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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Humanities and Social Science

europa world plus Europa World and The Europa Regional Surveys of the World online

europa world Europa World Year Book online

>> Highly acclaimed in both online versions, Europa World (the “Core,” featuring the online Year Book) and Europa World Plus (which also includes the nine Europa Regional Surveys) provide immediate online access to a treasury of data and analytical content via an easy, intuitive interface, with throughout-the-year updates and search capabilities ranging from simple full-text to powerful advanced search tools.

Both Europa World and Europa World Plus include: • Overviews of and contact details for heads of state and legislature, trade, media, international organizations, and others, with click-through URLs and email addresses • Current events • Election results • Downloadable comparative international statistics • And much more

Europa World Plus adds: • The latest versions of all nine Regional Survey volumes • Signed, in-depth analytical entries on current issues of regional importance, such as trade, politics, religion, environment, and health • Detailed surveys and statistical data on major regional commodities such as aluminium, petroleum, and sugar • Bibliographies of key books and periodicals concerned with each region • Extensive directories of research institutes specializing in each region • Political profiles, chronologies, and more...

Europa World Plus content: The Europa World Year Book and the Regional Surveys, including: Africa South of the Sahara; Central and South-Eastern Europe; Eastern Europe; Russia and Central Asia; The Far East and Australasia; The Middle East and North Africa; South America, Central America and the Caribbean; South Asia; The USA and Canada; Western Europe. Subscribers may also tailor their package, and select individual Surveys upon request.

A Choice Outstanding Resource (EUROPA WORLD PLUS)

Reference Reviews “Best Electronic Resource” for 2004 (EUROPA WORLD)


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Humanities and Social Science • Web Resources 2006-2007


the religion resource >> Routledge Reference Resources: Redefining the online library Whether you subscribe to one or both acclaimed, cross-searchable databases on Religion and Politics and International Relations, these continually growing collections open up new vistas for research using some of Routledge’s most essential multi- and single-volume reference works.

Fully cross-searchable interface—rediscover classic reference works and explore new ones OpenURL bibliographic references Downloadable MARC records this spring Upgrades to title home pages, search engine, search results, and other enhancements starting this spring More major multi- and single-volume reference works to be added this year— thousands of pages of new content!

This cross-searchable online subject library includes over 30 reference essentials that have won critical accolades and places on best reference lists—with new works and updates added every year.

New works coming in 2006

Selected list of current titles:

• Routledge Dictionary of Judaism


NEW ADDITION! A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Second Edition

• Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements • The Q’uran: An Encyclopedia

The Biblical World Visit and click on Religion for a full list of titles

• Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society •


Encyclopedia of Christian Theology

• Encyclopedia of Early Christianity • Encyclopedia of Monasticism • The Encyclopedia of Protestantism • Encyclopedia of Religion and War • Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals • Fifty Key Jewish Thinkers • The History of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition: An Encyclopedia • The Papacy: An Encyclopedia • Religion and American Law: An Encyclopedia • Routledge Encyclopedia of Confucianism • The World’s Religions • And many more...

“An exciting and thoughtprovoking experience.” REFERENCE REVIEWS



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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Humanities and Social Science


politics and international relations >> This cross-searchable online subject library includes more than 30 reference essentials that have won critical accolades and places on best reference lists—with new works and updates added every year.

• Fifty Key Thinkers in International Relations • India Handbook • International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics • International Relations: the Key Concepts

Selected list of current titles:

• Major International Treaties of the Twentieth Century

• Dictionary of Modern Politics of Japan

• Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy

• Dictionary of Modern Politics of South-East Asia, Third Edition

• Dictionary of Terrorism, Second Edition •


Encyclopedia of African History

• Encyclopedia of Democratic Thought • Encyclopedia of Eastern Europe • Encyclopedia of Human Rights, Second edition •


Encyclopedia of Mexico

• Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements, Third Edition •



The Social Science Encyclopedia,

Third Edition • Terrorism Reader

New works coming in 2006 • Encyclopedia of International Relations and Global Politics • Encyclopedia of The Developing World • Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties • and more!

