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TAVERNIER c h o c o l a t e s

handcrafted in Vermont

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earthy, elegant chocolates hand made in the heart of southern vermont seasonally inspired, locally sourced


to our adventure With backgrounds in biology and chemistry, coffee roasting, cafés and restaurants, we take the slow food and locavore movements to heart. The history of the Green Mountains and Connecticut River valley and its farms, forests and people are a constant inspiration to us. We are most excited when our recipes evoke the flavors and sights of walking along a New England forest trail, or through a field or orchard. We pair the finest single origin chocolate couverture with Vermont-based ingredients that include Vermont Creamery chévre and créme fraîche, Thomas Dairy and Butterworks Farm buttermilk and cream, local maple, honey and cheeses from multiple sources, locally crafted spirits and comestibles, and fruits, mushrooms, flowers and herbs from local farmers and foragers in season.

Dar Tavernier & John Singer Tavernier Chocolates 74 Cotton Mill Hill #A124 Brattleboro Vermont 05301 (802) 257-5806 photos by Christina Bernales

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shareable+giftable+pairable with cheese+wine+bread+fruit


CHARCUTERIE Mont Vert Terrine rich, creamy paté-style chocolate ganache enriched with Vermont dairy, Vermont Creamery chévre, Vermont raw honey & a pinch of lavender blossom Sapling Paté Chocolat smooth, silky chocolate ganache fortified with Vermont dairy, Vermont Creamery créme fraîche, & Saxtons River Distillery’s Sapling maple bourbon Mortadella di Cioccolato sliceable vegetarian dark chocolate ganache studded with pistachios, medjool dates & housemade King Arthur Flour cardamom shortbread Chocolate Salami sliceable vegetarian dark chocolate ganache studded with roasted hazelnuts, marsalamarinated dried black mission figs & housemade King Arthur Flour rosemary shortbread

walnut maple crĂŠme cobblestone

toasted walnut submerged in coombs family farms maple fondant, dark venezuelan chocolate

smoked maple praline geode

toasted mixed nuts caramelized with sugar bob’s finest kind smoked maple syrup in dark chocolate

magic mountain

dark chocolate burnt caramel ganache fortified with spruce & juniper berry

queen bee

vermont peanut butter company peanut butter & vermont raw honey in a dark chocolate cup finsihed with bee pollen

bleu h dome

Bayley H cheese & chocola with smo a crisp d shell

hour e

Hazen Blue & dark milk ate ganache oked sea salt in dark chocolate

kĂ­r vermont gem

putney mountain winery cassis & vermont hard apple cider in dark chocolate ganache

puffball mushroom truffle

cocoa butter-rich venezuelan white chocolate with vermont heavy cream & raw honey, spanish saffron

frost truffle

dark chocolate & porcini mushroom with rosemary burnt caramel



with a Vermont twist salted cashew granite

cashews drenched in white chocolate with Atlantic Saltworks sea salt

maple buttermilk log

coombs family farms maple sugar & syrup caramelized with butterworks farm buttermilk in dark chocolate

good things come in all SHAPES+SIZES

B A R N O N E the most beautiful & delicious chocolates spring snow

nibby milk

34% venezualan white pistachio dried strawberry pink himalayan salt

41% hawaiian milk cacao nib black hawaiian sea salt

botanical 58.5% venezuelan dark dried rose french lavender hibiscus calendula


61% venezuelan dried raspbe hibiscus blo pink pepper

Packaged in clear and compostable cellophane wrappers with an elegan

Available in 1oz. bars & 3 oz.tablets. Inquire about seasonal and special-

dark erry ossom rcorn


blue lemon

65% venezuelan dark toasted hazelnut roast coffee bean atlantic sea salt

65% colombian dark dried blueberry candied lemon peel

brattlebar 73.5% venezuelan dark dried goji berry raw pumpkin, hemp & chia seeds

nt slender ivory band, so the beauty of the bars shows through

-edition flavors available in addition to the classics pictured here

forage collection

frost truffle

black trumpet truffle

saffron honey puffball mushroom truffle

SIGNATURE forest truffle


Forage Collection mushroom-inspired chocolates including our Forest Truffle (Italian white truffle oil & smoked sea salt milk chocolate ganache), Frost Truffle (dark chocolate & porcini mushroom with rosemary burnt caramel), Black Trumpet Truffle (locally foraged black trumpet mushroom & 70% dark chocolate ganache), & Saffron Vermont Honey Puffball Mushroom Cabane ĂĄ Sucre locally sourced maple bonbons including a pair of Maple Buttermilk Logs, Smoked Maple Praline Geode, & Walnut Maple CrĂŠme Cobblestone Birds & Bees Box avian & apian-inspired bonbons include a Saffron Honey Puffball Mushroom, Queen Bee Peanut Butter Cup, a pair of dark chocolate & dried raspberry eggs, & a pair of pure chocolate petit birds

HOLIDAY specialities

stuffed & dipped figs

Stuffed & Dipped Figs dried black mission figs stuffed with a milk chocolate & Bayley Hazen Blue cheese ganache, dipped in dark chocolate & rolled in salted & toasted pecans Fireside Bar 70% dark chocolate from a nine bean blend of criollo, forestero & trinitario, studded with toasted almonds, applewood smoked sea salt & crunchy cacao nibs Vermont Romance Kit evoking a snowy night by the fire, a pair of Saffron Honey Snowball truffles & a pair of Maple Buttermilk Logs – just add wine or champagne Special Boxed Collections & Holiday Bonbons celebrate Christmas, Chanukkah, Easter, Passover, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day with seasonal recipes & curated collections of chocolate bonbons, tba near the holiday

terrafunga bar in collaboration with a local mushroom grower & forager, locally harvested maitake mushrooms candied & paired with roasted hazelnut on 58.5% dark chocolate

Tavernier Chocolates 74 Cotton Mill Hill #A124 Brattleboro Vermont 05301 (802) 257-5806

Tavernier Chocolates Product Catalog 2016-2017  

Our line of chocolate bars and tablets, chocolate charcuterie, and chocolate truffles and bonbons

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