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Health and safety readiness in the age of coronavirus


The human desire to connect is very real. For many, visiting a casino is a way to gather with other people and share a common experience.

The CDC and public health officials have provided new guidelines to ensure the safety of guests and employees in gaming environments. Detailed plans have been outlined to keep guests, employees and the community safe. Each “zone” will have its own customized set of disinfection procedures with public health being the number one priority.

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Approaching the Entrance

Entry points with clearly marked social distancing instructions and temperature screening stations can enhance the safety of guests and employees alike.

Banner Stands

Large and easy to read but requiring minimal floor space, retractable banners are ideal for communicating new safety guidelines.

Floor Decals

Floor decals are a simple but effective way to direct traffic and encourage social distancing.

Acrylic Partition Kiosks

Free-standing kiosks are a safe method of welcoming visitors to your venue and can help you break up lines and implement new screening policies.

A-Frame Signs

Durable and useful indoors and out, A-frame signs can be placed wherever needed to facilitate check-in procedures and temperature screenings.

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Once Inside

Cleaning procedures and social distancing guidelines can be clearly communicated while maintaining an engaging guest experience.

Banner Stands

Banner stands can be placed throughout the facility to provide important reminders regarding social distancing, handwashing and more.

Floor Decals

Continuing the floor decals inside alleviates crowding and maintains a smooth, one-way traffic flow. They are especially effective for guiding people to banquet rooms, music venues and elevator banks.

Seat and Machine Decals

A simple note politely informs guests which machines, chairs and gaming tables are closed to allow for cleaning and social distancing.

Wall and Window Decals

Easy-on, easy-off decals can be applied to nearly any flat surface — including restroom mirrors.

A-Frame Signs

Easily moved at a moment’s notice, A-frame signs are a fast way to indicate which gaming tables and machines are closed for cleaning.

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More Solutions

Elevator Decals

Big, bold decals on elevator doors help disperse crowds and support elevator capacity restrictions.

Acrylic Partitions

Portable counter-top barriers are the first line of protection for your staff and guests.

Disposable or Sanitizable Check Presenters*

Single-use and sanitizable check presenters both eliminate a possible source of infection.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizer stations encourage guests to disinfect frequently while at your venue.

Wall and Window Decals

Removable decals allow you to place hygiene tips throughout the facility.

Table Tents

Table tents are a tried-and-true way to share important messages.

* Our synthetic material can be spray sanitized 15 times per day for an entire year without replacement.

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