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New lawyer keen to help Marieta Heidi Ilalio A young lawyer admitted to the bar yesterday says her goal is to help the people of Samoa. Ane Tuasivi Iati Imo, 24, of Tula’ele, was accepted into the bar by Chief Justice Patu Tiava’asue Falefatu Sapolu, in the Supreme Court. Attorney General, Aumua Ming Leung Wai and Mareva Betham-Annandale, of the Samoa Law Society, witnessed her being accepted Ms Imo is the proud daughter of Reverend Nukulaelae Iati Imo and Tuasivi. She graduated from the University of the South Pacific (USP) with a law degree after having spent six months for work experience in Fiji. Ms Imo says without the goodness of God, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve her dream. “My goal is to strive for the best and make use of my chosen field of work to help the people of Samoa.” Her parents are naturally pleased. “I thank God for helping my daughter,” says her proud mother. “It’s not easy when your children go away to learn but I’m pleased that she’s achieved what she wanted. This is a very happy moment for our family.” Rev. Imo says her daughter is a hard working young woman and he commended her perseverance. “This (a lawyer) is what I wanted her to become,” Rev Imo says. “I just hope my daughter’s career will assist the people of Samoa who need her service.” Ms Imo took the oath in front of Chief Justice Patu. This was witnessed by Attorney General Aumua and Mrs Betham-Annandale. Ms Imo is the third of six children.

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READY TO SERVE: New lawyer Ane Iati Imo and her proud parents Tuasivi and Rev Nukulaelae Imo.

Appointment raises eyebrows



are unfair. “As far as we are concerned, he was certainly the best man for the job,” Mr Stokes told the Weekend Observer. Local applicants did not have any experience relevant to the field of ground handling services. “One of the applicants had worked in the Airline industry for a very long time but he dealt with Sales and not ground handling,” he explained. “Mr Bowden has much more experience in the field.” Mr Stokes questioned why the Weekend Observer questioned the appointment. Told that the newspaper has received complaints from members of the public, he said; “I don’t understand why this is any of your concern.” In the staff memo obtained by the Weekend Observer, Mr Stokes said that “Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the operation which I am sure will be invaluable

to our operation.” He explained that Mr Bowden worked for Air New Zealand for 28 years in roles such as Logistics Controller, Load Control Supervisor, Ramp Coordinator, Passenger Services, Training Supervisor and Manager of Samoa Region. He also worked for Polynesian Airlines in New Zealand for 11 years as their Airport and Cargo Manager in which he was responsible for activities in Auckland and Wellington. Over the past six years, Mr Bowden has been the Chairman of the Airline Operators Committee in Auckland and was an officer on the Board of Airline Representatives NZ. Last year, Oceania Aviation Services took over the multimillion-tala ground-handling contract for Polynesian Blue (now Virgin Samoa), from Polynesian Airlines. The decision, made for ‘safety reasons,’ cost some Polynesian Airlines’ workers their jobs.


02 04 FEBRUARY 2012WEEKEND OBSERVER READY TO SERVE: New lawyer Ane Iati Imo and her proud parents Tuasivi and Rev Nukulaela...