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Routledge Handbook of Political Management Dennis W. Johnson, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA The Routledge Handbook of Political Management is an important addition to the growing literature of political management and applied politics, a field that encompasses campaigns and elections, lobbying, government relations, grass roots politics, fund-raising, issues management, crisis management, handling the media, developing communications strategy, the use of new media as political and communication tools, political leadership, and understanding and appreciating the ethical dimensions of public life. The Handbook of Political Management is clearly grounded in political science, rather than business and marketing. There are chapters, however, devoted to the practical and theoretical linkages between political communications and political management, business marketing and political management, and political science and political management. June 2008: 246x174: 600pp Hb: 978-0-415-96225-4: £95.00


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Selected Contents: Part 1: The Field of Political Management 1. Political Consulting: From its Inception to Today, Dennis W. Johnson 2. Modern Political Campaigns in the United States, Paul Herrnson 3. Political Consulting Worldwide, Fritz Plasser 4. Political Management and Political Science, Stephen Craig 5. Political Management and Political Communications, Lynda Lee Kaid 6. Political Management and Marketing, Wojciech Cwalina, Andrzej Falkowski, and Bruce Newman Part 2: American Campaigns and Elections 7. The Permanent Campaign, David Dulio and Terri L. Towner 8. Political Management and the Technological Revolution, Stephen Medvic 9. Message Testing in the Twenty-first Century, Brian Tringali 10. The New Media in Political Campaigns: What the Future Holds, Peter Fenn 11. The Rise and Influence of ‘Monster‘ PACs, Steve Billet 12. The Promise and Futility of American Campaign Financing, Anthony Gierzynski 13. Campaigning Online, Emilienne Ireland 14. Selling the Presidency 2004: A Marketing Perspective, Nicholas J. O’Shaughnessy and Stephan Henneberg 15. What Drives the Cost of Political Advertising? Robin Kolodny and Michael Hagen 16. Running for Office: The Candidate’s Job Gets Tougher, More Complex, Ron Faucheux 17. The War of Ideas, Wedge Isues, Youth Recruitment, and Money, Kathleen Barr 18. The Religious Right in American Politics, Mark Rozell Part 3: Campaigns Worldwide 19. Television Campaigning Worldwide, Guenther Lengauer and Fritz Plasser 20. Mobile Technology and Political Participation: What the Rest of the World Can Teach America, Julie Germany and Justin Oberman 21. The Modern British Campaign, Dominic Wring 22. German Elections and Modern Campaign Techniques, Marco Althaus 23. Falafel and Apple Pie: American

Consultants, Modernization and Americanization of Electoral Campaigns in Israel, Dahlia Scheindlin and Israel Waismel 24. Russian Campaigns and Campaign Techniques, Derek Hutcheson 25. Australia and the Modern Election Campaign, Ian Ward 26. Election Campaigns in the Philippines, Louis Perron 27. Taiwan and the Emerging Asian Market, Christian Schafferer 28. Mexican 2000 Presidential Election: Long Transition or a Sudden Political Marketing Triumph? Eduardo Robledo Part 4: Lobbying and Advocacy 29. Creation of the U. S. Lobbying Industry, Conor McGrath and Phil Harris 30. Best Practices in Online Advocacy for Associations, Nonprofits, and Corporations, Brad Fitch 31. Building Constituencies for Advocacy for Associations, Nonprofits, and Corporations, Edward Grefe 32. Political Consultants, Interest Groups, and Issue Advocacy, Douglas Lathrop 33. Military and Defense Lobbying: A Case Study, Julius Hobson 34. Discoverying Our (Corporate) Grassroots: European Advocacy 2.0, Marco Althaus Part 5: Political Parties, Political Management, and Democracy 35. Campaign Consultants and Political Parties Today, Maik Bohne, Alicia Kollar Prevost, and James Thurber 36. Network Marketing and American Political Parties, Peter Ubertaccio 37. Managing a Market-Orientation in Opposition and Government: Cases in the U.K. and New Zealand, Jennifer Lees-Marshment 38. Machiavellian Marketing: Justifying the Ends and Means in Modern Politics, Phil Harris, Conor McGrath, and Irene Harris 39. The Ethics of Campaigns and Public Affairs, Candice Nelson 40. Winning Over a Cynical Public: Debate over Stem Cell and Other Biotechnologies, Bonnie Stabile and Susan Tolchin eBooks are only available to order online

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