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YCN Copyright Proposal The video Video Piracy - You wouldn’t steal a Handbag is a funny yet violent advertisement against illegal downloading. It explains scenarios where you be would doing something illegal stating “You wouldn’t steal a car” or “you wouldn’t steal a handbag”. These scenarios are showing someone doing something illegal and is comparing it to stealling. Where it gets funny is when it starts showing silly scenarios such as “You wouldn’t take a dump in an policemens hat”. I was thinking about doing a video like this but it seems to violent and silly and would not be effective as a advert against illegal downloading. The website lets you put your face into adverts, paintings and many other pictures.

My idea is to have a web advertisement that uses your your face from a facebook picture to advertise a fake product using real poster ads that have been changed around in photoshop. Heres an example of my idea. On the left is a poster advertising Calvin Klein and on the right is a picture of myself. I have fused my face with the Calvin Klein male model. Doing this I have used myself to advertise a product, if this was to pop up as an

advertisment just before I was to download something illegally then I might see to irritation of my picture being used without my perrmission. This funny and silly way of using your photo as the face for selling products could put people a stray from downloading illegally.