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The objective of this book is to create a proďŹ table six month plan for the J.Crew men’s shop. The book covers expansion in three locations, a trends report for spring 2012, and a buying plan that is broken down by assortment according to color, size, fabrication, and price.


Omaha, Nebraska Hong Kong New Delhi, India

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Table of Contents

Mission and Vision Target Market City Profile: Omaha Customer Profile: Cameron City Profile: New Delhi Customer Profile: Alex City Profile: Hong Kong Customer Profile: Devin Competitor Analysis Banana Republic Tommy Hilfiger Kenneth Cole Industry Information Trade Show Schedule for Menswear Resources and Magazines Retail Classifications Sizing Chart Spring Trends 2012: Menswear A Hue for Every Man The Long and the Short Shorts

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Combination Equation iLike Neutrals The Double or Nothing Total Sales Six Month Buying Plan Sales by Location Omaha New Delhi Hong Kong Sales by Classification Monthly Sales by Classification Assortment by Color Assortment by Fabrication Assortment by Size Assortment by Price Vendor Distribution Justifications Website Sources

Mission and Vision


Mission Statement

J. Crew began in 1983 with the mailing of its ďŹ rst catalog. Since that time we have become a nationally recognized apparel and accessories retailer. We believe embraces a high standard of style, craftsmanship, quality and customer service. We are a fully integrated multi-channel, multi-brand, specialty retailer.

Vision We seek to consistently communicate our vision of J. Crew through every aspect of our business, including through the imagery in our catalogs and on our internet website and the inviting atmosphere of our stores.


Target Market 06

We believe our customer base consists primarily of auent, college-educated, professional and fashionconscious men and women.


Omaha, NE Income • The average household income is $47,184(USD). • The GDP is $44,861 million dollars. • Omaha is the city of the agriculture industry. The “Nebraska Advantage” is a beneficial state tax incentive for business owners because it eliminates the burden of corporate income and sales tax.

Weather • The average temperature in January is in the 20’s. • The average temperature in July is in the 80’s. • The average annual rainfall is between May and June. • The average snow fall is between 20-40 inches of snow a year.

Population • There are 408,958 people in Omaha. • The average age is 33 years old. • The sex ratio is 98.6 male(s)/females. • The ethnicity is composed of African-Americans, American India, Asian, Caucasian and Latino persons. The increase of Latinos has risen.

Attractions and Events Omaha is home to the famous Warren Buffet and Malcolm X. The city has many events and attractions that make it an enjoyable city. In 2012 the NCAA Division I basketball rounds will be played in the city as well as the Omaha German Polka Festival and the Annual Omaha Orchid.


His hometown: Houston, Texas His age: 27 “I would say I am a pretty good dresser. Ladies love an after ve shadow, Levi jeans and a plaid shirt, right?” His education: Undergraduate degree in Engineering from Baylor University; Master of Science in Management Information Systems at University of Nebraska at Omaha His occupation: Cameron just started his job as an Investor Relations analyst for the Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. His income: $50,000 annually

Cameron “The Charmer”

His hobbies: football, hockey, dating His dislikes: alcohol, superrcial women, fashion His ambition as a child: To be a reeghter Favorite day of the week: Friday; It’s the end to the 9-5 work week. His self-description three in words: All American man, brash, educated His shopping destinations: Banana Republic, Adidas, Macys His value when shopping: Eco-friendly, good prices, variety


New Delhi, IN Income • The average household income is $47,345(INR) $965.36(USD). • The GDP is $167 billion. • India has capitalized on its English speaking population; it is a major exporter of information technology and services as well as software workers.

Weather • The average temperature in January is 7°C (44°F). • The average temperature in May is 40°C (104°F). • The average annual rainfall is in August. • Monsoons in New Delhi are unpredictable; they are most likely to occur between July to September.

Population • There are 21.72 million people in New Delhi. • The average age is 27 years old. • Ages 15-64 is the largest ages demographic at 64.9% • The total populations sex ration is 1.08 male/female The ethnicity is composed of Indian people, Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Mongoloid and other. • The total populations sex ration is 1.08 males/females.

