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ABOUT US An insight of who we are and how we started.


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Taylor Made Branding is a creative team that specializes in branding for individuals, newly established businesses, and well established organizations, that are looking to make their branding vision a reality. We love the design and development process of taking concepts and ideas and turning them into full fledged recognized brands. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize the importance and the attention to detail needed to bring your vision for your company’s brand to reality. It’s one thing to have an idea, business concept, or vision of what your brand should be, but working with Taylor Made Branding to develop those ideas is what will separate you from the competition. Our Mission is to provide high quality service that combines creativity with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our clients. To constantly strive to meet or exceed our clients’ needs and expectations of price, service, and selection. To be the most passionately referred agency in the Branding industry, while striving to provide our clients with the optimum service they deserve.

Our Story & Culture Fresh. Focused. Friendly. Fun. Family. tay·lor–made adjective \ˌtā-lər-ˈmād\ : made or fitted especially to a particular use or purpose In so many ways, everything about Taylor Made Branding was meant to be. Both Kareem and Audrey were entrepreneurs at heart with aspirations to start their own web and design agencies respectively. But something was missing. In 2011, Kareem met Audrey in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. It just clicked. They realized that they were the missing pieces to each other’s puzzle in every aspect of life and business. Following their trip, they shared their business ideas and life passions with one another, and soon after Taylor Made Branding was born. With both of their loves so deeply rooted in art, design, travel, and family, one of the most important aspects of Taylor Made Branding is ensuring that everyone stays true to who they are. They are true believers in the non-traditional working environment, allowing people to express themselves creatively in a welcoming family atmosphere.

Our Services Brand Identity. From concept to creation, we craft an identity and logo for you that’s effective and memorable.

Brand Strategy.

Together, we identify challenges, explore opportunities, and build a plan for long-term growth.

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Print Design& Layout. Print Design & Layout. From high impact print pieces to unique promotional items, we craft visual messages that are targeted and compelling.

Web Design & Development.

Social Media Design We work together to clarify your message and develop a content strategy that intentionally tells your story across all social media platforms.

Business Consulting.

We design and develop engaging, effective We work with you to fully understand your online experiences that are a clear business and your target audience. We reflection of your brand. become fully vested in who you are and what your overall vision is for your brand or rebrand. We want to understand what you stand for, who you are in the eyes of your target audience and help fill any gaps between your vision and reality.

Our Process

When you partner to do business with us, we become fully vested in who you are as an organization and what your overall vision is for your brand or rebrand. We want to understand what you stand for, who you are in the eyes of your target audience and help fill any gaps between your vision and reality. Using the outcome from our consulting sessions, we will put together a plan for the most effective design strategy that will produce the best overall results for your business. Here at Taylor Made Branding, we take

family very serious. Every new client that we take on, we keep that same family approach. When you sign on to do business with us, you become part of our family. We fully invest ourselves in our clients, their visions and their goals. Their visions becomes OUR VISIONS, their obstacles become OUR OBSTACLES, their goals become OUR GOALS, because ultimately, their success becomes OUR SUCCESS.

We bring brands to life by creating experiences that live at the center of contemporary culture in today’s transmedia world.

1. Collaborate.

2. Collect.

3. Refine.

Without knowing the complete details of our client’s business, their reasons for seeking our branding services, and expectations of the process and final design, we cannot possibly be successful. Gathering these details takes a significant investment of time and patience, but it is a very critical stage in our process.

The next step of the information gathering stage involves conducting our own field research. We learn as much as possible about the company, its history, its current brand identity and brand message and the effect it has had on market perception. We’ll then narrow down our findings to the client’s core elements and present them as

After receiving your feedback on the moodboard, we’ll revise where necessary and put the finishing touches on our plan of action. There is constant collaboration with the client up until this point to ensure we are on the same page and going in the right direction; constantly refining our strategy where needed, before we begin the creative process.

a moodboard.

4. Create.

5. Launch.

6. Celebrate.

At this stage our creative group works their magic! They take all of the information that we’ve gathered from our previous steps and begin to develop and design the most fitting brand identities for the client at hand. This is your cue to sit back and relax. Regardless of the medium, we focus first on building a solid foundation. From there, we build up and out in a way that allows your brand to shine.

After a final round of testing, revising, and refining, the only thing left to do is launch! It’s time to show off your brand to the world! We are there through the implementation of introducing your brand to the world and offering advice as to the best strategy to ensure success.

