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What is Hemorrhoids

What is Hemorrhoids and How Do I cure it?

By Tavorian Aleshire

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What is Hemorrhoids So call me a naïve little boy but when I picture the word hemorrhoids in my minds honestly I see a grumpy old man sitting on an inflatable donut. Please excuse me if you happen to fall into my description I heartly apologize in advance since I didn’t expect the current picture of hemorrhoids in my head, my lovely pregnant wife with a very noticeable baby bump. The next words she said coming out of the doctor’s office will haunt me for years, “what is hemorrhoids and why do I have it and how can I get rid of it!” Obviously my wife was under so much stress I didn’t want her trying to find out what is hemorrhoids so I took the initiative and went on Google to see what it is and what I could do to cure hemorrhoids for her. Unfortunately what I found wasn’t really cures but a ton and I mean two elephants worth of old wives tales and supposed remedies. A lot of these so called cures were laughable to the point that the cures looked like they might be more on the lines of being dangerous. After a few days of Google searching I finally found a website that demystified everything there was to know about hemorrhoids and since it really cannot be cured, there are ways to make it livable. An easy fix since we were already getting prepared for our blessed baby was to replace the toilet paper with baby wipes. If these baby wipes are good for a developing baby’s bottom then they’re great for an inflamed area, down there. She found relief using the baby wipes and was not at all adverse to using them given the relief she was feeling. The next step in the process was to get her to wear grannie panties, while the most unattractive underwear made, they are loose fitting and made out of cotton and do not cause unneeded friction down there, which is a very big irritant. She found that the granny panties worked well, of course she would never be caught dead in them after the baby, but that was work for another day.

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What is Hemorrhoids All in all I was able to find simple and easy to implement livable solutions and help my quest on finding out what is hemorrhoids. The website I found proved to be an invaluable resource that I referenced daily and kept on trying out more and more ways to ease my pregnant wifes pain and suffering with hemorrhoids, if you need this website also it’s

Tavorian Aleshire

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What is Hemorrhoids Recommended Hemorrhoids Treatment Resources:  Shrink Hemorrhoids Guide by a Nutritionist  How to Spot Hemorrhoids by aMedical Researcher  Guide to Treating Hemorrhoids Herbally

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What is Hemorrhoids and How Do I cure it Without Embarressment?  

Obviously my wife was under so much stress I didn’t want her trying to find out what is hemorrhoids so I took the initiative and went on Goo...