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September 24, 2011 To Whom It May Concern:   I am contacting you on behalf of Bayaud Enterprises, a nonprofit organization that provides job training, employment services, and vocational rehabilitation for people living with mental illness, homelessness, and other deterrents to employment. The opportunity to work and make a living can easily be taken for granted, especially for those of us who are well established in the job force. Since 1969, Bayaud Enterprises has set the standard for the delivery of human services to people with significant disabilities. Last year alone, Bayaud Enterprises employed 455 disadvantaged individuals and 318 homeless individuals into paid, sustainable employment.   th On Saturday, December 10 , Bayaud Enterprises is proud to put on it ___ (insert number here e.g. 5 th) annual Holiday Party for the disadvantaged community in which we serve. Please consider making a donation of goods, services, or monetary provisions that would benefit this year’s activists. It is a time where hardworking, disadvantaged individuals and their families are able to celebrate with one another and enjoy great food, games, and prizes.   No goods or services will be exchanged for this donation. Our Tax I.D. number for your records is 84-0616970. You may mail your donation to the address below or call to arrange for pick up of the item.   At our event, we are expecting anywhere from 200 to 250 individuals from our community. Any support you are able to give would allow Bayaud Enterprises to provide all of these individuals with valuable resources for success.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call (phone number) or email (_____). Thank you for your time and consideration—it is greatly appreciated!   Sincerely,   Charissa Stober Volunteer Bayaud Enterprises

To the right is a copy of the invitations that we sent out to many families through Bayaud Enterprises. Since we had such a large demographic to reach we felt that invitations that were attention grabbing and direct was the best way to gain the attention of these family members. At the bottom of every invitation we included an RSVP including the family name, number of adults attending as well as the number of children. Then, we provided an area to reply whether the children were male or female in order to obtain the correct amount of gifts for each sex as necessary.

Service Learning Project  
Service Learning Project  

Bayaud Enterprises service project brief summary presentation