…with champagne, hugs and high fives! This is only the beginning for the journey you have set out to do. But it is a big step in letting the world know that you are serious about your business.

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Our Team

Audrey Taylor

Kareem Harrigan

Wendall Taylor

Position:Co-Founder & Brand Strategist Experience: 10 years

Position: Co-Founder & Creative Director Experience: 12 years

Position: Web Developer Experience: 8 years

She’s the glue that holds it all together. Throughout Audrey’s career, she has worn many hats – entrepreneur, sales manager, business account manager, project manager, graphic designer, web designer, researcher, marketer and brand strategist, just to name a few. As a result, she has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. She always puts our clients first and doesn’t care who gets credit; she just wants to win and get the job done properly.

Growing up Kareem would sit and sketch for hours until his pencil would become a little snub, these key moments are when he fell in love and discovered his talents. Eventually, he cheated on his first love (design) and dumped her for a job in retail, conforming to the material things he thought he needed. But that wasn’t his passion. So, after dedicating 12+ years to the retail management world, he finally reconnected with his true love: Design. He hasn’t looked back since. Kareem holds a Master’s Degree in Media Design and is also Co-Founder of TMB.

Wendell is our head web designer and front end developer. He has great experience in front end development and is an expert in WordPress. On his off days you can find him glued to his video game consoles or taking advantage of the perfect weather that California has to offer. His passion for design coupled with his extensive web development skillsets, he is fun, energetic and most of all a great asset to our team as well as the baby of the bunch.

Cadwell Turnbull

Sunny Clark

Anju Manandhar

Position: Copywriter Experience: 8 years

Position: Software/App Developer Experience: 12 years

Position: Photographer Experience: 6 years

As a kid he wanted to be a scientist, but wasn’t left brain enough. He soon realized his calling when he started writing and never ever stopped. What does he write? Everything. He is a poet, a journalist, an essayist, copywriter, a fiction and creative non-fiction writer. He dabbles in screenwriting and is fascinated with narrative podcasts. He grew up in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, but resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, working on a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Masters in Linguistics at North Carolina State.

Sunny is a self taught software developer from Las Vegas. He spent 5 years in LA developing software, working at companies such as MySpace, Fox, Mitsubishi, and Scion, and is now back and forth between Orlando, Las Vegas and New York. He is currently working as our in-house software and app developer, and is the brain child behind applications like “Mechanic Me” and the “MyPeepsApp”. His niche is developing applications that enable businesses to run from a webpage on a smartphone. His capabilities are endless and he is a strong player on the Taylor Made Branding team.

Anju works as our in-house photographer when needed, but at her day job Anju Manandhar studies plant physiology at North Carolina State University where she is also working on her masters. Anju’s greatest passion is her love of art and photography. You can find Anju snapping away with her Nikon out in nature, taking portraits or capturing candid moments. Anju’s curiosity about how the world works drives her to explore those mysteries in her art and photography. Her out-of-the-box thinking and creativity always makes for a fun and unique shoot.

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“Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity. “ - Saul Bass

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Portfolio Bluquest Adventures Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Planning, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, 30-second commercial spot, Magazine Ad Layout & Design, Stationery Package Design Bluquest Adventures is based in the beautiful US Virgin Islands and provides 1 to 3 day all-inclusive excursions to neighboring islands. Their adventure packages include everything from sword fishing, diving, snorkeling, parasailing or just plain old relaxing. Like most entrepreneurs the owner had an idea but no solid branding in place. Keeping in mind the nature of their business, we designed a clean simple logo and developed ads that incorporated some of their sailing photos to give their audience a true feel of the adventure they provide.



8 | Taylor Made Branding

Shape Shifters Architectural Design Brand Identity, Logo Design, Planning, Art Direction, Web Design & Development The Partners at Shape Shifters Architectural Design wanted a new identity that reflected a contemporary view and an environmentally-sensitive attitude. The solution emphasized a geometric, shape-shifting design that we kept consistent throughout the entire package. We have also, been tasked with their social media marketing campaigns and the redesign of their website. The work done on their brand has turned us into long term partners.

SHAPE SHIFTERS Architectural Design.

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Portfolio Colliers International Branding, Proposal Template Design, Print Production, Keynote Template Design, Marketing Collateral We were responsible for designing proposal templates for one of the top 3 commercial real estate brands, Colliers International. Being one of the top commercial real estate organizations, working on jobs like these comes with huge responsibilities and expectations. Although we may not have played a direct role in closing their big deals, we like to think that we played a huge role in presenting Colliers International in the best way possible to its clients in order to help close significant deals. It takes a true skill to be able to take pages full of notes and numbers and pull them together to look aesthetically pleasing during meetings to negotiate multi-million dollar contracts.

