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My girlfriend Hannah is getting married June 28th and has asked me to be in charge of the flower arrangements; her bouquet, the six bridesmaids’, and the decorations for the ceremony, including the couple’s backdrop. While I feel honored to be chosen for such a special job, Hannah is known to be a little picky and I want to make sure everything is just perfect for her special day. Her budget is tight, which is another reason I think she asked me to help out (being thrifty is always an exciting challenge for me). The theme for her wedding is bohemian, with a little country flair. At least I have that going for me and can make use of the natural landscape near where we live. I looked at a few pictures on Pinterest and came up with some ideas. Hannah and I planned a trip out to De Luz, a rual area close to home, to begin looking for some supplies. After we collected some tall branches and tons of flowers that would look nice dried, we can back to the drawing board to make do with what we had. For her backdrop (where the pastor, bride and groom stand) we built a pretty waterfall out of dried flowers, fishing ling, and five sturdy branches (each about 7ft long). For the base of the waterfall, we carved the bottom part of four branches at an angle so we could easily hammer them into the ground. While her soon-to-be husband and his friend vigorously pounded the branches into the soil with a sledgehammer, Hannah and I strung the flowers through fishing line. We made about twenty individual flower-covered stings and did not focus on making them match or perfectly assembled. Some were 7ft long and others were 5; they turned out beautiful. After all the flowers were strung, we then tied them onto the one remaining branch that would sit on top of the base. The boys worked really hard to stabilize the waterfall by binding the bases and the overhang branch with twine. As much

as Hannah and I want to take full credit for the whimsical creation, we could not of done it without the men. When choosing a bouquet, Hannah wanted Sunflowers. I was pleased with her decision because I felt it went well with the earthly and simple design of the backdrop. After buying the Sunflowers and statice, we used avocado leaves and a few other greens to make it really full-looking. The six bridesmaids were each designed a smaller version of Hannah’s, each having their own flair. We wrapped each bouquet with raffia, a less hardy version of twine and very cheap. Last, we plan to sprinkle rose petals down the aisle, this element being the largest expense. All together I plan to spend only $100, which includes all the mimic bouquets we arranged beforehand and the flowers for the real deal! Here are some pictures I took inspiration from‌

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