, Taylors Free Medical Clinic, Miracle Hill and Shepherd’s Gate. WMU at Taylors also offers English as a Second Language classes and sponsors the Doll Ministry which makes Witness Dolls and sends them out with various mission teams.

WMU at Taylors

New members are always welcome in WMU organizations. For more information contact Jane Godwin at or call the church office.

“WMU has had a great impact in my life. As a young girl I was actively involved in GA's (Girls in Action) and Acteens at my home church and in college, I had the opportunity to serve on staff at Camp La Vida, a mission education camp for young girls. Through WMU I was able to see missions from a different perspective. Through my involvement with missions at a young age, I am now passionate to see preschoolers/children learn about missions in the context of their everyday lives.” Rhonda McMahan, Minister of Preschool

April 9, 11 am WMU Global Mission Group at the Taylors Ministry Center April 23, 7 pm WMU Bold Mission Group at the home of Mary Gay May 14, 11 am WMU Global Mission Group at the Taylors Ministry Center May 28, 7 pm WMU Bold Mission Group at the home of Lea Ricker Every Monday, 4-7 pm WMU Doll Ministry in the Family Life Center

Mission Trips Taylors First Baptist Church will be fulfilling the mission of God in our community, our nation, and globally in 2013. Please pray for our mission teams as they prepare and are sent out to make disciples of all nations. Although the deadline has passed for 2013, you still have an opportunity to be a part. We will be building prayer teams that will come alongside the 2013 teams to pray for them as they prepare and go. If you are interested in being on a prayer team, please contact the Missions Office for more information. Also, the deadline has not passed to be a part of the Northern India mission team that will be sent out April, 2014. The deadline for this trip is May 1, 2013. Please pray if God would send you to make disciples in Northern India.



Port Alsworth, Alaska | June 15-26

India | September 20-30

Atlanta, Georgia | March 29-31

NAME | Date to be determined

New Orleans, Louisiana | June 15-22

Prague, Czech Republic | October 4-12

SpreadTruth, New York City | July 21-27

South America | Late Spring/Early Summer


Side by Side Missions Offering Update Paul encouraged the Corinthians to give bountifully, cheerfully, and generously out of a submission to God that flowed from the grace of God in Christ Jesus. Their generosity and submission led to the Glory of God among those who received their gift. You have given bountifully to the Side by Side Missions Offering and we glorify our God for your generous gift. We received over $50,000, which will now be used to offset the cost of each mission trip and increase our budgeted giving to our mission offerings.

“Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” 2 Corinthians 9:6

Total Side by Side Offering: $ 51,985.14 Lottie Moon Offering: $ 16,895.17 Annie Armstrong Offering: $ 6,498.14 Janie Chapman Offering: $ 2,599.25 Money to offset mission trip cost: $ 25,992.58

MISSIONS OFFICE: Jeremy Thompson, | Fran Stoddard, or 864-678-8838

Our Students “Blessed” to Play a Role in Church Plant Merger You can choose to do a lot of things for Spring Break, but can you make an impact for eternity? In March eighteen people from the College Ministry served in Jacksonville, Florida. They partnered with the Point Community Church, a Southern Baptist Convention church plant, as they are merging with an older congregation, St. Johns Park Baptist Church. Their fortyyear-old building had not be updated in many, many years. Our group remodeled the entire preschool/childrens area along with removing thirty pews from the sanctuary. Many of the pews were broken and students replaced them with chairs. Finally, the mission team handed out 2,200 flyers in the community about their Easter program. The difference these students made impacted families and the church beginning Palm Sunday 2013!


Leadership at Taylors

Jason Hodges, Minister of Adults and Leadership Development

You may be wondering, what is LEADnow? It is the fleshing out of my desire to encourage, equip, and develop leaders. As the Leadership Development Pastor at Taylors, it is my heart to see leaders grow and be fruitful in their calling. I want to strategically pour my life into leaders at this church in such a way that equips them to impact the kingdom for Jesus Christ. — Jason

We want to help develop leaders through... LEADnow Podcast | Created to engage both ministry leaders and volunteers in beneficial leadership conversations.


You can find this monthly podcast on our website and in iTunes. May you find this tool helpful in your journey in all areas of life. LEADnow Blog | Created to encourage, equip, and develop ministry leaders and volunteers.


Find the weekly blog post on our website. Each weekly entry is written to be encouraging and beneficial.