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Portfolio MyIsland Ballers Non-profit Logo Design, Planning, Art Direction, Web Design & Development, Social Media Design, Proposal Design The Non-profit Organization, MyIsland Ballers, is a community-oriented year round non-profit basketball program. It was established to provide young children within the Virgin Islands a variation of learning concepts in basketball, traveling opportunities, and to positively motivate the participants. All while promoting self respect, education and increasing college possibilities by getting them more exposure. The program consists of training camps, clinics, tournaments and leagues intended to assist participants in developing the skills required to engage in sports while building character. The organization wanted to ensure that they developed a brand that not only truly represented what they stood for, but also wanted to

12 | Taylor Made Branding

ensure that they were taken serious in their endeavors of building a true historical organization that was laying the groundwork for many years to come. We took their mission of “building extraordinary individuals by utilizing all phases of the game mentally, physically, and emotionally� and built on that. From the logo, to the website and all other marketing collateral. We wanted to ensure we captured the true essence of what MyIsland Ballers is striving to be and build. After working with them voluntarily to establish their brand, we were offered a seat on the board and it has been a true honor to be able to give back through this program.

Kaiyah’s Kloset Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Kaiyah’s Kloset is an online women’s boutique. They came to us with a need to establish not only a store identity, but a brand that would be able to crossover into different industries seamlessly. We were able to deliver a strong identity that set them far apart from the competition in an already saturated market. The identity allows them to transition into different industries without missing a beat. From the logo, to the website, to the package design, Kaiyah’s Kloset is set to turn quite a few heads and establish itself as a well respected brand that takes their identity seriously and is in it for the long haul.

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Portfolio Innovative Business Services Brand Identity, Planning, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Stationery Design, Social Media Innovative Business Services, LLC is a client-centered company, dedicated to delivering quality services for health and human service organizations. Their consultants have over 25 years of executive management oversight in the industry. IBS was in a very difficult position when they first came to us for help with their identity and web presence. CEO Monique Joseph felt like her existing branding and website were not impactful enough within their target market and wanted something in place that would bring them to the forefront of their market.

14 | Taylor Made Branding

They tasked us with helping them develop not only a new brand but a new mobile responsive site and consistent marketing collateral such as brochures and mailers. The finished project consisted of a clear plastic business card, three panel tri-fold, 5x7 direct mailer and brand identity that would help them become more recognizable and long-lasting within their market and industry.

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Portfolio Mr. Potato Spread Brand Identity, Planning, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Stationery Design, Social Media This project has a bitter sweet story to it, but in the end both parties were very happy. Mr. Potato Spread is a new fast-causal, lunch delivery-only company. Unlike pizza delivery and other fast food type delivery services, Mr. Potato Spread takes pre-orders at least a day in advance to ensure that every potato received is mouth watering and fresh. Keeping it simple and very minimal the owner just wanted a website for online ordering, some business cards, a menu and t-shirt design. They already had a logo design in place, but being the design team that we are we saw the full potential for the brand and decided to sketch and design a full brand, including a logo redesign. The finished

16 | Taylor Made Branding

result was a logo with a hand drawn curvy script to try to symbolize butter, to be used on the menu, business cards and various marketing collateral. The unfortunate part of this story is that at the end of the project the owner decided to go with a logo that was done by their daughter for sentimental reasons, which we completely understood. We are still in collaboration and are working on different avenues to help with the growth of their brand.

Visions TCM Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Design, Marketing Collateral, Print Production Visions TCM Services is dedicated to the development of treatment services for clients and/or families at risk of or affected by substance abuse; to promote their safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency. Visions TCM Services works closely on the development of initiatives, strategies, and performance measures to reduce the incidence of drug abuse among Central Florida clients and/or families. The objective with Visions TCM was to create and develop a brand that was long-standing and could be implemented to expand across all media platforms online and in print marketing collateral. We completely revamped their logo, and developed brand guidelines, used to produce an

assortment of marketing materials and newly developed stationery. In addition we designed and developed a website that was more conducive to what Visions TCM’s image was in the eyes of the clients that they actually serviced. Making it more inviting, simple, user-friendly, and responsive on all platforms. Since Visions TCM’s re-brand implementation, they have been able to maintain a stable and successful presence within Seminole County and have established long-lasting relationships and partnerships with numerous agencies in Florida. In addition, they have opened up a new location within Orange County and are beginning to make a staple within the communities with their new improved overall brand.

