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Principal's Annual Report to the Board of Trustees and Parents November 2013



INTRODUCTION I have the honour of presenting my twelfth Annual Report to the Board of Trustees and parents, detailing events and matters of significance in this, the 52nd year of the College's life.


ROLL The rolls at 1 March for the years 2003 - 2012 were as follows: Year

Year 9

Year 10

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

282 284 291 298 301 298 291 299 296 307 322

273 296 290 305 306 297 306 292 307 292 312

Year 11Year 12 272 265 297 279 308 295 293 303 285 302 290

233 246 251 268 259 300 285 276 279 288 299

182 209 231 207 215 224 275 261 271 267 263

Year 13


1252 1300 1344 1357 1389 1414 1450 1433 1438 1456 1486

Points to note: (i) A healthy Year 9 intake managed by an Enrolment Scheme; (ii) A fairly even distribution of students although weighted to the junior end of the school. 3

ENROLMENTS The Board continues to operate as it has done since 1991 under the enrolment scheme because the college is in danger of overcrowding. For the fourteenth consecutive year balloting was used to select students from outside the College’s home zone for enrolment in Year 9 in 2013.


STAFFING At the end of 2012 we said farewell to Rachel Ubiaga (Art), Sarah Coates (Network Manager), Rachel Courian (English) and in January 2013 David Olsen (Information Technology). Robert Bain had a years’ leave of absence, teaching in Christchurch. Three staff members were on maternity leave at the start of 2013, Megan Miller (English, Psychology & Classical Studies), Laura Boyd (Science) and Hilary Asquith (English). The year commenced with the following new staff members: Samantha Litherland (Psychology), Kuda Paradza (Mathematics), Marie Oliver (Science and Physical Education), Katie Pass (English), Suzanne Balasingham (English), Patrick McNichol (English), Brent Ford (English) and Anne Davies-Colley (Drama and English).

3 On the last day of Term 1 we said farewell to Leanne Jenkins. Sarah Ellix (Information Technology) went on maternity leave and was replaced by Gordon Hall. During Term 1, Suzanne Balasingham moved overseas and was replaced by Christel Dodunski who returned from study leave. Others that left during the course of the year were Holly Hoddinott (maternity leave), Amiee Grigg (maternity leave), Helen Roper (Science Technician) and resignations were received from Katie Pass, Monica Rogers, Joe Lawson, Robert Bain and Megan Miller. During Term 4, Tessa Young went on maternity leave. Replacements included Hilary Asquith (English), Laura Boyd (Science) and Malcolm Bradshaw (Mathematics). 5

RECOGNITION OF STAFF David Olsen David joined the staff in 2002 and headed up the Information Technology Department for 11 years until his retirement in January 2012. David was not only a capable teacher of Information Technology from Year 9 through to Year 13 but was also an effective leader of the IT Department. David stabilised the IT network at Tawa College and provided much technical expertise as the IT infrastructure was upgraded. David made an excellent contribution in co-curricular activities particularly Robotics and Squash. Michael Gates Michael Gates was appointed to Tawa College in February 2003 as a Teacher of English. He has also taught Drama during his time at the school and recently he has had a leadership role within the English Department as Acting HOD. Michael is an outstanding classroom teacher who connects with students in a very effective way. He was a Dean for 2005 through to 2012 and demonstrated his unique ability to develop relationships with his year level students working with them to guide them through their secondary schooling. He had a particular interest and involvement in the introduction of Restorative Practices at Tawa College which has made a tremendously positive impact on the school. Michael has invested considerable hours working with students and parents in pastoral matters associated with Restorative Practice. Over recent years Michael has been the Staff Representative on the Tawa College Board of Trustees acting as a conduit for staff input and feedback.

Michael has made a huge contribution to the wider life of the school. He has involved himself in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competition, Girls Cricket, Theatre Sports and also introduced a Film Club for the students. He has assisted with school drama productions throughout the years and always brings an element of fun and laughter to special events at the college including Valentine’s Day and staff functions. He is someone that is always cheerful and his manner is wonderful for staff morale. We are sad to see Michael leave Tawa College but we wish him all the very best for his new role at Wellington East Girls’ College.


Geoff O’Halloran Geoff O’Halloran was appointed as Deputy Principal of Tawa College in February 1998. In his 17 years of service at the school he has been a great ambassador for the college having established excellent connections with both parents and students and members of the wider college community. He has a genuine concern for the welfare of all of the students and staff and this has been a real strength to the college. His major teaching subject was Mathematics however in recent years he has taught Automotive Studies as the curriculum has developed to include more vocationally orientated subjects. In both subjects Geoff had a real rapport with his students and ensured that they experienced success.

