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As foot traffic begins to increase again at your hospital, make sure you effectively communicate available services and new screening policies. From floor decals and acrylic barriers to posters and banners, Taylor Healthcare’s signs and graphics help keep employees and visitors safe and well-informed throughout your facility.

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Arriving at the Facility

A-Frame Signs

Portable, durable and usable indoors and out, these frameless Coroplast A-frame signs help you guide and manage crowds.

Yard Signs

An economical alternative, yard signs can be placed nearly anywhere and are easily moved.

Durable Banners

Banners provide an eye-catching, weatherresistant way to get the word out.

Wall and Window Decals

Easy-on, easy-off decals help promote health and safety as visitors arrive.

Ground Decals

Ground decals and arrows are a simple-buteffective way to direct traffic and encourage social distancing.

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Once Inside

COMING SOON! Hand Sanitizer Stations

Instructional placards at hand sanitizer stations encourage frequent use at your facility.

Acrylic Partition Kiosks

Portable kiosks are the first line of protection for your staff. Safely welcome patients to your facility as you implement new screening policies, direct foot traffic.

Acrylic Partitions

Partition barriers between staff and patients help prevent the transmission of viruses. Two standard free-standing designs are available as well as custom heights and widths to fit your specific needs.

Floor Decals

Continuing the floor decals inside creates a clear pathway from entry to exit. They are especially effective for guiding people to hospital wards, conference rooms and elevator banks.

Wall and Window Decals

Easy-on, easy-off decals can also be applied to nearly any flat surface indoors — including mirrors and doors in restrooms — to promote health and safety. They are also ideal for elevator doors.

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Retractable Banner Stands

Large and easy to read, retractable banners require minimal floor space.

Posters, Table Tents and Pedestal Signs

These portable options allow you to share messages anywhere — quickly and costeffectively.

Mobile Whiteboards

Dual-sided mobile whiteboards facilitate clear communication when and where it’s needed most. Magnetic and non-magnetic styles are available.

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Returning to Work

Wall, Window and Door Decals

Decals can be used to share important information with returning staff members including cleaning schedules, stickers indicating sanitized work spaces, PPE policies posted in breakrooms, handwashing policies in restrooms, and the sterilization status of appliances in lunchrooms.

Floor Decals

Floor decals can guide employees so they don’t “bunch up” and cross paths with others, a special concern in hallways and conference rooms with multiple points of entry.

Seat and Table Decals

Seat and table decals eliminate confusion about seating arrangements and ensure proper social distancing.

Table Tents and Pedestal Signs

Table tents and pedestal signs can be placed throughout a facility to remind staff of social distancing guidelines, hand sanitizer locations and more.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs at staff entrances can communicate important reminders about face masks, protective eyewear or handwashing policies.

Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards are the perfect communication tool for office, breakroom and conference room entrances. Use them to provide reminders about social distancing and handwashing and to communicate things like room sanitization schedules.

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