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Fairy-Tales Collection By Taylor Roberts 5/25/2014



Fairy Tale Collection A lot can be said through the tales of our own fabrications, yet nothing reflects more than the classically themed fairytales. Tales and fables have always been the means of giving advice, and guidance.

One times you need to search within the tale, look for things in common, things with stand out. But in some cases they are right there before you.

Yet I'm going to write a little twist into the way you may expect this tale to end, and as the four poems take their paths, I want to play with your perceptions.


Battle of Nature Lost in its own last, trapped within its own curse, the kingdom shines heavenly, seen by all, so calm and still. Within its walls, stand statues of men, cast in gold and pearl, dressed in silk robes, blooming with crystal red diamonds.

It be ruled by true pure, guided and nourished by the purest of hearted, she be blessed by nature itself. Under her ruling, the Roses be bold and blossoming, the birds mimicking the voices of the streets, magnificently echoing their heavenly tunes.

At the night of the Blue Moon, it be said that for those who listen to the silence closely enough, then be given the gift if the song if the purest of hearted, which is said to enlighten and bring an eternity of joy to those who hear it.

Yet all at first glance be pure, beneath rests what all man fears, within the forests of the darkest nights, lies rest, within the silence, the darkest of magic to be in existence.

Its power has corrupted the forests nature, brining to it the unholy chaos of its creature, no man dares to visit, as he who does do so be brought to death, by the beasts that live within.

It is said that on the darkest of nights, can be heard, the cries from the beasts within, as their flesh is torn by one an' other.

Tales be told that most potent of Sorceress that be dormant within, harnessing the power over the forest, the creatures and trees alike, with the divine ability to cast them to life, yet only to follow her most heartless of orders.


Infinite Power The earth trembles at her presence, bringing forth fear to all those around, all of nature, merely running from her wrath, all fearing her infinite powers

Behind her be rushing her cursed beasts, cursed to no soul, with a shattered heart, and blackened mind, purely be set this path to follow her wills of death, their empty eyes always avoiding her fiery gaze, her skin be white, not of purity, yet of death.

Her blackened dress rippled in the ferocious winds that she brought with her, her diamond head-dress shone an unruly purple, corrupting the crystals inside.

She now be awakened from her death like sleep, cast to preserve the life of many. Now proving to be lacking of purpose, as now she stands, with one mere aim, to destroy all that be against her. To bring the kingdom to a fall.


Yet not always has she been this way, at her essence of purity, her heart was cursed empty, leading her to finding the death herself, bringing her to claim the life if all she had live.

Before her heart be cursed, she lead the purest if lives, loved by all, honoured by nature, and all of her creatures. Her heart was of a pure nature, with her heavenly opal eyes, her hair draping elegantly across her olive skin, shimmering in the light of the sun, she be always dresses in ivory silk which flowed exquisitely down her figure.

Now, when a look is taken beneath her shell, you shall see she is no more, and now, she seeks revenge and death to all who stand before her.

As she walks, ruling over her mass of beasts, and all that she cast, men cripple to their knees, without their will to do so.

At distance be seen her goal, now that is left is for the pre-decided destiny to be executed.


Purest of Hearted

Yet in the lightest part of the forest, stood a woman, adorned in a cream velvet dress, draped with diamonds, and streaks of pure white silk. She be an angelic figure, pure at heart, given blessing to by Mother Nature herself.

Her past be much like her present, she be born the purest of hearted, and that be how she stay. Her soul be braced with gold and glimmers like a flame.

Yet her future not so light hearted, her pure nature be not what her victory is needing. Knowing the uncertainty of what she has, she majestically blows the forest her last kiss goodbye.


Immortal Wrath Yet for all that seems to be set in stone, shall mow be brought to its end, by the immortal chaos, with its wrath destroying all, choosing no-side, Evil nor Pure, death be brought to them.

Its inevitably escapes none, you can run from it, yet it will always be following behind you, at the point that you destroy it, it destroys you.

It burns. It destroys. It leaves nothing in its path. Its power be eternal, bringing destruction upon all. Nothing can elude it. Nothing can destroy it. Nothing can be set free from its wrath. Nothing lasts forever.

As time shall conquer all. 8

End of our time

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Fairytale collection  

A lot can be said through the tales of our own fabrications, yet nothing reflects more than the classically themed fairytales. Tales and fab...