RightNow The challenge of training leaders has always intrigued me. By way of confession, it’s simply hard. No one wants to call another Sunday afternoon meeting after a long week. After wrestling with the proper training strategy, I am excited to announce this exciting tool. RightNow is an online leadership development training tool. Even though each ministry area will use this tool differently, there is great benefit. At the click of a button, you can view a personalized online training from your ministry area. I am very excited about the potential this tool has to impact our leaders at Taylors. Jason

For access please contact Beth in the Leadership Development Office at or 864-678-8815.


Getting Connected at Taylors Jason Hodges, Minister of Adults and Leadership Development

Life Groups are the avenue in which we grow in the Word, connect with other believers, and are equipped to be sent out to reach the world for Jesus. These groups are THE vital element for making disciples at Taylors. If you are not connected in one of these life-changing groups, I greatly hope you will consider doing so. Find out how to engage in a Life Group at our first CONNECT event. You will find answers to questions as well as learn about the incredible variety of Life Groups we offer and how you can engage. In addition, I want you to consider the six-week class called PLACE. It is a valuable tool that will show you how to use your unique gifts and talents to develop two Taylors FBC values — to grow and to serve. May God continue to multiply His great work in our church. Jason

Connect Tuesday, April 9 | 6:30-8 pm | Fellowship Hall Connect at Taylors through opportunities to GROW in biblical community and use your spiritual gifts to SERVE. It is through growing and serving together that we cultivate relationships… authentic relationships with one another, with our neighbors, and with God. Enjoy dessert and coffee while you mingle with our staff as well as Life Group and ministry leaders.

Life Group Highlight! What is God Doing? You're invited to join this multigenerational Life Group. Sundays, 9 am, C126 “Our Life Group is about 1 ½ years old. Because we started through JumpStart, most of our members had not been part of a Life Group. They and we were looking for a place to grow spiritually and relationally. God has blessed that desire abundantly through our group! We are unique in membership in that we range from high school seniors to young couples, singles, middle age and older couples – all of whom want to grow. It is great to hear such varied life experiences shared and discussed. One of the things God has led us to do as a class is to pray together once a month at someone’s home. This has been a wonderful time of seeking His will for us as a community, praying with and for each other, and asking God what He would have us do and be as His people.” Ron and Missy Edwards

Register: or call Kaitlyn at 864.678.8833. Childcare provided for children 5th grade and younger. Childcare reservations were required by March 26.

PLACE Wednesday, April 10 | 6:30-7:30 pm | B231 PLACE is a six-week course designed to explore your personality, spiritual gifts, passions, life experiences and abilities, helping you to discover your purpose and PLACE in the Body of Christ. Using your gifts to SERVE is essential to healthy growth in your own spiritual life as well as to the health of our church. Register: or call Kaitlyn at 864.678.8833

We want to keep you informed! Visit our website and click “Subscribe" at the bottom to select your preferences for receiving periodic emails such as our weekly e-family update or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @taylorsfbc @phjimenez @smtaylors @taylorsfbcloft @kidspath TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 9

Welcome New Members *New members who have indicated a commitment to follow Christ through believer’s baptism.

Leanne Dockery Joined February 3 by Statement

Lisa Gahm Joined February 3 by Letter

Phil & Whitney Coe Joined February 4 by Letter

Jeffrey Goodreaux Joined February 4 by Letter

Loretta Brown Joined February 4 by Letter

Joshua & Alexis Pursley Joined February 4; Joshua by Baptism; Alexis by Letter

Wyatt & Amanda Rosenlund Joined February 4 by Letter

Aaron & Erin Graham Joined February 10 by Statement

Bob & Debra Campbell Joined February 17 by Letter

Manda Height Joined February 17 by Letter

Jessica & Steven Metts Joined February 24 by Statement

Jillian Walker* Joined February 24 by Baptism


John Collins Jessica Joined February 4 by Letter Also Pictured: Jacob

In Memoriam

Nita Lortz January 15, 1927 – January 25, 2013 Sheryl Scheffel January 1, 1952 – February 1, 2013 Otto White June 15, 1928 – February 11, 2013 Augusta (Gussie) Bailey October 10, 1919 – February 28, 2013 Brenda Davis August 20, 1953 – March 1, 2013 Frank Southern August 3, 1921 – March 7, 2013 Wes Neely March 17, 1932 – March 8, 2013



We welcome the following to the Body of Christ through believer’s baptism: Madi Axson, Preston Bethea, Chloe Hyde, and Kathryn Sharp.


…to Amy Richardson and Jonathan Wilson who were married March 23, 2013.

God’s People Respond

These individuals wish to thank our church family for prayers, encouragement, and kindness: Bo and Donna Davies, the family of Angie Singleton, and the family of Wes Neely Thank you to the eleven people who donated at our February Blood Drive.

