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Taylor Abbott Spring 2013 Arch 101

Site Responses ž  Ledge ž  Water

Tower/ Sky ž  Trees/ Sun ž  These

were our first ideas for what our installation should respond too.

Program Responses ž  Threatening ž  Meditative ž  Accidental


Possible Problems ž  Supporting

structure stability in the mulch and wood chips ž  Team attendance ž  Craftsmanship ž  Budget ž  Time Managament

Materials Our main structure was built out of 90% wood. About 70% of that wood was 2 x 4’s. We tried to use that mainly for the bottom for stability and it would be too heavy too use on top.

Unlike most groups we got off to a very quick start.

New ideas came up along the way. The way the wave wrapped down under the ledge came too us mid design.

The blue pegs on the screws was an idea given to us by professor Jerry Lum. It turned out to be an abstract use.

Dakota took over most of the design in the viewing department. Overall it was a good add and it really helps without the response of the water tower.

The amount of fun this group had while working was remarkable. The teamwork and effort that the few of us put in was great too see. Xenia was our commanding officer without question. Dakota had keys roles with construction and ideas. Raul had a big part to do with construction. I was responsible for transportation, seeing as I had the only car, and construction.

Summary of Installation ž  Overall

I think that the installation was a huge success. We got good remarks about it the whole time and we really enjoyed how it turned out. Our idea of the wave forming from the ledge and turning into this threatening cavern where we look out meditatively and look at the water tower was splendid.

Summary of installation cntd… ž  This

was however very challenging.. The craft we had to use and how much we had to learn along the way was a big step into the real world for me. I was not yet ready to compete out there, but now after that I feel like I can be right up there with everyone else. Our installation showed diversity.

Summary of Class ž  First

off, thank you Jerry for a wonderful year. I have really learned a lot about design and I cannot wait to start 102 next year. The way the class changed in the second half was the turning point for me. It made me realize what we were doing and for what reasons. I am truly a changed person.


Taylors ARCH 101 FINAL powerpoint

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