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May 2019 | | 6

1) Did you know there’s not a single weld on the LEVC TXE? The whole vehicle is bonded together using two different types of super strength bonds. This technology is a first for the industry and usually reserved for super cars like Aston Martin.

2) The illuminated light is ‘glued’ on to panels ready to be attached to the frame of the taxi.

3) The taxi frame moves along the tracks and the panels are added. A series of quality control checks are undertaken at each station before moving on. These checks are logged electronically, making sure all parts are attached and fitted correctly.

4) The taxi reaches the windscreen station. A robot glues the edges of the frame and uses suction pads to pick the window up. Two technicians guide the windscreen into place. At this point, the taxi has most of its electric wires placed within the cabin and is ready to meet its undercarriage!

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