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TAYLOR HESS UNDERGRADUATE WORKS 2018 01 FLIGHT SPACE Drone IT Center 02 Blurring Boundaries Conceptual Physical Interpretation 03 fa[B]ath Digital Fabrication Lab + Thermal Bath 04 MU Memorial Memorial for Donald Beerbower 05 Row House Revival Timber in the City Competition 06 Mini Cities 3-D Printing for the Iowa State Hackathon 07 Parks Photography Architectural Photography

01 Flight Space Drone IT Center 1st Place DLR Group Competition Arch 401 |2016| Professor: Bosuk Hur Partners: Austin Demers, Connor Gatzke, Yiqi Zhao Location: San Francisco, California Description: Flight Space, the drone IT center, is the incorporation of three main ideas about neomonumentality: movement through space, interaction by occupants and visitors, and using light to provoke interest. The two main components of the program given are office space and event space; the program also entailed many other detailed requirements. Flight Space incorporates movement, not only aesthetically on the smooth exterior, but also in the way drones and people physically travel through the space. The opening in the center provides a connection for movement as well as a way for light to penetrate the building and provoke interest in the public space below. At night, LEDs lining the louvers will accentuate the fluid nature of the building. Flight Space creates a space that works for both drone racing on the upper level, drone flying below and drone creation in the center.

Ground Floor Plan

Level Two Plan

Level Four Plan





Drone Creation Office The central circulation of the drone creation office moves up and around the central aperture, which allows light to penetrate through to the plaza below.


1/32” = 1’ SECTION A-A



1/32” = 1’ SECTION B-B


1/32” = 1’ SECTION C-C

1/8” Section Model

1/16” Site Model

1/16” Site Model

1/8” Section Model

Rooftop Drone Flight Arena A space where drone pilots, enthusiasts, and spectators can come together and enjoy the race.

Manifesto Image A portrayal of movement, connection, interaction, light, and interest through a single image.

02 Blurring Boundaries Conceptual Physical Interpretation

Arch 403 |2017| Professor: Bosuk Hur Partners: Paavan Joshi, Boram Kim Location: N/A Description: Blurring Boundaries is a three-week introductory project, aimed to gain insight on boundaries and how to blur or erase those boundaries. Boundaries are often seen as limits, endpoints, or a division. Instead, we would like them to reflect a node of exchange and flexibility. In order to erase the boundary, we chose to move or displace the boundary itself with a movement; this in turn, altered the physical boundary, as well as the negative notion of boundary, such as separation and confliction. This concept is represented through drawings as well as a machine designed to alter a planar surface.

Node/Surface Movement As one gear is rotated, the rest are triggered to follow suit, raising and lowering the nodes. This in turn alters the surface or boundary, making it continuously blur itself.

03 fa[B]ath Digital Fabrication Lab + Thermal Bath

Digital Fabrication Lab + Thermal Bath Arch 403 |2017| Professor: Bosuk Hur Partners: Paavan Joshi, Boram Kim Location: Seattle, Washington Description: The goal of fa[B]ath is to combine the two antithetical programs: a digital fabrication lab and a thermal bath, while simultaneously blurring the boundaries between these two opposing programs. Although very different, in a broader scope, these two programs connect two of the main areas of Seattle into one place; labor and leisure are united in one site on the waterfront. The two simple geometric forms from the previous project, a sphere and cube, were used to create, then alter the boundaries of the two spaces. The building houses the bath portion in spheres and the fabrication portion in the surrounding cube. Connected by a single spiral ramp, the bath goers flow through the central sphere space, while the occupants of the fabrication lab pass through in a more linear fashion. The two spaces intertwine with ramps from the fabrication labs passing through the central sphere, allowing a visual exchange of fabrication labs and the interior bath below.

h mb





Waterfront Prominade Olympic Sculpture Park First Starbucks Benaroya Concert Hall Loyal Heights Community Center Medgar Evers Pool Pike Place Market Chihuly Garden and Glass Seattle Central Library Seattle Great Wheel Aquarium

