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 December 8, 2011 Matthew Horton, PhD. GAINESVILLE STATE COLLEGE P.O. Box 1748 Watkinsville, GA 30677 RE: English 1101 Portfolio Evaluation Dear Dr. H, As a student in your English 1101 class, I am attaching my portfolio for your evaluation. I believe you will find that I have made a remarkable improvement in my writing abilities during the course of this semester. I came into your English class in August without any real knowledge of how to properly format or write a paper, as you can see from review of my first essay. However, as you read through the series of writing assignments submitted in my portfolio, you will see that, with your expert guidance, my writing skills have been totally transformed. The beginning of the semester started off a little rocky. However, you helped broaden my imagination towards college-level critical thinking. You will note that as I completed more writing assignments and received your valuable input during conferences, my grades improved. Prior to English 1101 I had never understood that there are certain parts to an essay. I simply used to write “free style� and then throw it all together. You also helped to dramatically improve my organizational skills, which spill over into all areas of my life. For this I am especially grateful, Dr. H. Receiving my first grade and comment on my first article response really showed me how much work I had to do in this class. I began to choose articles that were easier for me to comprehend. The number one tool I began using was taking down important notes as I read the articles, which I could refer to while writing my responses. I began to read the entire article as many times as necessary to adequately understand the material. After learning more techniques, writing outlines, and studying examples of how to properly write an article response, I felt that I could adequately revise my best and worst article responses. You will see that I improved my grammar, lengthened my paragraphs, and improved my critical thinking skills. I believe that both the structure and content of my article responses and essays improved dramatically. I must acknowledge that I still have some ongoing problems with my writing. I believe most of them stem from lack of confidence in my writing abilities. I have difficulty remaining focused, so I am often unable to explain my thoughts with sufficient clarity. You will be pleased to know, however, that I have set some continuing goals for myself. I intend to approach each future college writing assignment or paper as though it were being evaluated by an English professor. I have also decided to start keeping a journal. I believe that the more I write, the more at ease I

will become with the process, which will in turn improve my confidence level, and, hopefully, improve my abilities. Your evaluation of my English 1101 portfolio is greatly appreciated. I wish to sincerely thank you, Dr. H, for encouraging me to become a better writer and an overall better student. After my own thoughtful consideration of the portfolio submitted, I believe I have earned a “B” grade in English 1101. Sincerely, Taylor Bardwell

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