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Buzz Piece For some, going green can seem both overwhelming and difficult. Families often commit to a routine and changing these habits can take time to adjust. Going green, however, isn’t as tough as many think. By using an active conscience and teamwork throughout one’s family, becoming eco-friendly can be fun and rewarding. The consequences are not only beneficial for the planet, but also good for one’s health and wallet. I have listed twenty-five practical tips to living a more sustainable and fulfilling life in today’s modern society.

1. Compost 2. Plant an herb garden 3. Switch to reusable bags 4. Pay bills online 5. Eat locally grown food 6. Don't use unnecessary lighting, but rather natural light when possible 7. Wash clothes on cold 8. Hang clothes outside to dry 9. Switch to reusable bottles and tupperware 10. Fix leaky faucets 11. Make homemade kitchen and house cleaners

12. Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use 13. Collect rainwater and use it for watering plants and gardens 14. Use cloth towels instead of paper 15. Repurpose glass jars 16. Shop at thrift stores and give back periodically 17. Walk instead of drive 18. Use your own mug at coffee shops 19. Recycle in the home 20. Use ceiling fans instead of A.C. 21. Wait till you have a full load of laundry or dishes 22. Cut showers by five minutes and save one hundred liters each time 23. Turn off water when brushing teeth 24. Recycle paper by using both sides 25. Water plants in the cooler hours of the day. A.M. or P.M.

Growing up in a family of eight, my sisters and I were taught to be very resourceful and innovative when it came to saving money. As I grew older, the rush of getting a great deal or turning something old into something new became addicting. I have taught my friends and colleagues to make do with what’s available. Whether it is starting a compost pile or reusing old glass jars, my motivation to give back to the earth is

never-ending. I am a dedicated follower of many blogs and websites related to sustainable living, while also living it in my daily life. My experience is shared with those around me and I often seek feedback from those I advise. I am a true example of successful sustainable living because I not only feel healthier since making the shift, but also have saved money and time. Giving back to the planet is emotionally satisfying and provides an exemplary example for young children today.

Going Green  
Going Green