Amazon Capital Industries Microsoft Boeing Delta Marine Industries Inc. Kerf Design Weyerhauser Vigor Ship Yards Tooth and Nail Records Expedia Windstar Crusies

Wood Shop Sound Bath Metal Shop Boat Repair Printing Classroom/Auditorium Hot Bath Indoor Bath Outdoor Bath Massage 3-D Printing Cafe Studio/Workspace Sauna Locker/Shower/Change







Section A

Section B

Section C

Fabrication Lab Walkway

Digital Fabrication Lab The robotics and printing portion of a fabrication lab that also includes a wood shop, metal shop, and studio space.

Interior Thermal Bath One of four baths, including a sound bath, heated bath and outdoor bath.

04 MU Memorial Memorial for Donald Beerbower

Arch 401 |2016| Professor: Bosuk Hur Partners: Yiqi Zhao Location: Ames, Iowa Description: This three-week memorial project was created for former Air Force pilot, Donald Beerbower, who tragically passed away on a flight during World War II. He inspired the ideas of neomonumentality found in our project: movement through space, interaction with people, and using light to provoke interest. Rather than creating an entirely new space for the memorial, we chose to transform an existing infrastructure into a monument. A typically lackluster space was transformed into an unforgettable experience. Two different types of movement were implemented in our memorial, walking and driving. The concept of light can be seen in the use of mirrors and the reflections they create; this is used to provoke interest in the people driving through the memorial. The walkers, who are able to look closer at the mirrors, will see an engraving on each mirror that represents and achievement by Mr. Beerbower, as well as a reflection of themselves. This project influenced our stance on neomonumentality, which was continued in the Flight Space project.

05 Row House Revival Timber in the City Competition 2nd Place BWBR Competition Arch 302 |2016| Professor: Calvin Lewis Partners: Ian Dillon Location: New York City, New York Description: Row House Revival is a new twist on the traditional row house, which was designed for the 2016 Timber in the City competition and was later selected for the BWBR competition. The program consisted of three main elements: a market, an Andy Warhol Museum, and over 200 apartment units; it was also required to use timber as its primary structural element. Rather than creating a huge apartment complex to house the 200+ units, we broke the housing down into smaller ‘pods’ with 12 units in each. This would be easily built with timber, as well as give the tenants a more intimate feel, with the amenities and space of a larger complex. A central courtyard provides a space for gathering, retreat from the city, and connection between the three programs. The programs are integrated through one central space, rather than being three separate pieces. Row House Revival aims to give the occupants an intimate yet connected feeling.

06 Mini Cities 3-D Printing for the Iowa State Hackathon

Arch 436 |2016| Professor: Leslie Forehand Partners: None Location: N/A Description: The mini city project was formed to create imaginary, 3-D printed cities for the Iowa State Hackathon. The sponsors of the Hackathon were kind enough to donate a 3-D printer, in exchange for the mini cities, created by Arch 436 students; these cities would then be used during their events. The city sits on under lit acrylic and is made to emulate an actual city’s power grid. The 3-D printed city is used by the Hackathon to visualize the hacking and defense of the city’s grid. The lights underneath the city correspond with the coders’ hacking and defense operations. This collaboration provided an interesting way for architecture students and computer science students to work together and learn from each other.

Iowa State University Hackathon 2016

07 Parks Photography Architectural Photography

Arch 437 |2017| Professor: Cameron Campbell Partners: None Location: Ames, Iowa Description: Parks Library at Iowa State University is the subject matter for my semester long photography assignment. Both interior and exterior shots were taken in order to present the building to its fullest potential. This course further sparked my interest in architectural photography, as well as increased my knowledge of photography and attention to detail.

Taylor Nicole Hess Iowa State University (815)978-7768

Taylor Hess Undergraduate Portfolio  

Taylor Hess Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio

Taylor Hess Undergraduate Portfolio  

Taylor Hess Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio