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David Rolland: A large percentage of your readers are interested in pursuing an organic diet. Across the United States, propositions are being fought by voters who are demanding foods that are not genetically altered or enhanced with artificial additives or preservatives. The interest in purchasing locally grown, organic foods is on the rise and has much appeal to The San Diego City Beat readers. Don’t Panic, its Organic is a compelling story of a family operated, certified organic farm providing its residents with quality, health boosting fruits and vegetables in Southern California. Connie and Tito Sanchez are an eclectic couple that may fascinate City Beat readers. I have conducted personal interviews with them, as well as participated in harvesting and delivering the produce to local heath food markets. This has given me first-hand information that adds a unique appeal to the article. I also surveyed residents of the area on their interest in locally organic foods. Furthermore, I have done extensive research on the negative effects non-organic food may have on the body, both mentally and physically. Don’t panic, its Organic is under a 1000 word feature article that would fit well into the News section of the magazine. I am a young, college student, and emerging writer; I am ambitious, curious, and health-oriented. I am not only an avid reader of San Diego City Beat magazine, but also a student in the fields of both Journalism and Nutrition. As a student, my experience is limited, but my interest is strong and I am learning. My enthusiasm for health is an asset that should not be ignored. Does this idea interest you? Most Sincerely, Taylor Poulin

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