Targeted Case Management

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Portfolio Henin Realty Branding Strategy, Print Production, Social Media Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Magazine Layout Just as it’s true in home sales, that initial reaction is critical. As designers that are familiar with the real estate industry, we understand that, just as your listings should convey great “curb appeal,” your real estate marketing materials should communicate the same message. We also realize the look and feel of your marketing materials play a big role in how effective they will be as selling tools. Your beautiful properties should “invite” prospects to come inside to take a closer look, your website, flyers, ads, and postcards should solicit a response and encourage the prospect to take action! This is what we kept in mind while designing the marketing materials for Henin Real Estate to help drive traffic into these listings.

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Logo Highlights


Zero Edge Unified Systems

Bikemon Maddox Trainer/Herbalife Distributor Ph:(323) 286-1503

Body Creations Bikemon


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Wah Gwan?


Her Opinions Matter!

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“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.� - Paul J. Meyer

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Testimonials “I would highly recommend Taylor Made Branding to any organization that is looking for an extremely talented team of Senior Creative Designers. They are one of the hardest working teams I have ever encountered. They have the ability to multitask, meet deadlines, and work diligently until they feel the work is perfect. I look forward to a continued partnership in the coming years.”

“The design team over at Taylor Made Branding possess the traits and characteristics of graphic artists that take pride in turning a blank palette into a reflection of who you are and what your business is all about. The patience and concern that my dedicated designer showed during our concept and design process showed that he has a heart for developing a product that he is proud to put his name upon.”

Latijera Hayes Owner- Kaiyah’s Kloset

Yolanda“YoTrip” Triplett Words and Thoughts Artist- Yo Trip

“The creatives at Taylor Made Branding are absolute perfectionists. During my experience with them, I witnessed that they only put forward their best, but in my opinion, their greatest attribute is their love for family. They are family oriented individuals and nothing can conquer that. Making clients part of their company’s family, automatically makes a company or individual comfortable and right at home. You can expect loyalty, devotion and nothing but their best from day one. Look no further, Taylor Made is a team that any company will want aboard their team, for I am greatly fortunate for having them on mines.” Jeffrey Jones Owner- Bluquest Adventures

“Taylor Made Branding has taken my business to another level. The services and products provided by Taylor Made Branding has elevated IBS visibility and connected us with social media outlets. Taylor Made Branding and Kareem made IBS feel like we were their only client. They were very responsive to all our needs and questions, provided valuable advice and ultimately developed a website that has increased our contracts and provided perspective clients a very professional view of IBS.” Monique Joseph, CEO & Lead Consultant- IBS As the President of Henin Realty, I had the great pleasure of working with Kareem Harrigan and Audrey Taylor of Taylor Made Branding. Kareem is a hardworking Creative Director, and Audrey a diligent and reliable partner, who were valuable assets to our organization’s marketing coordination process. I see great things for this organization’s future and I know that they will be a great asset to any establishment looking for any type of creative or design services. I reccomend Kareem and Taylor Made Branding for any design, creative, and/or marketing projects without reservation.”

“Taylor Made Branding is full of hard working and driven designers. Their creativity is bottomless and their knowledge base of multiple design mediums are impressive. From print to web their strengths are their unwavering dedication to a project, their tasteful aesthetic, and their friendly demeanor. They are always looking for ways they can be better team players. Most notable is their ability to take an abstract concept or brand and make it into a beautiful design, be it a logo or suite of deliverables around one concept. They are fun to bounce ideas off of and Elizabeth Henin always have a creative solution to a design challenge. I would President- Henin Realty recommend Taylor Made Branding for any organization seeking a group of good team players with a lot of refreshing creative ideas and designers who are great conceptual thinkers; You can rest assured that they will fully dedicate themselves to any project they “After our first meeting where my team laid out our complete are given.” vision to the Taylor Made Branding team, we walked away feeling confident that our vision would be brought to reality in the form Chris Kendall of a complete identity and package design. We were absolutely Senior Graphic Designer- Colliers International correct about that and were beyond satisfied with the design and development of our logo and product packaging. We continue to partner with Taylor Made on multiple projects and continuously recommend the services of them to our peers.” “It was important to our organization to work with a company John Way, that could enhance and bring our vision to life. The quality and President- Pure Juices Inc. level of professional received from Taylor-Made Branding did not go unnoticed. Our organization was extremely pleased with the outstanding work and creativity of Taylor Made.” Nyesha O. Sebastien Owner- Stunts & Twirlers Majorettes

