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How to start the career as a quantity surveyor If you would like to be a good or professional Quantity surveyor, then you need to follow some of some steps that help you to run a successful career as a quantity surveyor. Quantity surveyor plays an important role in construction filed. They work as a finical advisor and undertake the activities such as economic, legal and development phases in construction field. Work done by the quantity surveyor Role of quantity surveyor in construction field a. Estimating the project b. preparing a proposal documentation c. construction field survey d. payment recommendation from client e. planning the budget f. planning the tax depreciation schedule g. surveying the tender reports. The Quantity surveying is also provided for the building contractors which include:a. preparing and submitting the tenders b. Purchasing Bills of the project c. Maintaining the cost schedules d. estimating and tendering the project e. managing the tenders f. planning the project within proper legal and structural limits Categories of quantity surveyor a. private and public sector b. contractor and sub contractor c. legal sector d, financial sector e. consultant

f. developer The career of a quantity surveyors are more demanding and challenging role in a construction field. Some of the advantages gained by the quantity surveyor in construction field as listed below Advantages of choosing a quantity surveyor a. working with other professional like building contractors and developer for completing the project in a given time. b. involving in all types of construction projects like colleges, Commercial, offices, housing blocks, factories, hotels and roadways. c. Developing your knowledge in Chartered Quantity Surveyor gives more idea about surveying business so that it helps in earning greater salary and it can even helps you in starting your own quantity surveying business. d. the work not only in office but also in construction field e. due to demand, a professional quantity surveyor can choose their career in which he/she interested to work, like contractor, developer, subcontractor, public and private sectors. f. The salary packages are more reasonable with other fundamental expenses like mobile, company car and bonuses. g. Quantity surveyor participation in the construction project will gives greater different when comparing with work place and the industrial environment. College and Universities of quantity surveyor Some of the steps that you should know while choosing the career path as a quantity surveyor a. they are few colleges that offers quantity surveying/construction course for one or two years duration. b. the full or part time course of university studies for quantity surveying will take time duration of about 3 to 4 years. These are the steps to be followed for choosing the career as a quantity surveyor. Looking for the quantity surveyor in Australia? SJB Quantity Surveyors is one of the best among the quantity surveyor in Australia. They specialize in creating the tax depreciation schedules for commercial and residential investment properties. For more information please visit their website at

How to start the career as a quantity surveyor