In his earlier years his role was predominantly focussed on the discipline aspects of the school and in this he demonstrated a very fair and equitable approach to each and every situation which was appreciated by everyone involved. Latterly Geoff has been passionate about developing pathways for students as they leave secondary schooling and has worked closely with the Transition Department and tertiary institutions to ensure the ongoing success of our school leavers. Geoff has a natural ability to connect with people of all backgrounds. He has been particularly passionate about developing connections with our Maori and Pasifika communities. In recent years he has brought together whanau and school leaders to focus on lifting achievement of this group of students. Tawa College is now looked upon by other schools and the Ministry as a role model in this area. Geoff has served the college with dedication and pride over a number of years. He has fulfilled roles outside of the college on the Deputy and Assistant Principals Association as well as having key advisory positions within the Ministry of Education. Each year we welcome new teachers onto the staff at Tawa College and Geoff has developed a wonderful orientation programme for them that is highly inclusive and informative. Geoff is a very people focussed and loyal individual. To have this in a Deputy Principal has been a real asset to the school. He has an impish sense of humour, is always willing to listen to the concerns of students and staff and brings a sunny disposition to all that he is involved in. We thank him for his immense contribution to Tawa College. We will miss his cheerful and helpful manner but wish him well for the next chapter in his life. 6

EXAM RESULTS and ACADEMIC STATISTICS FOR 2012 The results achieved by Tawa College students in 2012 in public examinations comparing Tawa College against the national average are as follows:


Level NCEA Level 1 NCEA Level 2 NCEA Level 3 NCEA Level 1 Literacy NCEA Level 1 Numeracy 7

Tawa College 79.9% 90.2% 67.7% 95.4% 90.1%

NZ Average +12.9% +18.7% +10.4% +13.1% +9.5%

TARGETS FOR 2012 AND ANALYSIS OF ACHIEVEMENT Three school targets were set for 2012:


Target 1:

To reduce stand downs and suspensions in 2012.


In 2012 we had five stand downs and nine suspensions. This marked reduction of stand downs and suspensions has been encouraging. The atmosphere in the school is excellent. I quote from the 2012 ERO report “a calm, respectful atmosphere prevails school wide. The positive tone is reinforced by a well understood set of values and the implementation of restorative practices�.

Target 2:

To have continued attainment in NCEA Levels 1 and 2 and improved performance at NCEA Level 3 for Maori and Pasifika students.


At Levels 1 and 2 in 2012 our Maori and Pasifika students were significantly above the national average for Maori and Pasifika students respectively. At Level 3 our Maori students also achieved at a higher level than the national average for Maori students. Our Pasifika Level 3 stduents were on a par with the national average for Pasifika students.

Target 3:

To maintain a high number of subject scholarships and increase the high level of Merit and Excellence endorsements in all NCEA levels.


In 2012 we obtained 17 subject scholarships, two more than the two previous years. In terms of percentage of Merits and Excellences the percentages were at their highest for Level 1 and Level 3 and at their second highest at Level 2 since the introduction of endorsements.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY The College continues to offer a wide range of activities through the services of staff, parents, past students and friends of the wider College community. Sports within the college continue to be strong and particular mention must go to Mrs Maxine Gordon our Sports Director, as well as our Teacher in Charge of Sport, Mr R Redpath.


The college’s cultural groups, Music, Drama, Dance, Kapa Haka and Debating are also very strong. I would particularly like to the thank Mr M Cameron and members of the Music Department and music itinerant staff, Ms J Rangihaeta and Mr D Ngatai for their work with the Kapa Haka group and Ms A Kelly, editor of Tawahi, the Tawa College magazine. I would also like to acknowledge the many other teachers, parents, past students and friends who support cultural and sporting activities at the college. The Tawa College magazine, Tawahi lists in more detail all co-curricular activities and those who assist in their administration. A major highlight of the year has been the performance of Beauty and the Beast the major production for 2013 under the direction of Mr I Stone which played for six nights to appreciative audiences and showcased the acting, musical, dancing and technical abilities of our students. The assistance of a parent Ms Sara Scott as choreographer also needs to be acknowledged. Another highlight was the continuing success of our Barbershop Choruses. In the National Secondary School Competition our Girls Chorus Maiden Tawa was placed 1st, our Boys Chorus Acafellas was placed second, our Boys Quartet The Pitch Hikers were placed 1st and our girls quartets were placed a creditable 5th and 8th. The Twilight Tones and the Dawn Chorus both performed creditably in the Regional Big Sing event. Tawa College’s performance in Stage Challenge 2013 was of a very high standard and was very well received. Our Junior Certificate Debating Team were finalists in the Wellington Regional debating competition. The school also held a number of outstanding drama productions throughout the year which showcased the excellent dramatic talents of our students. The College also had an evening performance of Optical Velocity in which our Dance students performed. Our contribution to the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competition was also well received. In sport, our teams continue to perform at a high level. The most impressive team performance was that of our Boys Waka Ama U16 team who won both the Regional and National Secondary Schools competitions in the 500m event and they played 1 st at the Regional and 2nd in the National competitions in the 250m event. This is a fantastic effort considering the large number of teams involved in the competition. We were also placed 1st nationally in the sport of Cheerleading. Our Girls Cricket and Boys and Girls 1 st XI Football teams are in the Premier A Grade Wellington Regional Secondary Schools competition. Our Girls Cricket team are currently placed 1st equal and the Boys Football team qualified for the NZ Secondary Schools competition and performed creditably at the event. The Boys Rugby 1st XV had an encouraging season. The highlight was an excellent performance against the eventual winners of the Grade, Wairarapa College when they came from 22-0 down at half time to defeat Wairarapa College 24-22 in an earlier round.


