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Taylor Havens 2/ 27/13

Gossip in the TV World Gossip can be found in all different kinds of media in this generation and in our society. The three different rhetoric devices: ethos, pathos, and logos, are featured in an episode of Dawson’s Creek called Roadtrip. The episode consists of a couple of different situations where gossip is involved and rumors are spread, the characters portray the rhetorical devices with Joey, one of the main characters, shows ethos, pathos, and logos when it comes to the rumors being spread about her and how she handles them with help from her friends. The situations that go on throughout the episode appeal to the audience in a way that they could relate to the high school scenarios that were going on. I believe that the purpose of this episode is to show the audience that gossip is a main aspect of high school and that it can show a person’s true colors through their actions. Both the male and female genders sides of gossip were shown in this episode and they were both involved in the situations that went on. The first rhetorical device is ethos and it focuses on the credibility that the author brings to the episode. Joey, which is played by Katie Holmes, is one of the main characters that this episode focuses on and I have never seen any of Dawson’s Creek before this project and just from watching this one episode, I knew that Joey was a character I trusted from the way that the director portrayed her character and her actions. Being a part of the audience, I could see that Joey was a reliable character and

that the director wanted me to pay attention to her during this episode. A couple rumors were spread around her high school that she had sex with someone that she did not have sex with and then it escalated into Joey being pregnant. Joey handled the rumors well when she first found out and wanted to do the right thing but she let outside sources influence her which showed the audience that she is just human and didn’t want the gossip to take over the whole situation. When Joey first confronted Warren about the rumor, he said,” Look this can be a win win.”, and continued talking about how there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. Warren sees this rumor in a completely different way than Joey. He sees it as a way to boost their reputations instead of lying to everyone. The way that the director portrayed her character made the audience want to take her side and made the audience believe Joey when it came to the truth. Rumors have been in everyone’s life at one point in time so the ethos aspect throughout the episode can affect the audience because it could bring up some memories for them or they can recollect instances of when they spread the rumors. Ethos was used in the way that Joey handled the situation and how her character reached the audience and made them want to keep watching. The next rhetorical device is pathos, which deals with the emotions and how they affect the reader or audience. Pathos was the dominant appeal in this episode because all the gossip and rumors affect the characters and audience in an emotional way when all of the truths come out. When Joey finds out about the initial rumor being spread she felt very angry when she went to confront the guy who started it. He found a way to turn it around which changed her feelings from anger into sadness and made her feel guilty about it. Which shows an example of the male gender because it has been said that guys

don’t like confrontation when it comes to girls. The audience could feel her emotions and her character persuaded them to feel the same way Joey did when she was going through the events. The audience wanted to be on Joey’s side because I predict that a majority of the audience are girls and they want to see Joey be strong and come out on top. The emotions of the character were relatable to the audience because almost everyone has had a rumor spread about them or has been the one to spread them so with Joey being upset and then using her emotion to get back at the boy portrayed pathos. There were instances at my high school when rumors would get spread around about my good friends and I remember the emotions they felt and how they reacted and watching this episode made me think about them. The gossip in this episode is first spread from a guy who said that he supposedly had sex with Joey, he was a tall, macho football player who got all his “jock” friends to believe it which represents how the male gender can gossip, and his emotion came off as yes I am the king of the world. Joey’s feeling about the rumor were opposite, since the female gender are more sensitive, which made her retaliate with another rumor that he got her pregnant, which portrayed her very prominent emotional state and the audience could see that. Pathos was the most recognizable rhetorical device in this episode because gossip brings emotions of being hurt, angry, and upset which most of the characters in this episode showed. After the rumor about the pregnancy Warren was emotionally affected also because the other high school students would put baby items in his locker and call him different names by his peers. The male gender doesn’t take ridicule very well so Warren got really embarrassed, and the audience could see the emotion in his facial expressions and actions. He felt humiliated and helpless because everyone believed Joey and took her side with the rumors so pathos was evident while Warren was being affected by the

gossip. This episode of Dawson’s Creek was an emotional roller coaster and pathos was clear while the truth was working its way out of the gossip. The last rhetorical term is logos which means logical and it means persuading the audience by the use of reasoning. During the episode, one of Joey’s friends comes up to her and tells her that Warren was spreading the rumor about Joey and him hooking up. After Joey confronted Warren, she confided in one of her good friends Jen for help on the situation. Jen proclaimed,” I know a way to get back at him.”. Logos was portrayed in this scene because Jen tries to give Joey a logical solution to her problem but it doesn’t end up being the best decision. The audience can relate to this because everyone has had that one best friend that you can confide in. Jen told Joey to get revenge on Warren by spreading another rumor and Joey thought that Jen’s advice was the logical choice to go with. Jen used logos to show Joey that the rumor was the absolute best thing to do at the moment. Joey soon realized that adding to the gossip was not the best idea. Outside people like a teacher and other students would come up to her and address the situation and that is when logos came into play in her mind because Joey realized that starting the rumor about the pregnancy only made everything worse. At this point in the episode, the gossip has escalated from both genders and it has become a big web of lies. Even though this episode shows some of the extreme side of gossiping and rumors, logos still comes into play because it shows the audience that sometimes advice from someone you trust isn’t always logical and realistic. The three different rhetorical terms are all shown in this episode of Dawson’s Creek and are shown through the male and female genders. Ethos, pathos, and logos

combine with gossip in this episode to show how media can portray these devices and how they evolve through the process of the rumors.

Project 2 Summary

The TV show that I am choosing from is an episode from Dawson’s Creek called Road Trip. There is a lot of drama and gossip in this episode with both genders involved. The episode begins with Joey, played by Katie Holmes, walking down the road on the way to school and this boy Griffin who goes to the school wants to pick her up. Throughout the school day, he starts to gossip about how he had sex with her when they clearly didn’t do the deed. The rumor eventually gets back to Joey and she is distraught because she is only a sophomore who is a virgin. Her friend Jen gives her the advice to spread a different rumor that Griffin got Joey pregnant. As you can see the gossip goes back and forth in this episode. The rumor, like the other one, got spread around the school and got back around to a girl that knows most of the gossip about the student body. The friend of Jen’s who knows everything about everyone has a friend who dated Griffin knew some interesting facts about him and shared it with the friend. The fact about him is that he cannot get it “up” so the pregnant and sex rumor cannot be true that got spread around the school. Joey ends up confronting Griffin about everything that has happened and he didn’t exactly deny it but he wanted to make a compromise with Joey. They ended up agreeing that everything was made up and to go their separate ways. This episode of Dawson’s Creek also shows the different sides of the gender roles that we have been discussing in class. The male gender role was portrayed by Griffin spreading the rumor about having sex with Joey because most girls know that sex is pretty much always on boys’ minds. Also, when he talks about it to his friends they think he is so cool for getting around with a plethora of girls. The female gender role comes out when Joey is upset about this rumor and gossip going around about her and confronting the guy about it. Joey’s friends also portrayed the gender role because they had her back and wanted to get revenge on the guy who did her wrong. Link: Part One Part Two

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