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Newsletter 2012/1

31 January 2012

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Greetings, Kia Ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula, Kamonaso, Kia Orana, Ni Hao, Namestay, Ram-Ram, Salām, Sanibona. WELCOME! NAU MAI HAERE MAI! 2012 is the Year of Being Courageous

We warmly welcome all students, both new and current, and their families / Whanau to our professional learning community along with new teachers Kelsey Dew who is teaching Year 4 in R.2 and Pamela Faulkner who has a part time teaching position in R.2 in Term 1 and fulltime in R.16 in Term 2 while Mike Shorter is on Sabbatical Leave. Kimberley Henderson will be in a shared teaching position with Christine Charteris teaching in R.9 from 12.00 daily while she trains for Reading Recovery. This year we return to three teams - Fay Dickie, Team Leader of Nga Whetu, our Junior Team (Years 1-3 in R.5, 6, 7 and 11); Dave Jones, Team Leader of Papatuanuku our Middle School Team (Years 3-4 in R.2,3,8 and 9) and Shelley Blakey, Team Leader of Ranginui our Senior School Team (Years 5-6 in R.10,14,15 and 16). Rm 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 14 15 16 17

Teacher Kelsey Dew Rachel McGarva Empty Sarah Hancock Fay Dickie Kelly Lonergan Dave Jones Kimberley Henderson/ Christine Charteris Walter Annear Elaine Cullen Shelley Blakey Reuban Ginns Mike Shorter/Pamela Faulkner Performing Arts

Class Year 4 Year 3 Year 1-2 NE Year 1 Year 3-4 Yr 2-3 Year 5-6 Year 1-2 Year 5-6 Year 5-6 Year 5-6

PRINCIPAL: Anne Mackintosh DEPUTY PRINCIPAL: Heather Langley PART TIME TEACHERS: Annette Gibson, Pamela Faulkner, Caroline Taylor-Levey and Christine Charteris RTLB Liam Dwyer OFFICE MANAGER: Jo Hardie RECEPTIONIST/SPORTS COORDINATOR: Gaye Southwell FINANCE MANAGER: Devon Harland SUPPORT STAFF: Sandra Williams (Team Leader), Bonnie Pearson (Aunty Barr), Anne Lee, Pam Stamp, Catriona Harding, Shane Lee, Shona Davies and Gaye Southwell PROPERTY STAFF: Brendan Dekker (Caretaker), Pam Stamp & Lydia Skinner (Cleaners) DENTAL STAFF: Karen Large and Glenda Stainton (Dental Therapists) and Leanne Day and Pamela Tipene (Dental Assistants) OUR BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Bruce May-Whitcombe (Chairperson/Personnel), Maunsell Maxwell (Property), Shona Davies (Finance), Lydia Day (Health and Safety), Rachael Adams, Heather Langley (Staff Rep.) and Anne Mackintosh (Principal) Our class lists were put up on our notice board last week. We had some very unforeseen events occur in the holidays so 5 teachers had to change rooms last week. My sincere thanks to Fay, Kelly, Rachel, Kelsey and Elaine who had to pack up and

move again at this very late stage. I am very thankful that we had delayed informing parents and students of room and class placements as it would have been a huge upheaval for students returning to school to find the changes. Due to a high number of enrolments we have also had to change some students around from the original lists 2011. We devote a huge amount of thought and consultation amongst staff when deciding on student placement as we take into account relationships, achievement levels, student need, student talents etc. I invite parents to come into school and speak with me about their children and placements towards the end of each school year. This invitation is issued every year and I enjoy meeting with parents to discuss their child‟s current achievement and forward plans etc. All students have been placed in classes and these placements will be confirmed at the end of February. This gives us all the opportunity to ensure that all students are correctly placed. If, during this time, there are concerns that a placement may not be in the best interests for the child, for any reason, then we will meet with parents to discuss this. EXCITING VENTURE! This year we are giving our Year 5-6 classes a „flavour‟ and have formed four classes based on further developing, supporting and teaching students as 21st Century Learners and digital citizens. Each class will be teaching as a priority from the New Zealand Curriculum and will, as is with all our classes at GVS, still focus heavily on the development of literacy and numeracy while having a slightly different „flavour‟ or „lens‟ from the others. R.10 will have more an ICT/Web2 tool focus, R.14 an inquiry focus, R.15 a practical technology focus and R.16 an arts and digital focus. A separate letter is being sent home today to all parents of students in the Ranginui Team giving additional information about our exciting venture into further creative solutions for teaching and learning. We would then like to invite these parents to an Open Session with the Ranginui Classes, meeting with the students and their teacher in each room, hearing about how their room works etc. on Wednesday 16 February at 2.00 p.m. in Rooms 10, 14, 15 and 16.

2012 The Year of Being Courageous Being Courageous is developing and having the character of strength in the midst of challenging circumstances. This year we have one school-wide YES goal for all to work towards. This goal stems from our Mission Statement. „We say YES to setting goals and having the courage to see them through‟. Our Cornerstone Values programme for 2012 is: Term 1: Respect Whakaute Term 2: Honesty and Truthfulness Pononga me Pono Term 3: Compassion Aroha Term 4: Obedience Whakamiramira Our Key Competencies (NZC) are: Term 1: Managing self Term 2: Relating to Others Term 3: Thinking Term 4: Participating and contributing

We invite everyone to a WHAKATAU, a brief ceremony of welcome, for our new students and families at assembly THIS Friday morning at 9.00 a.m. Please see details in „The Fortnight Ahead‟ in this newsletter.

