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FINAL West Babylon, NY, Oct 26, 2010 – Femestra, a leading all-natural health supplement developed and distributed by Delta Labs, has been clinically proven to successfully reduce and at times eliminate major symptoms of menopause in women. The ground-breaking clinical study has identified the main ingredient gamma oryzanol, which is found in rice bran oil extract to be a proven natural ingredient in treating women suffering from menopause. According to Dr. Donald Orofino, a pioneer in alternative medicine and women’s health for more than 40 years, “As an alternative physician I love being on the cutting edge of new things that are happening in the health field.” Dr. Orofino continues, “Rice bran oil extract has been around since 1949, and it’s an amazing substance, but after looking through literature I decided to create a liquid form of what is traditionally supplied as a powder. This created major positive results in my personal clinical trials and is turning out to be a very effective and proven ingredient in the battle to reduce symptoms of menopause.” According to the U.S. Department of Health Information Center, the average age in women whom experience menopause is 51 although the age may range from 40 years of age or even younger to 55 or older. Many sufferers of symptoms require a special diet including additional nutrients and increased vitamin supplementation. Femestra is an all-natural menopause supplement that contains top-grade gamma oryzanol (rice bran oil extract) and also conjugated linoleic acid which is commonly known as CLA. CLA is proven to help metabolize and reduce stored body fat, and increase lean muscle as well as greatly help to manage overall body weight by metabolizing stored fat, specifically belly fat. CLA has also shown promise as having anticarcinogenic properties in past studies. As women age, the balance of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone changes resulting in major symptoms that can dramatically affect a woman’s quality of life - common symptoms include: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Disorders, Loss of Libido and Energy, Weight Gain and Osteoporosis. There are various ways to treat menopause, including medications, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and natural supplements. Natural supplements at times has shown to alleviate the symptoms as well or better without the

negative effects associated with prescription or aggressive hormone treatment. Supplements may help to reduce and at times eliminate the symptoms of menopause, yet the ingredients must be studied and selected carefully. Black cohosh, which at once had been recommended as a natural menopause supplement to relieve symptoms of menopause is now actually not recommended for many patients. According to The University of Maryland Medical Center, it was concluded “that the evidence does not consistently demonstrate an effect of black cohosh on menopausal symptoms.” In support of and to emphasize the impressive success of rice bran extract oil as used in Femestra, Dr. Orofino commented, "Very simply, going from a powder to the liquid form has made an incredible difference, and I think it works far superior to its prior product.” He continued, “For those symptoms that we so desperately want to get rid of, this works.” Those interested in learning more about Femestra, the leading all-natural menopause supplement may call 1-631-482-8622 or visit for more details. ### About Femestra: Femestra ( is a leading all-natural menopause supplement clinically proven to reduce or eliminate hot flashes and other common symptoms of menopause without the negative side effects typically associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy or prescription drugs. About Delta Labs: Delta Labs ( ) is a manufacturer and distributor of all-natural premium health and wellness products. With an experienced management team in all phases of product development, Delta Labs owns and distributes several of its own products as well as third-party marketing and distribution. Products include a premium line of all-natural, gluten-free vitamins, organic cosmetics, and environmentally friendly anti-bacterial products.

About Delta Direct Marketing: Delta Direct Marketing ( specializes in brand creation and management via performance-based television and online media. Since 2004, Delta Direct Marketing has discovered, developed, and launched high-quality consumer products in the beauty, health, and wellness categories. Delta Direct Marketing utilizes all media channels to gain market share, distribution and brand equity.

Femestra Clinical Trial  
Femestra Clinical Trial  

Femestra is a leading nutrition and herbal supplement using the same rigorous manufacturing standards reserved only for pharmaceutical produ...