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The Translator’s Perspective by Jost Zetzsche

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I'm really excited about the progress that I've seen in these tools. However, none of these tools actually retrieves several suggestions from one MT engine per sub-segment (instead, they use several engines with one suggestion each). In addition, none of them is dynamic in the sense that the MT is continuously queried and re-queried on the basis of what has already been chosen as the right translation. See, the power of getting several suggestions from one MT makes so much sense with customized machine translation engines. It might be helpful to get lots of suggestions from a non-specialized MT, but from a specialized MT, it's kind of like TM on steroids. It provides all the different combinations of language that you trained it on. Will it come up with the right solution?

It provides all the different combinations of language that you trained it on.

Sure it will, if you can dig deep enough and look for fragments rather than the whole segment, and if the digging can happen purposefully through the keystrokes that you enter rather

than some awkward search functionality, thus placing the oversight and control squarely in your hands. Now couple that with an interactive reformulation of the suggestions based on what you previously decided on as your translation? (Please stop drooling on your keyboard!) I had a lovely talk with Spence Green the other day. Spence is just about to finish his PhD in computer science at Stanford. Among other things he's been working on a system that utilizes the Stanford MT system and does all those things that I've described above. He gave me access to his otherwise non-public system for a little while, and I captured myself doing some translation with his system (see video below). You can see a couple of things in the little video (regardless of whether you read German). First, there are several translations for each word that the MT suggests. You can see them by just hovering over the source text. Second, you can see that the machine translation suggests a translation for both of the segments (the grey text in the target fields)which continuously changes as I decide on my ongoing translation.


TAUS Review#2 - The Quality Issue - January 2015  

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