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September 15, 2017

Dear Jane*, Right this moment, GetWellNetwork shines in 285 inpatient rooms at our Boston campus. That’s at least 285 lives your gift reaches—today. It’ll reach even more tomorrow. And more the next day. That means, right this moment, a mother could be learning about her daughter’s new diagnosis; a patient could be watching a video on how to clean his inhaler; a family could be watching a movie together—like they would if they were home. All because of the GetWellNetwork. All because of your gift. Jane*, thank you for your patience and faith over the past four years. It’s an honor to now share an update of the GetWellNetwork, which shows the undeniable difference your compassion has made in our patients’ care and comfort.


Joe* Director, Principal & Major Gifts Boston Children’s Hospital Trust

*names have been changed

Empowerment: A patient’s strong future relies on it. The GetWellNetwork warmly invites patients and families to take an active role in care, through a colorful, animated world where they can learn, play—and get well.

The GetWellNetwork is the first interactive patient care system made just for kids. Thanks to you, it’s now available at Boston Children’s. The GetWellNetwork—hosted on in-room television screens—makes health education easy, fun and accessible for families, while also offering entertainment to help still anxious minds and return a soothing sense of normalcy. How it began

How it works

A generous—and essential—gift of

GetWellNetwork syncs directly from

confidence from your family brought

existing systems—like EPIC and

GetWellNetwork to fruition for our

PowerChart. That way, GetWellNetwork is

families. Following thoughtful reviews by

always privy to our admitted patients’

clinical staff, an executive steering

whereabouts (through registrations, bed

committee, and the Family Advisory

transfers, and discharges), and in-room

Committee, the network went live in

televisions automatically populate with the

August 2016 with our personalized design.

patient’s personal page.

Patient rooms are equipped with a GetWellNetwork wireless keyboard and remote. Patient rooms are equipped with a GetWellNetwork wireless keyboard and remote.

GetWellNetwork has two home screen options: Regular View Suited for school-aged and younger patients.

Teen View Suited for older patients, with options to personalize background and add emojis.

GetWellNetwork features My Education Caretakers choose from more than 150 medical teaching videos to assign patients; videos

helping families feel at home

automatically upload to the patient’s screen. Parents and patients can also browse the full library of videos.

Like what? “How to Clean an Inhaler;” “How to Use a Nebulizer;” and “Cancer: Going Home.”

My Medications Families can view a full list of medications prescribed the patient during their current stay, along with drugs facts. Cafeteria Menu Families can view daily cafeteria options.

Service Requests Families can ask for anything they need. Like what? Food, change in room temperature, tech support, or a visit from the chaplaincy.

A four-minute welcome video gives families a complete overview of Boston Children’s— from hospital rules, to clowns and activity rooms. The video ensures families are aware of all perks and support we offer.

Question of the Day (in pilot) Patients and families are asked, “Did you get what you needed today?” Now piloting in four units, our staff get immediate feedback on how to improve stays.

285 patient rooms have MyGetWellNetwork

> 90% said “yes”! Movies & Games Patients and parents choose from more than 20 family-friendly movies (refreshed quarterly) and 33 video games. Most movies and games are available in English, Spanish and Arabic. Instant Messaging, Email & Internet Patients can connect with friends and families. Unsafe websites are blocked and parental controls are available. Seacrest Studios Offering music, games and special visits, patients can participate directly from their room or at the

14,674 families used GetWellNetwork in its first nine months

hospital’s live studio. An icon on GetWellNetwork shows photos of the studio, game and event schedules, and how to get involved.

more than 80% Relaxation Tools From running horses to harp chords, all 12 soothing videos can lessen pain, reduce anxiety and support recovery.

of families use GetWellNetwork to orient themselves to the hospital

Beyond the hospital MyGetWellNetwork Families don’t need to be inpatient to access the benefits of GetWellNetwork. Seamlessly tied to

Why staff love GetWellNetwork:

MyChildren’s, our online patient portal, parents and patients can re-watch education videos, update their progress, and record milestones, while notifications, care tips and

reminders reinforce their daily care routine.

enhanced patient & family experience

improved communication between patients & care teams

HCAHPS Survey (in pilot) When a discharge order is placed, a patient receives a notification to complete the Hospital

real-time service

provides feedback for

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Procedures and


Systems (HCAHPS) survey to rate their hospital experience.


In the past, the survey was mailed home after discharge; although, offering the survey prior to discharge has proven higher response rates from families. Survey feedback is indispensible to our continual improvement of patient stays at Boston Children’s Hospital.

What’s next? Group Two Roll-Out GetWellNetwork will be spread to the rest of the Boston campus and select Waltham units. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will receive 20 iPads to accommodate the open layout.

“Boston Children’s is taking the lead

Interactive Patient Whiteboard Patients and family can view: “My Care Team,” photos and names of their caretakers; “My Goals,” long- and short-term goals; and “My Day,” a schedule of appointments and to-dos.

on what can be done with GetWellNetwork. We’re setting the bar that

Meal Orders Patients can soon order meals with menu offerings unique to dietary restrictions.

much higher.”

Continue Translation More movies, games and education videos will be translated into Arabic and

Patricia Meyer, Sr. Project Manager of GetWellNetwork, Boston Children’s Hospital

Spanish to serve our ever-diversifying population. Continue Unit Video Submissions More departmentspecific videos created and submitted to the education portal.

This is only the beginning. Your impact will continually grow as GetWellNetwork stretches to more patient rooms, and we evolve it to reflect what our families deserve: the best.

Thank you.

Bathel writing sample getwell  
Bathel writing sample getwell