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IRS Tax Audit Consultant in Miami

Each year millions of law abiding Americans file their tax returns. Miami area itself has tens of thousands who file their income tax returns. Some of these folks prepare and file their own tax returns while others need professional assistance. Most professional tax preparers in Miami are honest and give you honest advice as well as do an honest job of filing your tax returns. Others return preparers in Miami have misguided notions of saving money for their client (and in the process earn more for themselves for their ‘tax saving services’). Nothing wrong in this except, in most instances, they don’t walk a straight line and soon enough, their client will receive a letter from the IRS seeking an explanation. A tax return preparer is essentially an expert in filing tax returns. He or she is supposed to be more than familiar with the entire tax structure, laws and even obscure clauses that impact your income and tax assessment. Yet, their knowledge is one-sided for they seldom know how the IRS actually assesses the tax returns. Hence the IRS Tax Audit Consultant and there are quite a few in Miami. So at the ground level, what is the difference between a return preparer who promises to save you thousands of dollars in taxes and an IRS Tax Audit Consultant? The difference is that the former will make well his promise and you will have to foot the bill later while the second will promise to save you taxes only where possible. This means he may or may not be able to save any taxes for you but there is one thing he can guarantee you; he will file flawless tax returns for you – one that will not cause you an unwanted headache in the months ahead. Basically, a return preparer who promises to save you money, commits a fraud while preparing and filing of tax returns. He will claim false deductions, inflated personal or business expenses, excessive exemptions or unallowable credits on returns prepared for his clients. In some situations, the client may be informed about the manipulations but in most cases, they are not. In all cases however, they end up facing the heat from the IRS.

IRS Tax Audit Consultant in Miami The IRS Tax Audit Consultant on the other hand, is governed by a set of ethics. Having a code of ethics does not rule out bad apples but it does reduce the possibility. So far we have not come across any ‘bad’ IRS Tax Audit Consultants in Miami. The Miami based IRS Tax Audit Consultant knows the tax laws inside out. If there is any way of saving you money without breaking the law or circumventing the rules, they will do it. Saving you money honestly and intelligently earns them more clientele than through any other means. Under no circumstances will a Miami based Professional IRS Tax Audit Consultant levy a fee that is a percentage of the money he expects to save you. Also, in the unlikely event there are any queries from the IRS officials, the best person to answer them is your IRS Tax Audit Consultant. Your tax returns preparer will not do it for you. When it comes to filing your tax returns or helping you with IRS queries or any IRS tax problems, choose wisely, and if you are in Miami, choose a Miami based IRS Tax Audit Consultant.

Irs tax audit consultant in miami  

Each year millions of law abiding Americans file their tax returns. Miami area itself has tens of thousands who file their income tax return...