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“Tech could extend the age limits of current taxis” If the retrofit were approved by local authorities, the industry could see a swifter move to cleaner vehicles. In London alone there are roughly 4,300 taxis running at Euro 5 standard which could make the change and extend their taxi age limit by three years.

The system also includes the usage of serial OE SCR coatings and HJS ACU as a control unit, already used in several OE systems. The AdBlue dosing strategy is based on sensor signals (temperature, NOx) directly measured in exhaust flow and additional data from engine CAN (exhaust mass).

The retrofit would include the installation of two lamps in the taxi dashboard for MIL (yellow) and refilling AdBlue (blue).

Now for the technical bit! The vehicles will be approved according to the Energy Savings Trusts Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS). You can find more on the technology by visiting the The retrofit centres around the exhaust system of the HJS Emission Technology website. taxi. Existing after-treatment components DOC and DPF remain and standard OE parts are used to create the dosing system, AdBlue tank and sensors.

LTDA ask City Hall to invest in Euro 6 conversions to speed up industry air quality improvements The LTDA have teamed up with HJS Emission Technology in a bid to covert both TX4 and the Mercedes-Benz Vito taxi from Euro V to meet a certified Euro VI standard. Following the £24 million funding boost for the taxi delicensing scheme in London earlier this year, the total funds available stand at £42 million. Under the LTDA’s proposal, the cost of converting each taxi under the LTDA’s proposal is estimated at £4,000 and therefore converting 4,500 would cost a total of £18 million out of the total £42 million taxi delicensing budget.

The LTDA believes its proposals would be the best use of these funds, helping the taxi trade significantly reduce its contribution to NOx emissions much earlier than under TfL’s age limit reduction proposal. The additional benefit of retaining residual values in existing vehicles would enable more owners to upgrade to ZEC vehicles in the short to medium term, and result in a fully ZEC fleet much earlier than would otherwise be the case.

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