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Alex Ross Owner/Founder/Designer

Innovative forms, the natural beauty of materials, functionality and comfort are key terms in describing my design philosophy. My designs are often driven by what I see as deficiencies in existing products and by a need to produce something unique each time I put pen to paper. I try to push the envelope with each design while simultaneously trying to make my designs accessible and universal.


Pagomo is a furniture design studio offering unique pieces tailored to reflect the clients own personality and style. In working together with the client through every step of the creative process, customers have their own personal experience and extraordinary results are achieved. Our industrial and furniture design experience allows us to combine form and function in such a way that breaks the mold and surpasses the conventional standards.

Elegant Every subtle, yet important, curve allows for each piece to have a life of their own.

Modern All our custom pieces are on the edge of modern design, letting your furniture be like no other.

Sleek Our furniture’s exquisite forms allow for a clean and professional look in any setting.

“Unique pieces tailored to reflect the clients personal style.�

Expressive Each piece is a reflection of your individuality, letting your own personality shine through it.

With every project a relationship is established between us and the architect, interior designer and client alike to ensure that the design of the furniture is compatible and cohesive with the environment in which it is placed. In the end, Pagomo’s furniture tells a story through impeccable design and sophisticated craftsmanship.

“Our passion is to create beautiful, functional, custom pieces of furniture for your home or business.�

Unique All of Pagomo’s designs are personally created and engineered to be one of a kind.

Misfit These pieces will be able to stand on their own while complimenting any environment they’re placed in.

We look forward to working together and creating your own personally inspired furniture.



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