24 | Taylor Made Branding

“The Taylor Made Branding group are exemplary in their work ethics and are well-liked by just about anyone who they come in contact with. Proving to be intelligent, personable, hardworking yet family oriented individuals, Kareem and Audrey at Taylor Made Branding would be a great asset to your company and you will be fortunate to have them work on your desired project.” Mr. Maurice E. Wells Co Founder- MyIsland Ballers “I had the pleasure of having Kareem assigned as my dedicated Creative Director. I was able to witness first hand his excellent time management skills, ability to pick things up quickly, and his amazing skill at giving and taking constructive criticism. He displayed a full working knowledge of Graphic Design and the programs associated with it.” Alfred Confiado Senior Advisor- DriveTime

“The team at Taylor Made Branding’s skills in both marketing as well as branding contributed significantly to Elite Concepts 407 ability to exceed sales plans by 30% in our first quarter. Taylor Made Branding was by far the best choice for revamping the business with vivid new corporate branding and social media exposure. They have gained us as a loyal customer base for future business and projects. Thank you for helping us to become one of the leading competitors in the car audio customizing industry.” Curtis Goffigan General Manager- Elite Concepts 407

Kareem has been a valuable component of my professional career. I previously worked with him while in design school and as his career advisor I knew immediately after reviewing his work that he stood apart amongst his peers. Kareem has the ability to interpret your identity as a business, corporation, and professional. He created a business portfolio for me, including a design package, helping me to brand myself in the marketing industry. I was very impressed by his creativity and attention to detail. As a designer he is very passionate about his work, easy to communicate with, and incredibly organized. I will continue to work with him on future projects for all of my design needs. Crystal Dennis Regional Career Services Advisor- DeVry University

“Kareem and Audrey are creatively innovative. I am always pleased with their images as they always represent exactly what I am seeking.”

“I currently teach at Full Sail University, but was invited to Kareem’s school to a portfolio review some time ago. In my first introduction to Kareem I was impressed with his work ethic, professionalism, fashionable dress attire, and his level of communication. He is articulate and expressive with his passion and talent. He has the makings of a world renowned Creative Director and will be an asset to any organization, company, or business seeking creative services from his now well established design agency, Taylor Made Branding.” Matthew Lett Brand Identity Designer & Consultant. Web & Graphic Design Educator. Passionate About People

“When I heard Audrey & Kareem were starting their own design agency, I jumped at the opportunity to endorse them. Their eminent applications of clean, yet bold and thoughtful design elements are well-suited for today’s branding and advertising client. They are forward thinking – true go-getters with great talent and meticulous detail.” Danielle Lynise Jones Graphic Designer Illustrator & Educator- IADT

“We worked with Taylor Made Branding on a logo for our Jewelry company. We asked them to incorporate the infinity symbol as well as give it a sexy sophisticated look and that’s exactly what they delivered. We were very pleased with the outcome of our logo and it was a pleasure working with Taylor Made Branding. Their creative team took the time to understand what we wanted and delivered their expertise to provide us with a great logo and brand Identity.” Karina Rodriguez Co Founder- Focused Halo The work Taylor Made Branding completed for us, is far more than what I was expecting. The website constructed for my organization displayed exactly the services we offer. The professionalism and attention to detail of Audrey and Kareem, showed me the experience that the staff exhibited. Not only did they completely revamp my website, but they rebranded my logo far beyond my expectations. I continue to have Taylor Made monitor and update my website on a regular basis and would highly recommend them to any business looking to make their website more attractive and modernized. James Pender Co Founder- Visions TCM Services

Kima-I Martin Personnel Analyst- Division of Personnel U.S.V.I.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.� - Leonardo da Vinci

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Audrey Taylor Co-Founder & CEO C: (323).286.1440 Kareem Harrigan Co-Founder & Creative Director C: (562).537.8706 P: (407) 378.3081 F: (407) 378.3120 E:

Logo Design

Taylor Made Branding Portfolio 8 5 x11  

Taylor Made Branding is a creative team that specializes in branding for individuals, newly established businesses, and well established org...

Taylor Made Branding Portfolio 8 5 x11  

Taylor Made Branding is a creative team that specializes in branding for individuals, newly established businesses, and well established org...