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Park Farm Winery makes Bankston, Iowa

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135 years of selling ABSOLUT perfection 400 years worth of Swedish Tradition.



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Letter from the Editor

‘A Taste of France in the Midwest’

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Cheers to Christmas! Use these 9 delicious Holiday recipes this season!

Park Farm Winery’s wine menu on



Absolut Tradition

Absolut Vodka keeps their 135 years of business fresh with new bottle designs for every flavor!


As the holiday season is quickly approaching, I found it to be fitting to create a beverage-based magazine. What better time than to relax with family & friends and enjoy a tasty drink! If your family is anything like mine, your Christmas get-together turns into an all-day and all-night festivity! This year my mother asked for everyone to come to the house with a delicious recipe to share, sparking my idea for the photo essay. Nobody enjoys a well-prepared, relaxing beverage more than me. And with it being the giving-season, I thought I’d share some of my favorite drink recipes, and destination to enjoy a drink! Being born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, it seems my friends and I are always looking for fresh scenes to enjoy a night out. When we heard about Park Farm Winery we just had to check it out! Driving what seemed-to-be for hours into the middle of the country into Bankston, Iowa, just west of Dubuque, we pulled up to the beautiful building and surroundings of Park Farm Winery. It seemed like a whole new world. The sun was just about to set off into the distance as we enjoyed a delicious glass of wine and great conversation. I found it necessary to share this experience and encourage others to visit the winery. If you are looking for a

relaxing night out, or a different sense of scenery, you won’t regret driving to Park Farm Winery!

With this being my first magazine creation, it was an exciting and challenging experience. After finding a main theme, it was tough trying to stick to a main motif as ideas started pouring in! Originally I was going to keep it holiday-themed with Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes. However, Park Farm Winery was too good to pass up. Also, anyone who has ever been to a bar or restaurant I’m sure has noticed the eye-catching bottles of Absolut Vodka. These ever-changing bottles have been around for over 135 years, and made a great timeline as the bottles change for different flavors, cities, and themes. This top-shelf vodka not only sparks the taste buds, but it lightens the eyes as well. This spread was one of the most fun as I experienced with bright colors and different styles of Absolut bottles. Whether you prefer a glass of wine, tasty holiday drink, or a vodka mixer, I believe you will enjoy Cheers! So either open up that bottle of wine or pour that Absolut mixer, sit, relax, and enjoy the magazine!


Taylor Foley



Ataste of

France By: Taylor Foley

B ankston is a small town that is part of Dubuque County in Eastern Iowa. It consists of ninehouseholds and six families, totaling 25 people residing there. Set atop the rolling hills of Bankston is a family owned and operated winery, Park Farm Winery. Established in 2005, Park Farm Winery produces a wide-variety of award-winning Midwest/French-hybrid varietal wines that are unmatched in quality within the region. With a welcoming tasting-room, versatile rental spaces, beautiful outside scenery, and a newly installed wood-fire pizza oven, Park Farm has established itself into a year-round Iowa destination for wine tasting, gourmet food, concerts, weddings, and much more! Park Farm brings a taste of France into the Midwest!



Picket Fence


WINES Vineyard Select 2007

Grape Growing? You must not get a lot of work around here.

Frontenac Dessert 2007


ark Farm’s eleven-acre estate vineyard grows specific ‘cold climate’ grape cultivars- from Old World French hybrids to several newer developments at the University of Minnesota that produce great wine and withstand the harsh winters of the upper Midwest. Park Farm’s grape cultivars are also able to produce ripe fruit within the constraints of the short growing season of Iowa. Cultivars like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are simply unable to survive or produce quality fruit in the region. Park Farm grows three white grape cultivars- LaCrosse, LaCrescent, and St. Pepin, and three red grape cultivars- Marechal Foch, St. Croix, and Marquette. They also maintain a small number of other varietals, including Frontenac and Leon Millot. Park Farm can trace its origins all the way back to 1991 when Dave

Vintners Reserve Marechal LaCrescent Foch 2009

St. Pepin

Bankston Red

Sunday Afternoon Dry White

Mississippi River Red

Cheeky Blush

and Linda Cushman, along with some family members, purchased 147 acres of former pastureland west of Dubuque. Over the years, the land was transformed into a country retreat for the family, as they established hiking trails, picnic areas, and even built a couple small structures. In 1999, Dave and Linda bought the property outright from the family and began transforming it again. After building a small lake and vegetable garden, they still felt the need to transform the land into something more. Liz went to buy a tree at a local hardware store one day where she happened to come across a viticulturist. “Grape growing?” Liz questioned, “You must not get a lot of work around here.” At this point Liz’s eyes were open to an emerging industry, planting a seed in which an idea could take off.

Red Sweet Dry White

Photo was taken by the author on the back deck of the venue this past summer. The back deck is available for visitors, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, and much more!