Encyclopedia of the World’s Minorities

• Europe Since 1945: An Encyclopedia

Visit and click on Politics and International Relations for a full list of titles

“These Routledge works offer a breadth of subject matter that will benefit students.... Recommended.” CHOICE


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Humanities and Social Science • Web Resources 2006-2007


armed conflict database >> Produced by the Conflict Management Programme of the IISS, one of the world’s leading authorities on political military issues, and updated on a daily basis by area specialists, the ACD features current, objective specialist analyses of over 70 armed conflicts and terrorist activities.

Throughout this database, users can access the latest information or archival analyses, with coverage including:

Just upgraded, the already acclaimed ACD interface features an attractive, intuitive design that offers fast access to conflict summaries and other data by search, selection of countries, conflicts, and armed groups, or regional browsing via a new group of interactive maps. Two other popular features include Tailor Report, an easily navigable page permitting users to create bar graphs and charts of specific data on conflicts from 1997 to the present, and the Definitions page, a context-sensitive and browseable glossary of terminology and key themes encountered in this field.

• Military and Security Developments, overviewing acquisitions, the general military balance, and more

• Latest Updates and Quarterly updates • Human Security Developments, discussing the human cost of conflicts, including casualties, displaced persons, and refugees

• Background, offering historical analysis of a conflict and its recent developments • Timeline, a constantly updated guide to recent activity and historic developments—the latter sometimes dating back over one hundred years • Links to IISS subscription articles from publications such as Strategic Comments, and free full-text access to major reports, NGO documents, and other useful materials

“Easily navigable, distinctively presented.... Recommended.” REFERENCE REVIEWS; ISSUE 19:1



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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Humanities and Social Science

the routledge encyclopedia of philosophy >> Edited by Edward Craig, University of Cambridge

New entries for 2006-7 include:

Featuring the same distinguished editorial and contributor list and unparalleled breadth of coverage that made the 1998 print set a classic, the Web version grows each year with a diverse range of new material, providing impeccable scholarship in articles covering the latest developments in philosophical enquiry. With its easy, intuitive environment and special resources for users at all levels, REP Online is a living, truly authoritative work that enriches the studies of academics, students, and general readers worldwide.

• Global Justice

• Islamic Political Philosophy

• Recent Work

• Jewish Political Philosophy

• Historical Redress

• Sen, Amartya

• Human Rights

• Terrorism

• Humanitarian Intervention • Immigration and Refugees

• further updates to bibliographies

• International Law

• and more...

REP Online includes: • Powerful Search and Refine Search options • “Signpost” overview articles introducing the full breadth of key philosophical themes, plus an interactive Subject Guide, allowing users to scan a full list of entries concerned with a particular area, era, or school of philosophy • Extensive cross-references and suggestions for further reading, comprehensive critical bibliographies (revised since publication of the print version), and Web links to useful free content available online • Fresh content and updates from our team of editors and subject specialists

A Library Journal Best Web Reference “The [online] version transforms this important title into a dynamic Web resource that will continually grow and be updated... An important resource for students and faculty wherever philosophy is taught.” CHOICE


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Humanities and Social Science • Web Resources 2006-2007

europa world of learning >> At information services desks and on desktops around the globe, this classic directory and guide is widely acknowledged to be the definitive reference to the world’s organizations and institutions of higher education and learning.

