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Interestingly enough, past programs have incorporated everything from opera premiers to piano lecture-recitals on mathematics. The idea is to see a blending of educational and artistic elements, and to harness a mix of audio and visual effects. Arts studies aren’t typically paired with core curriculum, but Waschka’s intention is to break the barrier. He wants students to understand that there, in fact, can be a link between something like musical composition and the study of mathematics or language. After the show, students filed out of the ballroom with new perspectives on arts studies. Tracey D’Angelo, a senior in statistics, attended the event

with expectations of more musical elements but was surprised with a different take. “It wasn’t what I was expecting, but that’s alright because it was actually pretty interesting. I’ve never really been exposed to art experimentation so now I have an idea of what it’s all about,” D’Angelo said. This season of the Arts NOW! series features two events: the Electronic and Vocal Works program and one other performance with a guest artist scheduled for early second semester. Past seasons of the series have included a number of events, shows, and performances, as well as several appearances by guest artists and composers from all over the world. Tickets for all shows are available through Ticket Central at North Carolina State University.


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to take photos of Centennial Campus. This proved challenging for him because of the commute from Centennial Campus to the Crafts Center to develop the frames. “Taking good photos of Centennial was difficult because we had to run back to the Crafts Center to develop each frame,” Carroll said. “This left many of our frames overexposed because of a few light leaks in our cameras coupled with the longer average commute time.” Carroll, who plans to participate in the event again this year, said he thinks this event will continue providing publicity to the

Crafts Center. “The Crafts Center hosts the competition to promote itself as a place for people to learn or practice new hobbies,” Carroll said. “It seems that the Crafts Center’s existence is still relatively unknown around campus.” Hannah Pettus, a senior in international studies, also competed in the event last year. She said that while she was a newcomer to pinhole photography last year, the event was extremely rewarding. “The event gives each student a sense of accomplishment, even if they do not place in the competition,” Pettus said. “It really gives students the chance to embrace full creativity.” Pettus went on to say that this type of photography is easy to teach, which makes it viable for a campus setting. “I think the Crafts Center enjoys this competition because

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it is a relatively simple and yet still compelling form of photography,” Pettus said. Westmoreland said students seem to thoroughly enjoy the event. “Students always seem to have a great time,” Westmoreland said. “It’s fun to use these cameras.” Pettus said that she thinks this event fosters pride in the campus community. “Since this competition is attempting to take a photograph that truly suits N.C. State pride, it really makes a student think about what it is they take pride in throughout campus and what really distinguishes N.C. State,” Pettus said.


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directly with CALS student senators while in school would have been advantageous. “My experience while at State was certainly an enjoyable and enlightening one, but there were a few times when I wish I were able to speak with someone who would voice my opinion about something I felt needed to be fixed,” Gentry said. Gentry said if she were a freshman this year, she would have attended the event to meet other freshmen. If she were a sophomore or upperclassman, she said she would have had time to get acquainted with college life, but would still have attended to make sure senators heard her suggestions.

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