Attractions and Events New Delhi has many holidays that encompass the many religions and cultures that in the area. Some of these include Holi, May Day, Maha Shivratri, the Hindi New Year, Diwali Festival and the International Mango Festival. The city also has many attractions such as the Lotus Temple.


His age: 22 His hometown: New Delhi, India “I am motivated by being successful; I want a wardrobe that shows this.” His status: In a relationship His education: Studying information technology and computer science His occupation: Senior College Student His income: $20,000(USD), 986327.0 (INR) His household: Lives at home with his parents


“The Student”

His hobbies: Cricket, Hanging out with friends, nice dinners with family. His dislikes: Macs, clutter, bad ambiance. His ambition as a child: To be an astronomer Favorite day of the week: Wednesday; middle of the week. His self-description in three words: Outgoing, hardworking, compassionate His shopping destinations: Gap, Ralph Lauren, H&M His values while shopping: Customer care, variety, and a comfortable environment.


Hong Kong, HK Income • The average household income is $500,000(HKD) about $63,00(USD). • The GDP is $325.8 billion. • Unemployment is 4.4% • Trades strongly with China 45.1%, Japan 9.6%, Taiwan 7.6%, Singapore 4.8%, US 4.7%

Weather • The average temperature in February is 15°C (59°F). • The average temperature in July 27.8°C (82°F). • The average annual rainfall is between May and September. • Monsoons occur between the months on May and August.

Population • There are 7,122,508 people in Hong Kong. • The average age is 44 years old. • 15-64 is the largest age demographic at 74.8% • The ethnicity is composed of 98% Chinese, 1% non-Chinese Asian and 1% non-Asian. • The total population sex ratio is .95 male/females.

Attractions and Events Hong Kong celebrates holidays that are part of mainland China's culture such as Spring festivals and Dragon Boat. Hong Kong exclusively enjoys April's Tin Hau, May's Cheung Chau Bun and October's Cheung Yeung Festival. They also host a film festival as well as tournaments in squash and cricket.


His age: 35 His hometown: Hong Kong “I want a wardrobe that expresses my education, family status, and professionalism. I want good quality at a good price. ” His status: Married. Two sons His education: Bachelors of Art degree in International Business and accounting from UCLA Masters degree in Communication from University of Southern California. His occupation: Financial Advisor for Bank of America in Hong Kong His income: $45,000(USD), 350 289.962(HKD) annually


“The Family Man”

His hobbies: Going to the movies, Squash (racket ball), eating His dislikes: Junk food & a not having any money His ambition as a child: To become a pilot. His favorite day of the week: Sundays and Saturday because it is more time for family and no work. His self-description three in words: Kind, sometimes lazy, humble His shopping destinations: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hillger, and Mango His values: price, quality, style


Competitor Analysis 14


Banana Republic is an accessible luxury that brings modern, soulful, effortless and versatile style for men and women around the world. Banana Republic is characterized by elevated designs, in luxurious fabrications and approachable prices. Collections including apparel, handbags, jewelry, fragrance and eye wear.

Target Market

Ages 25-35 who desire “affordable luxury”.

Banana Republic

• • • •


Affordable prices for men’s jeans and pants. Plenty of inventory. Consistently high quality merchandise. Large window advertising.


• Poor customer service. • Hard to navigate. • Signs indicate sale items that are not immediately visible. • Employees are not approachable and do not approach the customer.



The Tommy Hilfiger collection consists of casual sportswear an accessories for men and women that reflect the classic American cool brand mission. Products include men’s , women’s, and children’s apparel, footwear, swimwear, accessories, fragrances, home and bedding products and luggage.

Target Market

Specifically targeting the 25-45 year old consumer, the Tommy appeals to those seeking a new interpretation on classic American style.

Tommy Hilfiger


• Tommy Hilfiger’s visual presentation was very successful. • Good customer service. • The store is easy to navigate. •Visible and legible signs.


• Store advertising does not match the current campaign of the “Tommy Hilfiger Family.” • A lot of merchandise, almost to much. • Some merchandise is placed very high that it is unreachable.



Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. designs, sources and markets a broad range of fashion footwear, handbags and apparel and, through license agreements, designs and markets apparel and accessories. These products include core basics that generally remain in demand from season to season and fashion products that are designed to establish or capitalize on market trends.