Featuring substantial updates this fall, this “Outstanding” resource already features over 30,000 institutions and more than 200,000 individuals in the academic sphere. Considered essential by libraries of every stripe around the world, this valuable research tool provides data and contact details on:

The Europa World of Learning provides: • Truly international coverage, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe • Data revised and updated throughout the year • Sophisticated search options and refinements • Over 11,000 click-through email addresses and institutional web sites • Hard-to-locate information, such as size of holdings, principal collections, year founded, key administrative staff, enrollment, and much more

• Universities and colleges • Research institutes • Museums and art galleries • Learned societies • Libraries and archives • Scholarly publications • Over 500 international organizations concerned with higher education and scholarship

A Choice Outstanding Title! “Online access greatly enhances the utility and flexibility of this venerable reference tool...” CHOICE



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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Humanities and Social Science

the international who’s who >> Coming upon in its 70th print edition—acknowledged by The Economist as “One of the most useful reference books for anyone needing quick and authoritative information on the leading personalities of the day”—the online version of this popular annual is a fully dynamic, regularly updated database. Providing profiles of over 23,000 gifted, famous, and influential individuals around the globe, and updated on a quarterly basis, the online International Who’s Who builds on the quality of the print edition by providing a full range of intuitive, sophisticated search and browse options, combining currency with valuable functionality. Users can quickly find up-to-the-moment details on heads of state, politicians, religious leaders, ambassadors, the eminent and successful in business, finance, technology, film, music, fashion, sports, literature, and the performing arts, and much more. Entries cover nationality, date and place of birth, current position and past career, honors and awards, publications, interests, and where available, current address, telephone and fax numbers.

Features Those who have long relied upon the print annual will find a new perspective on the research made possible by the elegantly designed interface, while new users will be attracted by the fast, easy search capabilities and ready access to biographical, extensive contact details, and features such as: • Data is updated quarterly • Includes hundreds of new and revised entries, plus extensive additions to coverage of the worldís royal families • Sophisticated advanced search and browse options by name, nationality, profession, place, and institution • Profiles recently deceased personalities, in addition to the living individuals covered in the print Who’s Who

“Given the quick access and browse features, the electronic version of the index offers much for the researcher that is not possible with the print edition. Highly recommended for those in need of international biographical listings.” REFERENCE REVIEWS


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New and Forthcoming • Web Resources 2006-2007


informaworld A NEW ONLINE PLATFORM FROM TAYLOR & FRANCIS Explore a world of specialist information for the academic, professional and business communities... The new platform from Taylor & Francis/Informa brings you a range of publications and the latest features web-based technology has to offer: • A single, cross-searchable interface for journals, e-books, A&I databases, and reference works • Users can mark lists of documents for later use, download or forward citations, and link to references • RSS feed and email alert options • OpenURL Link resolver registration, COUNTER-compliant usage statistics, and other helpful options for library administrators This year, the informaworld platform will roll out Routledge and Taylor & Francis Journals, our e-books, and Taylor & Francis and Informa Healthcare Encyclopedias in a fully cross-searchable, multi-product platform. Following this initial phase, we will continue preparing and loading more of our electronic products, until all T&F Group e-resources are accessible from this ground-breaking site.

To keep your library up to speed, please register the appropriate contact details at

New !

ROUTLEDGEnetBASE Based on the functionality of the famous CRCnetBASE online collections, these electronic libraries comprise both practical and theoretical works from Routledge, for over a century and a half the world’s leading social science publisher.

Provides access to hundreds of classical works, current studies, statistics, risk assessments, and hot topics such as affirmative action, trade liberalization, gender, and economic risk.

Covering accounting practices, ethics, and organization, this library provides all the information needed to understand and practice sound business principles in the 21st century.

Exploring war history, weaponry, and the cold war, as well as terrorism and security, this site offers the authoritative data and diverse commentary that both scholars and policymakers require.

