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Every Saturday my boyfriend and I take his grandparents out to breakfast in town at the same ol’ place, Fallbrook Café. The place has been around forever and is known for their crisp bacon and fluffy pancakes. The pancakes are always steaming hot and glistening with warm maple syrup. My mouth waters every time they pass the table, but I have to resist; I am a celiac. I was sick of not being able to indulge and had to do something. I went home feeling deprived, determined to create an alternative recipe that was both satisfying to my taste buds and good for my stomach. Boy, I hit the jackpot. Quinoa pancakes are delicious, nutritious, and simple to make. Quinoa is often used in my household to replace harsh grains such as barley or bulgur wheat, which do not agree with my tummy. It has the consistency of couscous with a real nutty flavor and is delicious accompanying most meals. I had some leftover from the night before and decided to experiment with it, aiming to make my own version of a pancake. The recipe follows: -3 cups of cooked quinoa -¾ cup of coconut milk (regular would be fine as well) -4 eggs -3 tsp of baking powder -Pinch of salt -Some type of sweetener (I used a individual packet of stevia, but a Tbsp of honey or maple syrup will work) -1 tsp of vanilla or almond extract (cinnamon would be yummy as well) Throw the quinoa, milk, and eggs in a bowl and blend until fluffy and smooth. Add the baking powder, salt, extract, and sweetener, blending or stirring till incorporated. The mix should be thick and smooth. Heat skillet on medium and coat with coconut oil or butter. Use a ladle or scoop and pour batter onto heated skillet into the desired pancake size. Let pancake cook until golden brown, then flip. Cook for another minute or two and

serve with fresh compote, yogurt, or maple syrup. Viola!

Quinoa Pancakes  
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