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Escort Agencies Vs Prostitution – A Healthy Discussion Escort Services are described as the services where women are hired for a night either for entertainment purposesor for intimate but non-sexual experience, for example Massage.Escort services are legal in United Kingdom and these are considered to be a part of adult entertainment services and these services are no way related to prostitution which is illegal throughout the world except few places. Escort service agencies avoid offering prostitution or sexual services, as this is the only dividing line between both Escort Services and Prostitution. Escort agencies categorize the escorts within different categories depending upon the interest of clients. Few of categories include: • • • •

Male- for- male Female- for-male Female- for-female Male- for- female

Escorts Service Agencies work professionally and as a result these agencies recruit individuals by publishing employment advertisements either in print or in electronic media. Once any individual is interested in working for an Escort agency then, he / she will have to send her photographs in certain posesto that particular Escort Agency. Later on these photographs will be used by the Escort Agencies to promote their businessvia websites or by contacts. Then customers after visiting escort agencies website will contact the escort agency to arrange for the meeting with particular individual. WhereasProstitution is the practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. Prostitution is one of the branches of Sex Industry and its legal status varies from country to country but in most of the countries it is illegal. Prostitution occurs in different forms: By way of Brothels - Brothels are institutes especially dedicated to prostitution. Sex Tourism - Under this people from one nation or place travels different countries to engagein sexual activities. Sex (Human) Trafficking - Within this form force is used to put the individual into prostitution or into other forms of sexual activity. All these forms of prostitution are illegal in almost every part of the world and involving into such practices can lead you to jail, where as escort services are legal services and are far much safer than prostitution.

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Escort Agencies Vs Prostitution – A Healthy Discussion