For more details, contact the online representative for your region as listed below



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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Science, Professional & Technical

CRCnetBASE >> CRCnetBASE: An unmatched series of scientific and technical online libraries CRCnetBASE offers a massive collection of cross-searchable scientific and technical online libraries, easily customized to meet your patrons’ needs. This acclaimed series includes thousands of online books and dozens of databases 24/7, providing a vast range of timesaving tools and research data:

Over 30 growing electronic libraries and databases in the hottest fields Continual updates and findings from the world’s leading researchers Lib Corner with live personal support, a variety of comprehensive training options and easy access to promotional materials that will encourage usage MARC records—Library of Congress compliant, and available for every netBASE book-based library. Automated, COUNTER compliant usage reports—downloadable as pdf or Excel files, these reports can be automatically generated at whatever intervals you need, with automatic e-mail alerts


Featuring Chapman & Hall/CRC’s premier chemistry references, this renowned database can be tailored to your specific needs. Subscribe to any or all of CHEMnetBASE’s dictionaries and databases, including The Combined Chemical Dictionary, which now details over 520,000 compounds, the online version of the latest edition of the famous Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, and more:

This extensive electronic library already includes over 100 titles in an ever-growing collection of relevant chemistry resources from Chapman and Hall/CRC, featuring many of our critically acclaimed handbooks and cutting-edge work from the worldís leading chemists.

• Download customized tables • Continually updated content featuring findings from the world’s leading researchers • Conduct specialized searches by names or properties, or simply draw in a structure and CHEMnetBASE will do the rest


Simultaneously search three essential databases of polymer information, including the Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia, Polymers: A Property Database, cross-searchable with a growing collection of polymer-related electronic books from Taylor & Francis.

• The CRC Handboook of Chemistry and Physics • The Combined Chemical Dictionary • Dictionary of Commonly Cited Compounds • Dictionary of Drugs • Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds • Dictionary of Natural Products • Dictionary of Organic Compounds • Properties of Organic Compounds • Polymers: A Property Database

“A powerful and welcome site for all chemists.” NORTH/SOUTH AMERICA

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Science, Professional & Technical • Web Resources 2006-2007

CRCnetBASE >> Engineering

This widely consulted collection includes hundreds of our best-selling handbooks and references. Growing every year, ENGnetBASE continues to provide engineers of every stripe with access to essential formulas, updated codes, and latebreaking developments that are shaping the field. Subscribers can purchase access to the entire ENGnetBASE collection, or select sub-groups designed for specific parts of the field.


This dynamic online library of Materials Science texts, references, and handbooks already includes nearly 100 key works. Coverage encompasses traditional and emerging principles, practices, and applications in industry, as well the latest material innovations in bioscience and pharmacology.

Get instant access to the properties, factors, and formulae researchers in this field require. Published with the cooperation of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, this unique netBASE allows you to access charts, tables, and text from an ever-growing library that includes key titles from some of STLE’s leading scholars.

• TELECOMMUNICATIONSnetBASE Available as an economically priced set or as individual collections.

“Delivers superb content to medical professionals, engineers and scientists, and students and general readers ...comprehensive content, an excellent interface....” —INFORMATION TODAY

Environmental engineering, ecological economics, risk assessment, resource management — anything and everything the environmental professional or researcher needs can be found within this exhaustive collection of award-winning works.

“High use of graphics and full-text capabilities... fast... interface is relatively easy... Summing Up: Recommended.” —B.C. THOMSETT-SCOTT, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS

“An easy-to-use, reasonably priced database you cannot be without.” —ANN E. ROBINSON, CABOT SCIENCE LIBRARY, HARVARD UNIVERSITY



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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Science, Professional & Technical

CRCnetBASE >> Life Science, Food and Agriculture

Research, reviews, and data from the world’s most dynamic geneticists, microbiologists, biomedical engineers, health professionals, and researchers.

Features handbooks and texts on soil science, pesticides, plant pathology, and a growing host of topics from tomatoes and Echinacea to transgenics and evolutionary biology.

Featuring over 75 titles—and growing—this valuable collection tracks current trends shaping drug discovery and development; access information on delivery systems, manufacturing, quality control, ADME - Toxicology, drug delivery systems and dosage forms, as well as manufacturing and quality development.