7 Dave and Liz started small, planning to grow a medi-

um-sized vineyard and sell their grapes to a winery. Little did they realize that his small endeavor would spark the interest of their children who were spreading across the country and the world. Dave and Liz’s oldest son, Dave W. moved back with his family from Colorado to use his civil engineering and construction background to build the winery in early 2004. Soon after, the two youngest sons Tom and Jim moved back from Minnesota to help with construction. After completion of the winery, Jim became the vineyard manager, Dave General Manager and Annie, the oldest daughter, came back from missionary work in Chile in late 2004 to help with the tasting room and event management on a part-time basis. The youngest children Mary and Will have recently become involved. Mary now works the tasting bar, events and the pizza kitchen when she is not going to class at Loras. Will, a recent grad from Colgate has been putting his journalism major to work helping out with the marketing and the PR aspects of the winery. Dave W. and Jim remain involved full-time with the winery and vineyard operations. Jim oversees the vineyard and Dave the winery. Dave (the father) and Liz remain intimately involved, overseeing accounting and operations, and providing plenty of creative inspiration and cooking during our Sunday Night Toast and Jam events. Figuratively and physically Park Farm Winery was built by the Cushman family.

Park Farm Winery has made its mark as one of Dubuque’s top picks for event hosting. The facility offers various rental rooms that can hold anything from a dinner party to a 200-guest wedding reception. With an on-site catering kitchen, they offer special deals with local caterers. Past events held at Park Farm Winery have included wedding ceremonies and receptions, rehearsal dinners, showers, birthday and anniversary parties, benefits, and charity fundraisers. The tasting room and retail shop are open year round. Tastings are intimate and informative, as their tasting staff is both well versed in Park Farm wines and knowledgeable of the worldwide wine industry. And what could possibly taste better with wine than a gourmet-style artisan pizza? Gourmet wood-fired pizza, baked in their on-site brick oven from Italy. Park Farm’s newest addition was made with the ever-growing “foodie” culture in mind. Their gourmet pizzas are made to-order, with over twenty toppings to choose from. Park Farm’s setting makes it a perfect day trip from anywhere in Eastern Iowa, Northwest Illinois, or Southwest Wisconsin. A beautiful twenty-minute drive west of Dubuque transports you to a place that may not be conceived as modern-day Iowa. The chateau-style facility along with the surrounding vineyards, pastures and woodlands, arouse an old-world charm that complements the hand crafted wine and pizza that makes Park Farm a Midwest destination must!

The beautiful and vast land surrounding the vineyard. Park Farm Winery is an eleven-acre estate vineyard.

Park Farm Winery’s vineyard grows ‘cold climate’ specific grape cultivars. Park Farm’s grape cultivars are also able to produce ripe fruit within the constraints of the short growing season of Iowa.

Park Farm provides a beautiful and comfortable space for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, and much more right on the front and side deck of the venue.

Front view of Park Farm Winery located in Bankston, Iowa. The winery is only a twenty-minute drive west of Dubuque, Iowa.



Spice Up Your Holiday With These Seasonal Drinks!

Black-Spiced Rum Eggnog~

A delicious creamy spiced holiday cocktail! The full recipe includes homemade eggnog and the perfect spiced topping. It can last up to a week in the refrigerator or two weeks with the rum added.

Spiced Snowflake Cocktail ~

Spiced flavored drinks are perfect for this holiday season. This Snowflake Cocktails has a little bit of spice and a little bit of sweet from combining, vanilla soy milk, rum, allspice liqueur and maple syrup.

Godiva Chocolate Martini ~

Skip the chocolate cake and enjoy this chocolate martini. It’s rich and creamy just like the cake and combines GodivaŽ chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, vodka and half and half.

Hot Buttered Rum Drink ~

This holiday classic gets sweetness from brown sugar and spice from cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.



12 Candy Cane Cooler ~

Kick off your holiday party with this mint-infused vodka. The added candy cane is adorable!

Santa’s Sleigh Cocktail ~

Ho ho ho! Santa’s coming to town with a creamy spicy drink for you. It combines eggnog, brandy, amaretto, nutmeg, and ice cream in a blender.

Pumpkin Pie Shot Recipe ~

A festive shot of Baileys Irish Cream, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spices will warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

Rum Punch ~

Mulled Wine Sangria Recipe ~

This Mulled Wine Sangria is a great version of the Spanish drink. It’s perfect for making ahead of time, you just add the club soda just before serving.

Ginger beer and dark rum add deep rich flavor to this spiced fruit juice punch. It’s perfect for entertaining a large crowd. The recipe serves 20.

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135 Years of Absolut Perfection 400 years of Swedish tradition has been sold under the name Absolut since...

Cheers magazine  

Editing & Design magazine project for Professor Truax. By Taylor Foley