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July 15, 2017

Dear Jane*, To a parent of a sick child, relief comes with a long-awaited smile; a doctor’s reassuring words; and, thanks to you, the kindness of a perfect stranger. The Jane Endowment Fund* reflects your keen understanding that a parent’s soothing presence is critical to a child’s healing. For more than forty years, your family’s generosity has quelled the anxieties of many parents who find themselves distracted by the financial demands of caring for a sick child. The generous initiation of the Jane Challenge* further amplifies your impact: supporting even more parents with household bills, transportation, a warm meal and more. I’m thrilled to share that the Jane Challenge has surpassed its $1 million goal—in just two years. Your kind dollar-for-dollar match quickly built on its first-year momentum and exceeded our best hopes. The match has made every gift more valuable and enabled us to engage more donors, of all levels, in our life-saving mission. This is a triumph that I hope your family savors. At the core of your giving, you empower parents to provide their child with the very foundation of healing—loving care and a safe environment. Many thanks for your deep-rooted commitment. Sincerely,

Joe Doe* Senior Officer, Principal & Major Gifts

*names have been changed

In times of stress, a token of kindness is felt ten-fold. We hear this time and time again from the many families who benefit from the compassion of the Jane Endowment Fund*. Your kindness is a treasure no family ever forgets.

Family-centered care is a hallmark of Boston Children’s Hospital—and a hallmark of our partnership. Because of your family, we can support thousands of parents whose attention is torn between their child’s care and providing basic needs: shelter, food, electricity, heat. The stories below represent just a sampling of your impact.

Far from home Wyatt, 2, has two airway conditions; he and his parents came to Boston Children’s from across the country to receive the highly specialized care he needs. Currently, Wyatt requires weekly treatments to stay healthy. Refusing to leave his side, his parents now live in a trailer in Massachusetts—while still facing household expenses in their home state, where their two other children live under their grandmother’s care. Wyatt’s father took a necessary unpaid leave from work, while Wyatt’s mother became a traveling nurse to make up the deficit. But, her single income couldn’t sustain two homes, three children and mounting medical care. Jane funds* alleviated significant stressors by helping with food, parking and electric bills, ensuring Wyatt’s parents could support their entire family, near and far.

A mother’s fears, soothed Roberto is a 12-year-old boy with autism, whose behavior problems at school grew more frequent and severe. His mother had to leave work so often, she lost her job. She moved her family—Roberto and his younger sister—into a more affordable apartment, though her job loss and moving expenses placed the family at serious risk of homelessness. Jane funds* supported the family with rent payments, so they were able to work through this financially tight period. Because of this gift, Roberto and his family remain housed today.

*names have been changed

A small family’s big need Jeanette, 18, is treated at Boston Children’s for three disorders: a rare genetic condition, pancreatitis and a seizure disorder. She’s had four inpatient stays in her lifetime, the most recent totaling 48 days. This comes with a cost. Adding to the family’s tough spell, Jeanette’s mother Mary, her sole caretaker, was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. Juggling Jeanette’s and her own medical bills, Mary struggled to keep afloat—Jane funds*were her life raft. The Jane Endowment* paid electric bills, preventing a power loss at home. It provided grocery cards and meal and parking vouchers. Jane funds* were vital to sustaining Jeanette and Mary through a uniquely challenging time.

New home, fresh start Alice has four children; all have asthma and learning disabilities. When Alice was evicted from her apartment, she moved her family into welfare housing—though that benefit soon expired. Her family faced homelessness once again. Alice obtained a low-wage job and contacted her previous landlord with hopes to return. The landlord agreed, but only if Alice would pay her back rent. With little savings and four children to care for, Alice was devastated that she couldn’t possibly afford the cost. Jane funds* saved Alice’s family from homelessness by paying the back rent, allowing the family to return to their previous community and start a new life together.

A gift from the Jane Endowment Fund* does so much more than help our families catch a break. You allow parents to be fully present with their child—and to receive an extraordinary level of support, one we otherwise could not make possible. We couldn’t ask for a better friend or partner. Neither could our families.

Thank you.

*names have been changed

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Bathel writing sample extraneeds