Staff Anniversaries

April Renee Morton Twenty-Three Years of Service Ryan Brooks Seven Years of Service Chris Causey Six Years of Service May Jeff Hensley Ten Years of Service Robin McDonald Eight Years of Service Clyde Duncan Seven Years of Service Arnold Pace Seven Years of Service Jesse Lee Six Years of Service

James & Bonnie Lamb Joined February 4 by Letter

Brenda Drake Joined February 4 by Statement

Dave & Cheryl Seneker Joined February 4 by Letter

Pamela Williamson Joined February 10 by Letter

Paola Sarai Martinez Villatoro Joined February 10 by Statement

Justin King Joined February 10 by Letter

Drew Upton Joined February 24 by Letter

Stewardship Report JANUARY Budget Needs.................................... $506,444.64 Budget Receipts................................ $363,104.84 Other Receipts...................................... $53,855.10 Total January Receipts....................... $416,959.94 YTD Budget Needs............................ $506,444.64 YTD Budget Receipts........................ $363,104.84 FEBRUARY Budget Needs.................................... $506,444.64 Budget Receipts................................. $432,203.64 Other Receipts...................................... $37,123.81 Total February Receipts..................... $469,327.45 YTD Budget Needs.........................$1,012,889.28 YTD Budget Receipts........................ $795,308.48

Alex Waller Joined March 3 by Letter

Richard & Lucy Williams Joined February 4 by Letter

Caleb & Ashley Mitchell Joined February 17 by Letter

William Caskey* Joined March 10 by Baptism

Dinner with the Staff Monday, May 6 | 6:30-8 pm | The Apex Join us for a free, casual dinner in a relaxed setting with a group of people who, like you, want to learn more about Taylors. Reservations are required by April 28: or call Gail at 864.678.8811 Childcare is provided for children 5th grade and younger. Childcare reservations required by April 22. Dinner will be served to the children.


Sunday Morning at Taylors

For more information stop by the Welcome Desk on Sunday morning or visit

The most important step to plugging in at Taylors is getting involved in biblical community, and Life Groups are the best place to start. Adult Life Groups are offered at 9 and 10:30 am for Single Adults, Young Married, Median Age, Women Only, Men Only, Senior Adult, and Multi-Generational. We now offer an Adult Life Group on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm, led by Dallas & Dawn Darnell and Keith & Lin Cunningham in B229.


K3-K5 Life Groups at 9:00 and 10:30 am Includes Preschool Praise at 10:30 am

1ST-2ND GRADES Life Groups or KidsWorship at 9:00 and 10:30 am 3RD-5TH GRADES Life Groups at 9:00 or 10:30 am

6TH-12TH GRADES Life Groups at 9:00 am in the Apex

BIRTH-TWO Life Groups at 9:00 and 10:30 am

| taylors student ministry

COLLEGE/CAREER Life Groups at 9:19 am Free Breakfast Each Week



Summer for Children at Taylors Preschool: | Children: | FLC:

Summer Spectacular June 10-14 | 9 am – 12 pm For completed K3-5th graders. Children must be age three by 9/1/12. Through every twist, turn, and dive, Taylors FBC's Colossal Coaster World will challenge children to face their fears and trust God. With excitement around every curve, children learn that God has given them a spirit of power, love, and sound judgment. This Summer Spectacular is the ultimate ride. REGISTER ONLINE SOON!

Volunteer for Summer Spectacular Fasten your seat belts for a rip-roaring roller coaster ride! Summer Spectacular returns for 2013 and you can help! Mark your calendars and plan your vacation around June 10-14. Colossal Coaster World will challenge children to face their fears and trust God. You never know what you will see the week of Summer Spectacular. Contact the Preschool (864-678-8830) and Children's Ministry Offices (864-292-4056) to volunteer! We need YOU to make it the best it can be.

Make A Difference (M.A.D.) Moves To Wednesday Nights Beginning August 21

Summertime is a great time for family and friends. With vacations, mission trips, sports camps and holidays, calendars get filled quickly and summertime gets "booked.” We want all of our children in KidsPath to have the opportunity to participate in MAD. Moving to Wednesday nights will accomplish this goal and...