A growing library of inestimable value to farmers, crop scientists, agronomists, and all those concerned with the latest developments and data required to maintain and expand the worldís food supply.

ATSDR Toxicological Profiles

These state-of-the-art resources bring an ever-growing number of essential forensic science and criminal justice references straight to your desktop. Featuring works by DiMaio, Geberth, Sorg, Inman, Rudin, and Karch, this valuable collection brings an ever-growing number of essential forensic science and criminal justice references straight to your desktop.

Constantly updated, ATSDR’S Toxicological Profiles (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry - U.S. Public Health Service) features 162 profiles in this rigorously peer-reviewed database on the toxicological effects of hazardous substances, chemicals, and compounds. Fully indexed, with an extensive hyperlink system and advanced search capabilities, the site is an essential collection of toxicological and epidemiological information.

Lib Corner: Only on netBASE The works here include groundbreaking studies, classics, illustrative atlases from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to circadian studies; cytokines, and Computational Neuroscience.

Your subscription comes with a wide range of special library resources that save time, increase usage, and provide readyto-hand netBASE training materials: • Flexible usage reports that you can configure and schedule as needed • Downloadable, Library of Congress compliant MARC Records

Covering every aspect of the food industry, including food safety, regulations, quality assurance, to packaging, biotechnology, and product development.

• Access to valuable information and training options through our online Education Center • The CRCnetBASE User Guide, featuring screen shots and step-by-step procedures • Promotional material, live personal support, special offers, and more!

Encompassing sports nutrition, phytonutrients, cancer research and oxidative stress, plus all the latest findings and analysis.


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Science, Professional & Technical • Web Resources 2006-2007

CRCnetBASE >> Math, Physical Science, and Statistics

Information Technology

At the forefront of the nano-revolution, this cross-searchable collection gives you access to original work and references from international researchers affiliated with the world’s most prestigious institutions. NANOnetBASE now includes the Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology!

Includes the Auerbach handbooks, references, journals, and newsletters on which computing and networking professionals have always relied.

Access over 100 important titles, in areas ranging from astrophysics to quantum physics, material science to optoelectronics. This unified library presents fundamental theories, along with contemporary investigations into current debates in the field.

From algorithms, algebra, and data analysis to calculus, cryptography, and chaos; from theory to applications, these premier mathematics resources from Chapman & Hall/CRC Press provide both the problems and answers.

Established experts provide the expertise to meet the increasing challenges of information security, from system analysis and server set-up to cryptography and cyber-crime.

Social Science

Offers administrators at all levels the whole gamut of CRC public policy handbooks, plus an expanding portfolio of strategic texts to guide them in those gray areas between the rules.

Also available An unparalleled repository of Chapman Hall/CRC’s world-class references, this library explores theory, tools, applications, and analysis for statisticians and researchers across a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, genetics, biology, and business.

Coming Soon!




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eSubscribe Library Services Use the Taylor & Francis eSubscribe service to build an interactive online library, complete with IP or password access for up to five concurrent users per book! For maximum flexibility we offer eCollections in key subject areas from Education to Religion, best-seller packages in a variety of areas in groups of 100—or pick and mix your own subscription from over 13,000 eBooks across the Social Sciences, Humanities and STM. For details on pricing and packages, please contact your online representative or visit


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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Science, Professional & Technical

taylor & francis encyclopedias online >> Taylor & Francis Encyclopedias—formerly published under the

renowned Dekker imprint—are now available via a brandnew, feature-loaded, cross-searchable web interface. Watch the site for more upgrades as the year progresses, and T&F Encyclopedias are fully integrated with our ground-breaking new online platform!

Current features include: • Continuous updates • RSS feed and email alert options • Dynamic links to bibliographical information and web resources • Choice of html or PDF format • Color graphics • A wealth of additional features and upgrades to come— including OpenURL resolver registration, cross-search with journals, ebooks, and more!

Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Edited by James A. Schwarz, Syracuse University, Cristian I. Contescu, and Karol Putyera, Shiva Technologies, Inc., New York

A Choice Outstanding Academic Title, 2006 “An excellent state-of-the-art review. Highly recommended!” —CHOICE

Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering Edited by Ronald G. Driggers, US Army Night Vision Laboratory, Virginia

“Few encyclopedias cover optics with the depth and breadth offered [here].” —CHOICE


Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing

Chemistry and Engineering

Edited by Sunggyu Lee, University of Missouri, Columbia

This authoritative resource contains more than 300 detailed articles, 1500 line-cuts, 300 halftones, and 500 tables!

New edition this summer!

Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science Second Edition Edited by Ponisseril Somasundaran, Somasundaran, Inc., New York

“A massive information reference which is unique for its in-depth and in-breadth coverage!” —E-STREAMS, review of first edition

New edition!

Encyclopedia of Chromatography

Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry

Second Edition

Edited by Jerry L. Atwood, University of Missouri, Columbia, and Jonathan W. Steed, University of Durham, UK

Edited by Jack Cazes, Florida Atlantic University

This new edition contains more than 400 articles, 80 entirely new articles, and 250 revisions!

“The articles are models of clarity... Highly recommended!” —CHOICE


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Science, Professional & Technical • Web Resources 2006-2007

taylor & francis encyclopedias online >> Agropedia Series

Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering

Special Offer! Subscribe to all six encyclopedias in the Agropedia Collection and receive a special discount rate!

Encyclopedia of Animal Science Edited by Wilson G. Pond and Alan W. Bell, Cornell University

Edited by Dennis R. Heldman, Heldman Associates, San Marcos

“This is the first publication to bring together authoritative information in this discipline —highly recommended!” —CHOICE

“An essential core edition.... Concise, up-to-date... Recommended for academic libraries in particular, but also for public libraries.” —LIBRARY JOURNAL

Encyclopedia of Water Science Edited by B.A. Stewart and Terry A. Howell, West Texas A&M University

“Focused...very thorough...invaluable!”

Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science


Edited by Robert M. Goodman, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

“This is a library acquisition of the first order...a gold lode waiting for the miner!” —SCIENCE, BOOKS & FILM

Encyclopedia of Pest Management Edited by David Pimentel, Cornell University

“This volume truly represents a tremendous effort—recommended!” —JOURNAL OF PHYTOPATHOLOGY

New edition!

Encyclopedia of Soil Science Second Edition Edited by Rattan Lal, Ohio State University, Columbus

“A great book that should be on the library shelf in every soil science department!” —GEODERMA

Social Sciences

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science

Edited by Jack Rabin, Pennsylvania State University, Middletown

Second Edition Edited by Marcia Bates and Mary Niles Maack, University of California, Los Angeles

“Highly recommended for academic libraries!” —GALE’S REFERENCE REVIEWS

“Should be bought by every research library!” —CHOICE, review of first edition



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Web Resources 2006-2007 • Science, Professional & Technical

informa healthcare >> A wealth of new features!

Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements

The online Informa Healthcare Encyclopedias (formerly published under the Dekker imprint) are launching with Taylor & Francis Encyclopedias, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Journals, and our e-books in a new, highly functional- interface. Already loaded with valuable features, the site includes:

Edited by Paul Coates, National Institutes of Health, Maryland, et al.

• Extensive, year-round updates • RSS feed and email alerting service options • Abtracts and dynamic linking to bibliographical information and web resources • Viewable in html or PDF format, with color graphics Additional features and upgrades to come include COUNTERcompliant use statistics, link resolver registration, crosssearchability with our journals and e-books, and more!

