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― OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES ― "Integrity, Accountability, Compliance, and Commitment are the guiding principles we must follow in our personal life and our profession." Integrity, Accountability, Compliance, and Commitment are the guiding principles we must follow in our personal life and our profession. Moral principles, personal virtues, values, and norms bind

the conduct of practice of accountants, tax practitioners, and financial consultants. The commitments we take and the decisions we make must always be based on these principles, and we must strive to uphold the best business practices and the highest ethical standards. Our ethical code and standards of practice not only protect the society but also place the profession on a pedestal among the most ethical one.


our reputation as a company is dependent upon our ability to inspire and create value for our Clients. We must be honest, credible, and trustworthy as it is our obligation to protect and enhance the trust of our Clients.

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“Integrity, Accountability, Compliance and Commitment”

we know that accords must be kept, and the long-term commitments define us as a company. In return, the loyalty to our Clients makes us stronger, focused and competitive.

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we are accountable for our business activities, and we are all willfully responsible for the wellbeing of our Clients, employees, affiliates, partners, and stakeholders.

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we obey the law, and we believe the ethical and moral standards are the core of our profession. We set our standards high, and we conform to those standards consistently and ubiquitously.

― OUR STANDARS OF PRACTICE ― "We reward ethical behavior with an emphasis on attention to clients, positive environment, and mutual respect." We believe the same principles apply to all, from employees to management and executives. Therefore, all TAXTAKE employees should be familiar with the Code and must accept it. Though the Code is part of TAXTAKE’s internal policy, we expect all external stakeholders, including but not limited to contractors, vendors, suppliers and temporary staff to share our vision in good faith and to act in the spirit of the Code.



Health and Safety

Equal Opportunity Employer

The health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, and affiliates are a number one priority for us. All our employees are required to attend frequent health and safety meetings, to administer and comply with all internal and external health and safety regulations. TAXTAKE employees are also required to follow the prescribed safety procedures, apply general precautions and good judgment when in use of electrical or other materials and equipment that may cause malfunctions, fire, threaten employees’ health or damage the employer’s property. Damages or malfunctions of property or equipment must be immediately reported to the department manager. For health and safety reasons, the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and use of illegal substances in and around the employer’s premises is strictly prohibited.





We are all born equal, and the employment at TAXTAKE is based entirely on individual merits, experience and qualifications directly related to the particulars of the occupation, including imposed legal requirements and professional competencies. Unlawful discrimination, abuse or harassment on the basis of sex, race, age, religion, nationality, marital status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, relationships, social status, physical or mental disability or similar characteristics of any kind is strictly prohibited.




Recall that our clients trust us with their personal information and to preserve that trust we must protect the privacy and the security of our clients’ information. Our Privacy Policy strictly limits access to such personal information and requires us to implement additional security measures. Collect, handle and use such information in agreement with our Privacy Policy and protect it from unauthorized access.


Social Responsibility TAXTAKE is a staunch supporter of numerous environmetal

protection and sustainability projects. We believe the future of our children is conditional upon the attitude we apply today. Though the direct participation of TAXTAKE employees in any of the social responsibility projects sponsored, administered or conducted by TAXTAKE is not mandatory, we encourage our employees to contribute and actively support our environmental protection efforts.





Intellectual Property

TAXTAKE supports the fight against the unauthorized use of intellectual property and related rights. The unauthorized use of TAXTAKE’s logo, designs, know-how, trademarks, patents, software, client lists and other intangible assets of similar character is strictly prohibited.







Privacy and Security


Positive Environment

We know that the positive attitude is an essential factor in business relationships. We aim to maintain a stress-free work environment, and verbal, physical or visual harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited. Should you believe you have been harassed by any of the TAXTAKE employees, partners, vendors or suppliers, you should immediately notify the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department is obliged to investigate your complaint and provide you with a written determination and course of further action.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest exist when an action, inaction, transaction or arrangement leads to employee benefit at the expense of the employer or the employer’s clients. As your loyalty cannot be divided, you should always aim to do what is best for the company and its clients.

― OUR EMPLOYEES ― "The wellbeing, personal and professional development of our employees is a first priority. Our employees are TAXTAKE’s most valuable resource."


Continuing Professional Education

The external and internal Continuing Professional Education, Additional Professional Development, Personal Development, and Ethical Education our employees complete on an annual basis are the building blocks of the TAXTAKE's Pyramid of Knowledge.


The practice of accountants and tax practitioners is heavily regulated by various governmental and professional organizations. The continuing professional education is the cornerstone of the regulatory framework and the fundament of our pyramid of knowledge. We require all employees in public practice to maintain a good standing with the professional organizations they belong to. To ensure compliance with the statutory requirements all TAXTAKE employees are required to report the continuing professional education credits they have obtained during the year. The report is made bi-annually to the employee’s direct manager.

2 3 credit hours of additional accounting and business ethics classes per year.