The sports exchanges with Havelock North High School and Nayland College went well as did the Junior Triangular event with Newlands and Onslow Colleges. We again competed with five other co-educational schools in the Lower North Island in both summer and winter sports. Our Boys Rugby team won their event and overall Tawa College were placed 3rd. The Tawa College Cheerleading squad continue to perform well at both regional and national level. Individually, our star performer has been Ben Walsh who has won a NZ Open Swimming Title in Breaststroke and has also set numerous national and regional age group records in various events. Alyse Derby again won the Wellington Regional Badminton competition as did Pratt Keerasuntonpong in the Wellington Regional Tennis competition and Brady Bernard in the Regional Golf Competition. In September the Tawa College Swimming team won the Huia Cup for Wellington Coeducational secondary school teams. Jess Kerr continues to perform at a high level in Cross Country as does Emelie Clarke in Multisport. 9

PROPERTY Ongoing maintenance occurred throughout the year. I want to acknowledge the work of our Executive Officer, Mrs F Kelly and Property Manager, Mr V Comis who work closely with the Board of Trustees Property Committee. At the end of 2012 the pine trees adjoining the motorway were removed. This proved to be a significant blessing as they would have undoubtedly gone down in the big storm of 20th June 2013. The grounds staff have done a fantastic job looking after our fields and this is very much appreciated.


PARENTS, SCHOOL AND THE COMMUNITY We were pleased in 2013 to offer parents a wide range of information evenings and I thank the staff who willingly assisted on these occasions. They included:

• An information afternoon for parents of new Year 9 students; • An information evening to give an insight into the school to prospective parents prior to enrolment applications being received; • Meet the teachers’ evenings for parents of students at all levels where school reports were discussed; • Two Careers Information evenings for Maori and Pasifika students at Tawa College; • An additional Meet the Teacher evening at the end of Term 3 to review senior students NCEA progress; • A course information evening for Year 10-13 students and parents with information about the National Certificate of Educational Achievement; As well as the events mentioned above, thanks to the initiative of the Tawa College Parents and Teachers Association we hosted two successful evening meetings which dealt with student health and wellbeing issues. The first involved the subject of

8 resilience and we were grateful for the expertise of Dr Marc Wilson and Jessica Garisch from Victoria University. The second evening featured Nathan MikaereWallis who spoke about the impact of alcohol and drugs on the teenage brain. Both events were very well attended and positive was received. I attend regular meetings of the Tawa College Parents and Teachers Association. This year they have allocated funds to assist with the purchase of a new school van and numerous other items. I would like to thank the PTA Executive for their hard work and in particular the current President, Mrs Kim Paver, the Secretary, Mrs Sandra van Endt and Treasurer, Mrs Gillian Cross. I also want to acknowledge the sterling contribution of our Canteen Manager Mrs Jackie Chapman. I am grateful to the many officials, parents and friends of the College who play such a significant role in sport. I thank the parents and other members of the wider college community who support the students in our many musical and cultural groups, together with the Whanau Advisory Committee for its valuable input with regards to educating Maori students who attend Tawa College. 11

SPONSORSHIP I am grateful to the Tawa Baptist Church and the Tawa Rotary Club who continue to make regular contributions to the Principal’s Emergency Fund which assists pupils in difficulty in a variety of ways. Another group who have contributed to this fund are the Tawa Good Neighbours Club. I would like to thank Harcourts Real Estate for also supporting the school in particular ways.


BOARD OF TRUSTEES The task of running a large urban secondary school is complex and demanding and it has been reassuring to have the combined abilities of a very capable Board of Trustees who understand clearly the difference between governance and management. It is worth noting that our long serving Chairperson, Mrs Marie Prescott stood down during the year also with our Deputy Chairperson, Mr John Kyne. I would like to thank them both for the huge contribution they have given selflessly to Tawa College. I would like to acknowledge our current Chairperson, Mrs Sue Abraham and Deputy Chairperson, Mr Pravin Jeram for their excellent contribution to this school. In September 2013 Massey Isa’ako replaced Alex Sharp as Student Representative on the Board of Trustees.


SELF REVIEW During the year the following have been received by the Board via the Principal:

 At the conclusion of 2012 we received the ERO report which was extremely positive  A roll audit of the college was conducted in October

9  Consultation took place regarding development of the Tawa College Strategic Plan with the Board of Trustees All these reports and meetings were very positive about the College and also provided valuable insights into areas that we can improve upon. 14

CONCLUDING REMARKS In 2013 Tawa College provided students with many opportunities to succeed academically and also to serve, participate and develop their leadership potential. The senior formal was an example of a well organised event which demonstrates the inclusive and positive enjoyment of social activities. I have also been delighted that students initiatives, The Breakfast Club and Survivor Challenge have continued and have not only helped students but have also raised money for worthwhile causes. I particularly want to thank the caring, supportive and hard-working staff for the fine way they have worked to provide quality support to address students’ academic and pastoral needs.

Murray Lucas Principal

Annual report to community 2013