J e ff Ha r re l so n

Basketball Camp July 15-19 | 9 am-12 pm For Rising 1st-5th Graders

• allow the use of modern technology to correspond with church missionaries in order for children to gain greater understanding of missions and create real-life experiences with our missionaries • give us a greater opportunity to focus on mission trips and projects that happen through Taylors for our community and beyond • incorporate more individualized and long term projects, and allow children to work in small groups. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Coming This Summer

Patriotic Celebration

Sunday, June 30, 7:30 pm, at TD Stage at the Peace Center

Plan now to join us as we return to Downtown Greenville for our annual Patriotic Celebration. We will have a time of “flag-waving” music as we celebrate our country’s birthday, followed by a time of worship celebrating our freedom through Christ. Invite your friends and neighbors and enjoy a great evening in this beautiful setting. TAYLORSFBC.ORG | 13



Student Ministry Mission Trip to New York City (Through 4/6)

New Journey Classes Begin

TUESDAY, APRIL 2 Young at Heart Breast Cancer Support Group, 6:30 pm

Saturday, April 6, 9 am – 11 am Be a part of a community mission and touch the heart of a single mother and her children by volunteering to serve at Single Mom's Oil Change.

Young At Heart Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group

First Tuesday of the Month, 6:30 - 7:30 pm Taylors Family Life Center, Room FLC4 Schedule: April 2 – Kathy Dority, Minister of Assimilation and Spiritual Care May 7 – Susan Funk, NP Cancer Centers of Carolinas June/July/August – Summer Break Having cancer is hard. Finding help shouldn't be. Your American Cancer Society can help.

XYZ Senior Adult Fellowship

Second Monday of the Month, 11:15 am Speakers: April 8 – Randy Kirby, Minister of Music, Simpsonville First Baptist Church May 13 – Taylors FBC Legacy Choir This ministry is designed for senior adults ages 55 and older. Join us for fellowship, entertainment, lunch and even day trips and vacations.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3 Special Adult Choir & Orchestra Rehearsal, 6:30 pm No Dinner or Additional Activities (Spring Break for Greenville County Schools)

Night of Worship, 6 pm

MONDAY, APRIL 15 Grief Support for Parents, 6 pm

THURSDAY, APRIL 18 Men’s Par 3 Golf Outing, 7:15 pm

Single Mom's Oil Change, 9 am

Women’s Retreat (Through 4/20)



Church Conference, 6 pm

MONDAY, APRIL 8 XYZ Fellowship, 11:15 am

TUESDAY, APRIL 9 WMU Global Missions Group, 11 am Connect, 6:30 pm

WMU Bold Mission Group, 6 pm (Home of Mary Gay)

THURSDAY, APRIL 25 Men's Target Shooting League, 6:30 pm

SUNDAY, APRIL 28 Lord's Supper, 9 and 10:30 am Widow/Widowers Dinner 5 pm Dinner with the Staff Reservation Deadline



Dr. Frank Page is planning another trip to the Holy Land right after this Christmas. The exact info and date will be decided very soon. If you have a desire to learn more about this incredible adventure there will be an interest meeting in a few short weeks. Contact Renee Morton at or Doug Mize at to learn more.

Articles/events must be approved by a ministerial staff liaison. Submissions are printed at the discretion of the church staff and may be edited. Please e-mail items to by May 9 for the June/July issue.

Summer Bible Study Begins June 19, 9-11 am Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks by Priscilla Shirer. Watch the website for details and registration information.

Singles Volleyball Tuesday Nights, 7 - 9 pm, FLC Join us for a time of fellowship and a great game of volleyball. If volleyball is not for you, there are other activities including the walking track, table games, pool, ping pong and more. This is a great outreach opportunity! 14 | TAYLORSFBC.ORG

Singles Lunch, 11:30 am




Single Moms’ Oil Change


Elevate Singles Lunch Sunday, April 14 and May 19, 11:30 am, Elevate Area. Cost $5 per person. Join us for a delicious lunch and a time of fellowship with other singles.

MAY 2013




Deadline to sign up for 2014 India Mission Trip

WMU Global Missions Group, 11 am



Men’s Par 3 Golf Outing, 7:15 pm

Baptism, 9 and 10:30 am 2013 College Graduate Recognition & Luncheon, 12 pm


Orchestra Concert of Praise, 6 pm

Jesus is Calling, Presented by Taylors Children’s Choirs

MONDAY, MAY 6 Dinner with the Staff, 5:30 pm

Singles Lunch, 11:30 am

MONDAY, MAY 20 Grief Support for Parents, 6:30 pm

TUESDAY, MAY 7 Young at Heart Breast Cancer Support Group, 6:30 pm




June/July Newsletter Deadline

No Evening Activities



Happy Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Parent Child Dedication, 9 and 10;30 am

Church Office and FLC Closed

No Evening Activities

Men's Target Shooting League, 6:30 pm



WMU Bold Mission Group, 7:00 pm (Home of Lea Ricker)