Target Market

Targeted to appeal to modern fashion conscious consumers who seek accessible designer fashion that reflects a metropolitan lifestyle.


Kenneth Cole

• Store provides a nice atmosphere through its music. • Kenneth Cole has knowledgeable employees who are well trained. • Good quality clothing. • Layout of the story makes it very easy to navigate.


• Merchandise was scare, not to many clothes or accessory options. • Prices for accessories were very steep. • The signs are not legible from a distance. • The store does not generating a lot of foot traffic.


Industry Information 18

European Fashion Market Moda Menswear, Feb. 19-21 2012, Birmingham UK Tranoi, June 2011, Paris

American Fashion Market Premium at Magic, February 14-16 2011, Dallas Los Angeles Capsule MENS July 18-19, 2011 New York

Rendez-Vous, June, 2011, Paris

West Coast Trend Show, July 30-31 2011, Los Angeles Capsule

Pitti Uomo, June 14-17, 2011 Florence 2011, Berlin

Magic Trade show, Aug. 22, 2011, Las Vegas

Premium, July 5-8 2011, Berlin Bread and Butter, July 6-8, Berlin

Trade Show Schedule 19


WWD, WGSN, Stylesight, NYMag


GQ, Details, Esquire


U.S Men’s Shirts

13-13.5, 14-14.5, 15-15.5, 16-16.5, 17-17.5 XS


U.S Men’s Pants




30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38

U.S Men’s Shoes

7-7.5, 8-8.5, 9-9.5, 10, 11, 12, 13

Sizing 21

Shirts Sweaters Outerwear Tees Polos Fleeces Pants Denim Shorts

Swim Suiting Dress Shirts Sports coats Vests Ties & Pocket squares Boxers & Sleepwear Shoes Accessories

Classifications 22

spring 2012: Trend Forecast 23

A Hue for Every Man The Long and the Short Shorts

Combination Equation iLike Neutrals

The Double or Nothing 24

A hue for every man

Stand out in the brightest tones and shades of the season. The trend of bright colors is seen through a variety of styles such as pants, jackets and shorts.


The Long and the Short Shorts

For spring designers played on the idea of length. By creating a variation of shorts lengths as well as balancing them with oversized shirts and jackets.


Combination Equation

Designers added every element of style to menswear. It was a sportswear inuence mixed with formalwear to create a combination of looks and layers.


iLike Neutrals

This color pallet is inspired by technology old and new. Technology is constantly changing as well as the the neutral pallet for men, as is seen through this trend.


The Double or Nothing

The double blazer is an even stronger trend for spring. With its variation in shapes and styles it is a key piece for any man’s wardrobe. It is the double or nothing.


Total Sales Omaha:

$850,000 17%

Hong Kong: $2,100,000 42%

New Delhi: $2,050,000 41%


$5,000,000 100% 30

Six Month Buying Plan 31

Six Month Buying Plan Omaha New Delhi Hong Kong



Village Pointe 17255 Davenport Street Omaha, NE 68118


New Delhi City Walk: Plot No. 843, District Centre, Saket, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017, India


Hong Kong

3 - 27 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong 2118 8668


Sales by Classification


Monthly Sales by Classification


Assortment by Color


Classification by Fabrication


Assortment by Size


Assortment by Price


Assortment by Price


Assortment by Vendor


Justifications Fabrication The fabrics chosen are ideal for the spring and summer months in all three locations of expansion. The men of J. Crew desire products that are high quality and long lasting. The fabrics chosen are those that reflect these qualities such as organic cotton shirts, Italian wool, and Irish linen.

Size Men’s size can vary because of chest, neck, arm length, waist and inseam. For this reason a variety of sizes are included for men’s shirts to pants. However, the goal is to focus on sizes that are in the small, medium, and some large. Because the expansion is international it is wise for to provide more sizes that accurately fit to the size and shape of the men in that particular location.


J. 46

J. Stylesight

Sources 47

By: Taylor Justin Retail Buying Simulation: Fall Quarter Spring 2012 Plan

J. Crew Book  

A six month buying plan and simulated store opening book that I created for J. Crews men's store.

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