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Professional Portfolio Taylor Parker .Conservationist .Communicator .Project Manager .Grant Writer .Environmental Research

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Taylor Parker has been a professional conservationist since 2004. After starting 3 successful environmental consultancy companies and working on 2 multimillion dollar wetland restoration projects,Taylor is focusing his energies to further contribute toward biodiversity conservation. Through the ensuing pages you will find how he has transformed his initial work on 8 key rare species into a career and, more importantly, a dedicated passion that can be applied toward any conservation effort

2006: Boat Trip From Boston to Long Beach Through the Panama

2007: Started First Company


2008: BA Degree

2009: Started Second Company

2008: Hawaiian Island Research Trip

2013: Started Third Company

2009: Trek to Patagonia

2013: Quetico, Canada Canoe Trek

2014: Icelandic Backcountry Trek

2015: Began Conservation Travels: Yellowstone Saguaro Desert New Zealand 2015: Sold Last Company To Focus on Biodiversity Conservation

Photos and Design by Taylor Parker unless otherwise indicated.

3-Environmental Consulting 9-Business Development

11-Conservation Treks 19-Communications

Environmental Consulting

Through Taylor’s Environmental Consultancy work, he has contributed toward the conservation of critical salt marsh habitat. To do this, he has worked on wetland conservation from several angles: Endangered Species Grants and Fundraising Professional Reports Restoration projects


Endangered Species Conservation Rare Species Worked With: Pacific Green Sea Turtle Salt Marsh Birds Beak Southern Tarplant Wandering Skipper Ca Least Tern Light-Footed Clapper Rail Belding’s Savannah Sparrow

Skills Acquired from Endangered Species Work: Conservation Planning Rare Species Fundraising ESA Regulatory Expertise

Grants and Fundraising Taylor has raised almost $14 million dollars for conservation projects he has worked on since 2007. Most of this has been through grant writing and managment but has also included partnership development.

Skills Acquired from Fundraising: Funder Engagement Grant Writing Grant Management Metric Achievement



$13 Million

Professional Reports As a professional consultant, Taylor has developed several reports and plans to assist the conservation efforts. Each of the reports are well researched, over 100 pages and cost the clients $10k- $60k.

Skills Acquired from Ecological Report Development: Science Writing Accurate Project Documentation Client Satisfaction

Restoration Projects

Colorado Lagoon Restoration 7

The Colorado Lagoon Project has been the most successful project Taylor has worked with. Since becoming involved in 2007, Taylor has been involved with turning this 11 acre wetland from the 3rd worst water quality habitat in California to one of the cleanest, 80k cubic yards of contaminated material were removed, 11 million dollars were raised, 25k+ children were educated, 18k+ plants planted, and acres of marsh restored.

The Los Cerritos Wetlands were Taylor’s classroom and laboratory in learning how wetlands work and general ecology. Starting to work in Los Cerritos in 2004, Taylor has helped to remove over 500k pounds of trash, outreached to thousands of volunteers, worked on a 3 year/multi-million dollar planning project, assisted 4 endangered species, created two websites and an entire volunteer Stewardship program, conducted several research projects, and coordinated several environmental art projects.

Skills Acquired from Restoring Habitats: Multiple Agency Coordination Conservation Target Prioritization Multi-year Ecological Maintenance Adaptive Management

Los Cerritos Wetlands Restoration

Business Development


In 2006, after increasing the non-profit’s capacity 300%, Taylor suggested changes to grow the company larger. His boss at the time refused and told him if he thought he could do it better, he could leave and try it his self. Taylor took the challenge and since January 2007, has created 3 environmental for-profit businesses and has created or managed another 3 organizations. Through these companies and organizations Taylor has provided 20 employment opportunities and 70 internships.

Skills Acquired from Developing 6 Businesses: Capacity Growth Human Resource Management Marketing and Outreach Legal and Regulatory Knowledge

The Lagoon Explorer

Conservation Treks


Toward the effort of understanding global biodiversity conservation, Taylor has undertaken several Conservation Treks over the past decade. These Treks include: Restoration Activities Reseach Programs Explorations

NOAA’s research vessel Oscar Elton Sette underway around the Hawaiian Islands

Restoration Activities

Skills Acquired from Patagonia and Catalina: -Habitat Resoration in Remote Areas with Limited Resources -Trail Development and Ranch Land Transitioning

Background Photo: The restoration team removing old ranching fence in Patagonia, Chile Upper Left: White’s Landing restoration on Catalina, California

Research Programs


Taylor is retrieving a data sonde from a side skiff in Hawaiian waters

Of all the adventurous Conservation Treks Taylor has undertaken, the Research Programs have proven the most exciting and beneficial toward further conservation activities. 4 Photos to Left: 2011 Month-long Hawaiian Island Research of Sailfish and Rockfish Fisheries for NOAA’s Teacher at Sea Not shown: 2008 Round Ray Studies in Seal Beach, CA 2009 Elasmobranch Studies in Bolsa Chica, Ca

Skills Acquired from Hawaiian Islands : Trawl Collection and Assessment Tropical Fish Identification Otolith Removal and Survey Deep Sea Rockfish Collection Living aboard a research vessel

New Zealand


Avian Brood Productivity Research Radio Telemetry and Sensor Tracking

Saguaro Desert & Yellowstone Non-invasive Carnivore Research Wildlife Handling and Chemical Immobilization



Skills Acquired from Iceland, Canada, and Panama Canal: Trekking through remote wilderness Month-long survival on natural resources Reliance on team for expedition’s success

Restoration Activities

The explorations Taylor has undertaken are meant to satisfy an inherent curiosity and restlessness while learning about various global ecosystems. The experience garnered from these adventures has built a more well-rounded ecological background. 2-page spread: 2014 Iceland Backcountry Trek Upper Right: 2013 Month-long Quetico,Canada Canoe Trip Lower Right: 2006 2 Month-long Boston-to-Long Beach research vessel trek through the Panama Canal


A professional communicator utilizes a variety of media to convey the appropriate message. Taylor is a proficient public speaker and can wield multiple other vectors to express the necessary theme. Taylor has built websites, managed multiple social media platforms, constructed several multimedia presentations.


Public Speaking

Team Coordination

Websites Created

Social Media Developed

Skills Acquired from Environmental Communications: Public Speaking to a variety of audiences Sharing complex ideas simply and coherently Developing consensus among diverse stakeholders Expressing conservation goals through different media

Taylor Parker ParkerTaylor83@gmail.com 562.331.0226 PracticePraxis.org AgeOfEmpathy.com

Profile for Taylor Parker

Taylor Parker Portfolio September 2015  

Taylor Parker's Portfolio of highlight from his professional career. You can contact him at ParkerTaylor83@gmail.com

Taylor Parker Portfolio September 2015  

Taylor Parker's Portfolio of highlight from his professional career. You can contact him at ParkerTaylor83@gmail.com