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New Castle Genetics would like thank you for considering our sires for use in your operation. As you look through this catalog, we hope you find a boar that can work on any type of sow you might have. We are believers that good hogs come in different shapes and sizes. We hope to help you achieve your goals. In May of last year, we made a permanent move to Elgin, Okla. The move has been a dream of our since we started in 2007. We are fortunate to have our operation at our home in Elgin. As we move into our seventh year in business, our goals are still the same: produce sound, problem-free hogs that feed consistently and that improve swine industry. We currently own 100 purebred and crossbred sows that farrow nearly every month of the year. We pride ourselves on raising breeding stock that have consistent genetics and prove to be industry leading. We also focus on raising banner winning show pigs highlight the importance of responsibility and hard work in the youth. We invite you to schedule an appointment to view our boars and weanlings this spring. We would like to thank all our customers for their support and we wish you good luck this year. 2 NEWCASTLEGENETICS.COM

Collection Days Monday & Thursday Ordering Semen Please, call or text Zoe Forehand for semen orders. Zoe Forehand: 405-420-6677 Semen contracts available. Please call Andy or Taylor for semen contracts. Andy Forehand: 405-205-7724 Taylor Fort: 405-205-0103 Payment All orders must be paid by credit card, COD by money order, or cashier’s check at the time of booking. Shipping All semen is shipped UPS next day air. Cancelations All orders must be cancelled by 8 a.m. CST or customer is responsible for payment. Breeding Certificates A.I. certificates are available at $20 each. We issue one certificate per 2 doses of semen. Exclusion of Warranty Although the use of artificial insemination is very successful, New Castle Genetics cannot control the situations under which boar semen is used, or applied, and therefore makes no warranties or representations beyond these expressly stated. New Castle Genetics warrants that the product sold is of the upmost quality, good concentration at the time it leaves our facility. New Castle Genetics makes no guarantees, warrantees, representations, either written, oral, or implied. In the event that any semen is damaged in shipment, or proven to be defective, resulting from their use, the value shall be limited to the cost of the semen. In no event shall New Castle Genetics be held responsible for any consequential or incidental damages.




PERFECT REMEDY X MASS MONKEY Exodic - Stress Carrier - $250

Wildfire is one of the most exciting boars that we have raised since Super Monster. We had huge expectations for him and immediately started using him on our sows. Now, there is no doubt that he has exceeded all our expectations. Wildfire sires the most consistent litters of any cross boar we have used. Wildfire is as correctly made as they come. He is square at every angle and is exceptionally sound off both ends of his skeleton. He has a huge rib and good center body. Wildfire has tremendous muscle and carries it deep into his lower ham.


WILDFIRE X SUPER MONSTER Exodic - Stress Negative - $250

Live Wire was our boar prospect for the 2013 Fall Classic. Instead of cashing in, we decided to keep him. Needless to say, we don’t regret it. Live Wire is the most promising young boar on stud. Live Wire is perfectly structured. He has great reach and flex in his hock. He is square chested and goes away with absolutely no divination from behind. He is good bodied and round ribbed. Live Wire has massive top and a square, deep tying ham just like Wildfire. Still, Live Wire is definitely the biggest boned boar that we have raised. Live Wire has consistency bred into his pedigree. He combines the power and structural build of Wildfire with the most dominating genetic line (Super Monster).There is no doubt that Live Wire has a bright future ahead of him.





Gray Haze


As Good As It Gets X Head & Shoulders

Pipeline is great designed. He is square chested and opens back with tremendous rib shape. Pipeline is super bold and square behind his blades. He has great muscle shape and is square topped. Still, he is long hipped and is correctly structured of both ends of his skeleton. When viewed from behind, he is thick hipped and is strong in his hock.

Gray Haze is exactly what we were looking for when we bought him as a weanling from Mark Gray this past spring. He immediately stood out among the sale pigs and it is no surprise that we had several calls from people at the sale asking about him.

Exodic - Stress Negative - $200

Pipeline was everyone’s favorite as a weanling. Just like him, his offspring have proved to fit the mold of their father. He sires deep, consistent litters that immediately stand out and feed consistant.

Exodic - Stress Pending - $200 Raised by Mark Gray

Gray Haze is a power sire. He is wide chested, square tracking, and has tons of center body. When you get on top of him, he is super bold bladed and is massive down his top. From behind, he is wide pinned and drops down square to the base of his ham. Gray Haze is a boar that offers us some outside genetics. We bred Gray Haze to several of our key sows. There is no doubt that Gray Haze will sire numerous champions in the future. We expect big things out of Gray Haze.





Real Bone

Tow Haul couldn’t have come at a better time. On our boar tour through the Mid-west, we stopped at Shipley’s. We immediately found our favorite York boar, Tugger. Fortunately, Shipley sold us a bred gilt that was bred to Tugger. A few months later, Tow Haul was born. Since then, we knew we had a perfect fit to make Yorks that can compete with the crossbreds.

RealBone was our 2012 Fall Classic purchase from the Nelson Brothers. As soon as we saw him in class, we immediately knew we had to own him. We were excited to get to ad this boar to our stud.

TUGGER X GRIZZ York - $200

Massive-that’s the best word to describe Tow Haul. He is super powerful down his top. Tow Haul opens up with a huge rib and center body. Still, he is square to the ground and offers great structural build. To top it off, Tow Haul is huge boned. We have used Tow Haul on nearly every type of sow we have. Bred to Yorks or crosses, Tow Haul consistently sires a champion look. There is no doubt that the Tow Haul has years of success yet to come. 8 NEWCASTLEGENETICS.COM

TURN TABLE X GRIZZ York - $150 - Raised by Nelson Brothers

Real Bone is a strong pasterned, extra tall shoulded, up headed boar. Real Bone is great designed and is sound and flexible. He has great rib shape and opens with a bold, square blade. From behind, he is very powerful in his upper hip and ties deep in his lower ham. Plus, he is big boned and clean joined. Real Bone has a unique look. He is super attractive through his front 1/3 and still has great slope to his shoulder. Real Bone is strong in his topline and has good length of stifle. Real Bone has a promising road ahead. NEWCASTLEGENETICS.COM




Reserve Grand

Champion Light Divsion Cross

2014 San Antonio

2014 National Western

Reserve Heavy Divsion Hamp

Grand Champion

2014 San Antonio





Reserve Champion Cross 2014 Fort Worth

Reserve Grand Champion 2013 Huron County • Ohio


Champion Hampshire 2013 LSU Livestock Show

Reserve Division 2 Cross Gilt 2013 Tulsa State Fair

Reserve Division Middle Hamp 2013 Houston

Reserve Dark Cross 2013 State Fair Of Texas

Reserve Grand Champion 2014 Castro Co, Texas

Class Winner 2013 Ohio State Fair

3rd Overall Barrow 2013 Pasadena

Grand Champion Barrow 2013 Comanche Co • Okla.

NewCastle 4th Overall Market Hog Reserve Division Cross 2014 Georgia Nationals 2014 Georgia Nationals 12 NEWCASTLEGENETICS.COM


13229 NE Lake Rd. • Elgin, OK 73538 Andy Forehand: 405-205-7724 • Taylor Fort: 405-205-0103 • Zoe Forehand: 405-420-6677 • Call or text for semen orders



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13229 NE Lake Rd. • Elgin, OK 73538 Andy Forehand:405-205-7724 • Taylor Fort: 405-205-0103 • Zoe Forehand: 405-420-6677 • Call or text for semen orders Kyle Hicks


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