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POINT-OF-PURCHASE DISTRIBUTION Optimize retail marketing through better targeting and hassle-free distribution

Increase your efficiency with more accurate quantities and improved

distribution while enhancing the effectiveness of your message through better targeting. That’s POP optimization.

Take the Hassle Out of POP Distribution

Taylor’s Profile Manager technology platform and national

Today’s retailers strive to create an engaging environment

all the time, effort and expense required to develop and deploy

for shoppers, one that will stimulate new trials and repeat

effective retail promotions:

purchases. Point-of-purchase (POP) materials, properly

distribution network can help you clear these hurdles. You work hard to create strong marketing programs. Consider

displayed, can make the difference in whether consumers

• Marketing defines the campaigns and offers

take action.

• Design develops attention-grabbing graphics that

Many stores, branches and quick-serve restaurants struggle with timely, efficient distribution of their POP materials. After all, it’s a very complicated job. Does your organization face any of these hurdles? • Missing or damaged banners, posters, signage

complement your facilities’ layouts • Store operations gets consumer-facing associates trained and ready But what many organizations miss is the timely and accurate distribution of targeted POP materials to complete the job. They send multiple shipments from various suppliers and

• Incorrectly sized signage for available slots

hope that local store staff can coordinate items on the fly. Or

• Delays in campaign launches

they trust a single vendor to handle complicated logistics and

• Excessive freight costs • Poor execution by local staff • Inappropriate offers or promotions for local market • Inability to target messaging by location

“We saved $18 million our first year with Taylor’s help.” When Taylor analyzed the retail distribution methods of one of the nation’s leading wireless providers, we found

distribution, when their core competency is in production. Why take that risk? Your POP challenges can easily be conquered — while reducing costs — by using Taylor’s national distribution network and Profile Manager technology platform.

Profile Manager Can Help Your Organization • Maximize your marketing impact

ample ways to save them money. Today the company

• Reduce production and distribution costs

saves $18 million annually on retail POP distribution.

• Increase your speed to market

Here’s how:

• Lower your freight expense

• $5 million in warehousing and distribution costs

• Minimize obsolescence

• $7 million in freight costs from shipping

• Customize marketing messages by location

consolidations and packaging weight reductions • $6 million by reducing obsolescence

• Optimize your retail effectiveness

Make Your POP as Targeted as Your Advertising Client



Campaign PLAN





Our Approach to POP Optimization

It also stores data on the consumer demographics for each

With years of experience providing POP materials on time and

It’s easy to cluster locations into groups for special pushes.

on budget to thousands of retail locations, Taylor is uniquely

Those groups can be saved and used time and again for

equipped to provide the software, static and variable print

recurring campaigns. By assuring that locations get only the

capabilities, warehousing and distribution infrastructure,

items they can use, you save big on both production and

shipping alliances, and customer care teams needed to make

distribution costs, while making life easier for busy staff.

every campaign more effective and efficient.

location and what unique insights they may offer that would make promotions relevant.

It’s all done through a system that manages the details for

Through Profile Manager, we can help you reach the ideal

you, allowing you to focus on creating the most targeted and

target customers for each location by providing every store or

effective campaigns and offers possible.

branch with the POP elements that will speak directly to them.

football may be a popular theme nearly everywhere in the

Economies in Production and Distribution

fall, what if you could leverage local team loyalties? Imagine

Armed with this complete data, Taylor will work with you,

the possibilities if there was an easy way to design retail POP

your agencies and other suppliers to develop accurate order

according to unique store attributes.

quantities that avoid waste. We’ll rely on our streamlined

Preferences can change based on the consumer’s life stage, their geographic location and the season of the year. And while

With Profile Manager you can:

distribution processes to ship materials in the most affordable way that meets your deadline. We’ll even go as

• Tailor messages to different audiences

far as to design custom packaging to protect your expensive

• Feature appropriate consumer diversity

materials during shipment.

• Develop specialized mini campaigns for a subset of your

By leveraging the power of Taylor’s consolidated sourcing

locations to capitalize on regional supplier promotions

spend, we can deliver the full impact of customization at affordable prices to help you generate a better return on

Targeting is Simple You decide your marketing objectives, then let Taylor do the rest. Profile Manager manages the shipping addresses and POP slots for each of your retail locations, including the number and dimensions of each window, door, register, end cap and more.

your marketing investment.

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