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My family and I go through at least two-dozen eggs every week. At first, I was saving the shells for composting, but the pile of egg crates was becoming enormous and I didn't want to throw them out. So there they sat in my laundry room, gaining height quickly as my patience worn thin. Meanwhile, my little sister, Hannah Grace, had some friends over for the weekend. Saturday morning, we all sat at the kitchen table eating eggs of course, discussing our plans for upcoming Father’s day. The girls were complaining they wanted to do something special for their dads, but at age twelve, coming up with their own money is an issue. “Yes!” I shouted. The girls jumped out of their chairs, frightened. I explained to them I had the perfect idea for creating a gift that was sure to impress and free! Egg Crate Gardens solved both our problems. I could rid myself of the annoying pile of crates and shells, while helping the girls make due with limited resources. To make these easy and enjoyable gardens, you’ll need an egg crate, a dozen eggs, some seeding soil, and seeds of choice. First, you’ll need to empty the eggs. You can simply take a knife and crack the top half of the egg, spilling out the insides into a separate bowl. You can save the eggs and make an omelet or whatever else you’d like. Then rinse out the inside of the shells and place them back into the crate. Fill the shells with soil about one third of the way; I used a spoon to distribute it evenly. Next, create a chart that shows which seeds will go into each shell. There is no right or wrong here and it is all about personal preference. Now drop a few seeds in each shell and gently press them into the soil. Finally, sprinkle a little bit more soil on top of each shell and water lightly. Keep the garden in the sunlight and make sure the soil is moist. The seeds should start sprouting within a couple weeks.

This is a perfect gift for dads who need a little pick me up when spending hours at their desk. It is easy to maintain and will bring a smile to their face as the plants blossom. The egg crate garden nurtures the father-child relationship by encouraging the use of the plants in cooking recipes and for decoration. Last, It's a great way to recycle egg crates and do good for the planet.

Egg Crate Garden  
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