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CLUB DIRECTOR The reviews are in and the consensus is that this year’s Tavistock Cup, hosted at Lake Nona, was the best tournament yet. I would like to congratulate our team for the win and our members for their support. The sea of blue cheering on our squad certainly became the 11th man. Another congratulations to Graeme McDowell for an incredible round of 66 to win the Payne Stewart Salver award, on St. Patrick’s Day no less. A perfect ending to a perfect two days of competition. We have decided to rebuild the greens at Holes 5 and 13 this summer. These two greens have been very difficult to maintain to our standards over the years, and the time has come to start from scratch. Both greens will expand by nearly 50%, but the shapes and contours will remain very close to the original design. Hole 5 will be expanded into the left greenside bunker and will be just a touch deeper. Hole 13 will be expanded primarily to the right and will also become a bit deeper. This expansion will allow for many more pin placements and will relieve some of the compaction issues caused by foot traffic in the same general walk-on and walk-off areas. Additionally, outlets for the Sub Air System will be installed to give us more flexibility with our cultural practices and “help” the turf along when and if needed. Construction will begin June 16. We anticipate the greens to be fully rebuilt and grassed by July 15. Our projected opening date for these two greens is Oct. 1. This date could be a bit sooner or later depending on the grow in of the new surfaces. We thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to make improvements to the course. Until next time, see you at the Club.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Please join us in extending a warm Lake Nona welcome to the following new Club Members and their families:


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New Member Yani Tseng Mr. and Mrs. Bob Izzi

Sponsor Eric Allain Bob DeFacci