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The Basics of Me I was born in Northern Alberta and grew up in a small farming community located only a few hours from the NWT border. I am the oldest child of six children and the only girl, which makes for an exciting and adventurous childhood. I lived most of my life on a budding sheep farm which, more than anything, taught me how to pitch in and work hard.

My Goals and Accomplishments I am very excited about teaching and I hope to become a truly exceptional teacher one day. I love kids and learning and figuring out new and creative ways to build knowledge and understanding. I have taught grade two children at a week long Vacation Bible School for a few summers, as well as volunteered as a counsellor at a Bible Camp for young children for one summer. This summer I worked in a local government office in my hometown as a GIS assistant, where my main responsibility was creating and updating municipal district maps, which was an interesting learning experience and taught me some of the basics of how communities operate.

My Top Five Favourite Things. Ever. * Unicorns * Green tea * The smell of cinnamon rolls * Puppies * Summertime 287716

My Hobbies, Skills, and Interests Among my favorite things to do are drawing, reading a good book, and hanging out with my best friends and crazy family. I also enjoy spending time out of doors hiking, swimming, camping, and riding horses. I have a passion for art and hope to learn some skills in painting and design. I also love music and hope to learn to play at least one musical instrument well.

What I Hope To Inspire In My Students I hope that my presence and influence as a teacher will encourage students to be the best they can be, despite any doubts that other people have in them or that they have in themselves. I want to inspire people of passion and motivation to go out into the world and do incredible things, despite the odds against them. I want to grow a generation who loves to learn and who understands the power they have to impact the lives of so many people, everywhere they go! Contact me at: or phone me at (780) 555-4321

Miss. Schmidt

September Newsletter

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