This source presents peer-reviewed, objective entries that rigorously examine the most significant scientific research pertaining to major vitamin and mineral micronutrients, single herbs and botanicals, phytochemicals, and other bioactive preparations. Containing nearly 100 entries contributed by renowned subject-specific experts, the book serves as a scientific checkpoint for the many OTC supplements carried in today’s nutritional products marketplace.

“An excellent choice for readers desiring scholarly treatment of the most commonly used supplements.” —CHOICE

“Suitable for pharmacy, pharmaceutical, and medical libraries.”



Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Encyclopedia of Medical Genomics and Proteomics

Edited by Gary L. Bowlin and Gary Wnek, Virginia Commonwealth University

Edited by Jürgen Fuchs and Maurizio Podda, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt

Written by nearly 400 experts from diverse academic and applied domains, this source surveys the vanguard of biomaterials and biomedical engineering technologies that employ biomaterials, uncovering current lines of research as well as innovative applications in tissue engineering, prosthetics, drug delivery, biosensors, and medical devices.

This important and timely contribution to the biomedical community includes over 400 entries based on recommendations, research, and practical expertise from professionals and clinicians at the cutting-edge in the field. The coverage includes key methods and technologies such as predictive genetic and pharmacogenetic testing and tissue typing for transplantation medicine, and much more—all updated on a regular basis online!

“The encyclopedia is up-to-date and covers topics in depth.... Recommended.” —CHOICE

“This work will be of considerable value to scientists, clinicians, and others needing a conceptual framework, data, and suggested approaches to research problems and product development.” —FREDERICK J. SCHOEN, PROFESSOR AND EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY, BRIGHAM AND WOMEN’S HOSPITAL, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL


tel: 800-797-3803 ext. 7119 email:


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Science, Professional & Technical • Web Resources 2006-2007

informa healthcare >> Pharmaceuticals/Pharmacology New edition of a best-selling resource!

Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology Third Edition Edited by Jack Swarbrick, President of PharmaceuTech, Inc., North Carolina

Substantially expanded by more than 30%, this essential resource covers all aspects of drug development, dosage, manufacturing, and regulation. This new edition features completely new entries on critical issues in the field such as the impact of genomics, biotechnology, and implants on drug discovery, targeting, delivery, and formulation. In addition, it addresses new regulatory issues such as changes in advertising regulations and emerging FDA procedures.

Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics Second Edition Edited by Shein-Chung Chow, Duke University

Remaining on the cutting-edge of this rapidly evolving field, this unequaled resource has expanded more than 70% of its original entries to review amendments to regulatory requirements and recently developed statistical methods impacting the drug review/approval process and biopharmaceutical research and development. “Statisticians,

pharmaceutical researchers, regulatory affairs specialists, and their students will welcome the updated and expanded edition.” —CHOICE

“Indispensable for scientists and experts active in various stages of drug development, manufacture, marketing, and regulation.”

“An essential desktop reference.” —TECHNOMETRICS


Encyclopedia of Clinical Pharmacy

“Praiseworthy....The editors and the authors are to be congratulated.”

Compiling expertise and recommendations from the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the Encyclopediaís team of 200 researchers and practitioners provide ready access to more than 5,000 primary literature citations and hard-to-find research. This is an up-to-date, invaluable resource that unravels the increasing complexity of pharmacotherapy, the problems of medication-related morbidity and mortality, and the impact that clinically empowered pharmacists have on assuring safe and effective pharmaceutical care for patients.

—PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY, review of previous edition

“A valuable resource for one who wishes to quickly become familiar with specific topics in pharmaceutics... an up-to-date, expertly written convenience.” —AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS ANNUAL, review of previous edition

Publishes in print and online October 2006 Pre-publication discounts offered for print purchases.

Edited by Joseph T. DiPiro, University of Georgia, Athens

“Achieves its goal of providing pertinent information to both the practicing clinical pharmacist and the pharmacy student.... One of a kind, a wealth of knowledge!” —ANNALS OF PHARMACOTHERAPY

All of these encyclopedias are also available in print versions.



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