XYZ Fellowship, 11:15 am

MONTHLY MEN'S EVENTS Par 3 Golf (9 Holes) Target Shooting League 3rd Thursday of the month, 4th Thursday of the month, 7:15 pm; Crosswinds Par 3 6:30 pm; SharpShooters Golf Course, 61 Villa Road, Indoor Range, Greenville, SC 1345 Rutherford Road, Sign up at the Greenville, SC Men’s Ministry Desk or Sign up at the contact Darin at Men’s Ministry Desk or contact Craig at

Mountain Bike Riding Group 2nd Tuesday of the month, 6:30-8:30 pm Paris Mountain State Park- meet in the large parking lot. Sign up at the Men’s Ministry Desk or contact Cliff at

Have You Visited the New Taylors FBC Website? Take a look at what you will find. | Life Groups

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Use the new “Life Group Finder” to discover a group that’s a perfect fit for you. At Taylors, the most important step to plugging in is getting involved in biblical community. Life Groups are the best place to start!

Watch live and archived services on your computer, phone or tablet. Click the "Watch Live" link at the top right of the homepage.

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SUNDAY Traditional Worship / Life Groups for Adults, Students, Children, and Preschool/ KidsWorship 9 am College Life Groups/Breakfast 9:19 am Modern Worship /Contemporary Worship/ Life Groups for Adults, Children, and Preschool / KidsWorship 10:30 am Bible Drill (Grades 6-9) 4 pm (Through 4/21) Bible Drill (Grades 4-5) 4:45 pm (Through 4/21) Regeneration Student Choir Rehearsal 5 pm Evening Worship 6 pm

MONDAY FLC Childcare 9-11:45 am Legacy Choir 10 am Mission Doll Workshop 3:30 pm Cub Scouts 7 pm

TUESDAY FLC Childcare 9-11:45 am Tuesday Morning Bible Study 10 am Singles Volleyball Employment Ministry (2nd/4th Tuesday) Cub Scouts 7 pm

WEDNESDAY Encounter Bible Studies for Women Mom to Mom 9 am Dinner Served 5:15 pm Parish Nurse Office Opens 5:30 pm United for Middle & High School 6 pm, Apex M&M for Preschool; Choirs for Children 6:15 pm Contemporary Choir Rehearsal 6:20 pm Journey Classes Divorce Recovery (Through 4/17) 6:30 pm Traditional Choir Rehearsal Orchestra Rehearsal Vocal Team Rehearsal 7:30 AA Meeting 8 pm

THURSDAY Boy Scouts 7 pm

SATURDAY AA Meeting 8 pm


Taylors Family (USPS 625-920). published bimonthly by First Baptist Church, 200 West Main Street, Taylors, SC 29687. Periodical postage paid at Taylors, SC 29687. Postmaster: Send address changes to First Baptist Church, 200 West Main Street, Taylors, SC 29687. Editor: Kim Keller, Phone 864-244-3535, Fax 864-244-6067, Email Web site

200 West Main Street . Taylors, SC 29651

Are you moving? Please notify the church office of your address change!

Taylors FBC Ministry Offices

DiscipleNow Weekend This year 186 students, 52 small group leaders, 26 host homes, and numerous Life Groups participated in our annual in-town student retreat to make it an incredible weekend. Students engaged in worship, small groups, and fun activities that brought them closer to God and one another through the Word of God. The theme, “Consumed,” taught students to flee from the cultural norm of consumerism and self-indulgence and run towards the overwhelming love of Jesus that changes lives.

“Thinking about the time I have wasted saying ‘I’m bored; there’s nothing to do,’ makes me cringe. Now that I have found in my heart the greatness of our Lord and Savior, I can honestly say I’m excited to move ahead and dedicate my life to living for the Lord!” – DNow Participant

Administration, 678-8823 Adults & Leadership Development, 678-8815 Assimilation & Spiritual Care, 678-8833 Building/Grounds, 678-8807 Children/KidsPath, 292-4056 College/The Loft, 678-8827 Discipleship/Evangelism, 678-8810 Family Life Center, 292-4060 Financial, 678-8825 Food Services, 678-8826 Hispanic Ministry, 678-8838 Missions, 678-8838 Media, 292-4066 Worship Ministry, 678-8816 Parents Day Out, 678-8805 Pastor, 678-8818 Public Relations/ Publications, 678-8817 Prayer Room, 292-8864 Preschool/Building Blocks, 678-8830 Receptionist, 244-3535 Single Adults, 678-8827 Student, 292-4990 Weekday Preschool, 678-8803

April/May 2013 Taylors Family  

2013 April/May Taylors FBC Newsletter

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