Additional Professional Development

In addition to the continuing professional education and development required by governmental and professional regulatory bodies, all TAXTAKE employees in public practice, shall attend and complete additional 15 hours of continuing professional education per year. The additional 15 hours of CPE shall fall in an area closely related to taxation, accounting, financial advisory, business consultancy and related technical skills. The department managers shall prepare and distribute a class attendance schedule to all employees in public practice. The employer shall cover the costs of the additional 15 hours of professional education.


Personal Development

Personal Development

10 credit hours of personal development classes per year.

Professional Development

15 credit hours of additional professional education and development classes per year.

Continuing Professional Education

Comply with the credit hours of continuing professional education required by a regulatory body or membership organization.

We believe the attitude we apply to our personal affairs reflects on our profession. Therefore, the personal development of our employees is equally important to us. All TAXTAKE employees shall attend and complete 10 credit hours of personal development classes per year. The personal development classes shall be devoted exclusively to softer skills. Employees shall be allowed to choose from areas such as communication, language, writing, mentoring, presentation, conflict resolution, management, negotiation, and similar selfdirected skills. The department managers shall prepare and distribute a class attendance schedule to all employees. The cost of the additional 10 hours of personal development classes shall be paid by the employer.


Moral and Ethics

The moral and ethical behavior is the tip of our pyramid of knowledge. Therefore, all TAXTAKE employees shall attend and complete additional 3 credit hours of business and professional ethics. The department managers shall prepare and distribute a class attendance schedule to all employees. The cost of the additional 3 credit hours of business and professional ethics shall be paid by the employer.

― CONFIDENTIALITY ― "It is up to all of us to preserve the confidentiality of the company and client information. Be proactive and take steps to protect confidential information from leaks and interference." Do not forget that our processes, know-how and intellectual property are our competitive advantage. Do not disclose TAXTAKE’s confidential information to anyone outside the company. Confidential company information may be disclosed only under a legal obligation or non-disclosure agreement, when there is an imminent need to conclude a contract or negotiate a deal. To ensure that the confidentiality of TAXTAKE’s information is preserved, protect your workstations with strong passwords, change your passwords on a regular basis and do not disclose them to anyone.



Client’s Confidentiality

We are committed to protecting the confidential information of our clients. Make sure confidential client information is properly secured, labeled and disposed of when applicable. To ensure confidentiality, it is strictly prohibited to print, photocopy, photograph, reproduce or handle client information outside the employer’s premises. Any violations of this policy must be immediately reported to the Management.


Internet Security

The protection of personally identifiable information is a primary concern, and we aim to address it with priority. The downloading or uploading of files on internal servers may compromise our Internet Security Policy. Malicious software or viruses can be transmitted through emails and websites. To protect our clients’ information, we have granted access to websites that are trustworthy and simultaneously restricted the access to non-work related websites. As part of our Internet Security Policy, employees are not allowed to access personal mailboxes or non-work related websites without explicit written consent. Files downloaded from external servers must be scanned to ensure that the highest level of security is maintained. Any internal or external breach of TAXTAKE’s Internet Security Policy must be immediately reported to the management.


Use of Employer’s Property and Assets

The use of computers, phones, equipment, paper and stationery is vital for our daily operations. These company resources are provided to you to serve a particular business purpose. Should you need to use a computer or any other office equipment for non-business related reasons, permission from the management is required. Notwithstanding the above, the use of personal diskettes, CDs, DVDs, USBs, flash drivers, or any other personal external or peripheral devices on the employer’s premises is strictly prohibited. At TAXTAKE we strive to maintain a paperless office environment and the reckless misuse of paper, stationery or similar resources will not be tolerated.

TAXTAKE reserves the right to monitor and inspect the information transmitted through or recorded on our internal systems, including emails, phone conversations, files, folders, servers and computer systems. Also, TAXTAKE may monitor or inspect the content or the condition of all company owned property, including vehicles, computers, cabinets, lockers, business documents and workplaces. TAXTAKE employees should not expect privacy when in a use of company owned property or equipment.

"We treat the Code seriously and respectfully. There is a zero tolerance for violations of the Code."


Report of Violations

Employees are required to report to management any action, inaction or situation that directly or indirectly violates any of the provisions of the Code. When in doubt whether a violation exists, the employees are required to consult with management and completely and fairly disclose all facts surrounding the potential violation.


Sanctions for Violations

We treat the Code seriously and respectfully. A failure to follow any of the provisions of the Code may result in disciplinary sanctions, breach of trust and termination of employment or in discharge of contractual relationships.


Governing Law

The governing law under the Code is complex, diversified and varies from one department to another. The legal references listed below are obligatory for management and consulting staff employed by TAXTAKE. Department specific legislation is provided to the relevant department managers, who are responsible for the distribution to all employees within the department. 1. Circular 230, as amended from time to time, governs practice before the Internal Revenue Service. Access the content at:

2. AICPA Code of Professional Conduct provides the principles that govern the conduct of accountants. Access the content at:

Everyone within Taxtake LLC is required to accept and comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct reminds all of us to behave ethically in every aspect of our business.

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Code of Conduct  

The Taxtake's Code of Conduct reminds us all to act ethically in every aspect of our business.