GIV KIDS ARE ALL LEARNERS We are very proud of our school; our learning community of students, teachers, staff, Whanau and our wider community. Critical to the success of our school is Whanau and community Involvement and all of us sharing and working together. “Ehara taku toa I te toa takitahi, engari he hoa takitini”. “My strength is with the group and not as an individual”. Our uniqueness and cultural diversity is consistently accentuated and celebrated and we share these along with our expectations, which include the National Standards, for all to be given every opportunity to learn and succeed. At Greerton Village School people come first and we never give up on anyone. We are a YES school and we all say „YES‟ to learning, achievement and Cornerstone Values‟. Greerton Village School is your school. We value your input.

Learning and Teaching - At the Heart of the Matter, Te Iho o te Take Our PURPOSE as teachers is to CAUSE learning and our COMMITMENT is to work TOGETHER with parents, caregivers and Whanau to ACHIEVE this. „What‟s in it for kids?‟ is at the basis of every decision made.  Learning is VISIBLE and is at the centre of all we do.  Learning decisions are evidence based on achievement data..  Learning is viewed through the eyes of the student – What are we learning?  Learning provides challenge and reward.  Learning is embedded; ongoing improvement for all – We are all Learners!  Alignment of all school systems to support and drive learning.

Nurturing Positive Relationships: We have a simple, effective and consistent philosophy which supports our mission, vision and Cornerstone Values while incorporating the principles of Restorative Justice. At our school we believe that a close and supportive relationship between teachers, students and parents is essential for developing potential and for responding appropriately to challenging behaviour. Positive relationships are in establishing a supportive environment where the curriculum, behaviour and pastoral culture are negotiated and democratic. Adoption of a collegial approach also promotes a culturally positive and safe environment for all students. This year we have made changes to Time Out which we will share with you in the future.

The worse and most concerning group for truanting in NZ schools is the 5 and 6 year olds as parents condone their missing school for often no reason at all. PLEASE NOTE - Under Section 27 of the Education Act the Principal of a school has the power to exempt any student from school for up to 5 consecutive school days only to accompany parents to a special family event. Parents must see the Principal and request, under Section 27, the release of their child as a justified absence for up to 5 days which must be followed up in writing by the parent. This is Ministry of Education policy and we have been advised, at a Principals‟ meeting last December with the Ministry, that it must be strictly enforced as every child must be at school every day so they are successful learners and they are achieving at or above the National Standards in Literacy and Numeracy.

What you can do to help your child: 

  

  

Ensure that your child is ready for learning EVERY day by coming to school in a happy, secure and relaxed frame of mind, being prepared with the tools of learning, having enough food, wearing appropriate clothing and having had enough sleep to function at 100%. If your child starts missing school, help us to put things right. Make sure your child understands that you do not approve of them missing school. If your child is ill, contact the school on the first day of your child‟s illness. Staff will be concerned if they do not hear anything. We can arrange for work to be sent home. If your child is ever off school you must tell the school why. Do this by either ringing us on 5412350 or emailing If your child does not turn up to school and there has been no reason given for their absence a text will be sent to you. It is your responsibility to advise the school of the situation as we have to know where every student is at all times during learning time. Arrange non essential trips, such as hair appointments, shopping for shoes and going away for the weekend, for after school or weekends etc. Take family holidays outside of term time as every day at school is an opportunity to build skills. Repetition is critical for learning. Please show an interest in your child‟s schoolwork and ensure you share their books when they bring them home etc. and attend student-parent-teacher conferences etc.


Affirmations (we are proud of you all!)

Your child MUST come to school regularly and be on time ATTENDANCE = ACHIEVEMENT Our goal in 2012 is to have at least 94%+ attendance every day with every child arriving at school on time ready to learn. Having a good education will help to give your child the best possible life. It is vital for him/her to attend school regularly. A key message from research shows very clearly that truanting leads to non-engagement later in students' school life. Give your children every advantage by sending them to school every day prepared for learning. Give your child an anchor in their lives by ensuring that they stay in the same school. Transience is a critical issue in why children don‟t succeed. It is proven that it can take up to a year for children to settle after moving schools and their learning, their relationships with others etc. are affected.

Jai and Aayush R.3 Amazing Art

Brayden R.10 - an Expert Writer

There are six pages to this newsletter - it is VERY IMPORTANT that you read it all.

Award Winners 2011: These students were acknowledged for their diligence and achievement at our End of Year Celebration: AMBASSADOR AWARDS Freedom Williams Rosilo Togotogoroa Siliato Vee Kennedy Tauranga-Singh Ryan Henderson Eryin Magill-Glass NGAWHETU Room 2 Room 3 Room 11 Room 14 Room 15 Room 16 RANGINUI Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10

Literacy Cultural Mathematics Sport ICT Music

Lalita King Jai McGarva Iziah Dockery Winter (Jasadi) Haapu Trinity Taylor-Moore Dion Mahuika-Barlow Jhenart Lictao Rosie Horsley Jhakard Balloch Ayla Gilbert-Brown Jayda-Love Akurangi Julie Nielsen Luisa Togotogoroa

S Award: Maori Culture Award Maori Culture Award Joan Pratt Cup

Adams & Horsley Cup GVS Music Student of the Year Award GVS Sportsperson of the Year Award Jack Bryan Memorial Cup Greerton Village School Cup

Greerton Village School Cup Greerton Village School Cup Duffy Mainfreight Award Stuart Family Cup GVS Trophy

The Nga Whetu Team

For: For Commitment to development of Tikanga Maori For Excellence in Kapa Haka Winner of Senior Speech Competition For Achievement in Arts and Culture For Achievement in Music

Recipient: Rosilo Togotogoroa

For Achievement in Sport

Kennedy TaurangaSingh

For Most Improved Student For Commitment to the Development of ICT For Excellence in Literacy For Excellence in Mathematics For Excellence in Attitude

Kennedy TaurangaSingh Ryan Henderson

For all round General Excellence For the Outstanding GVS Kid

Siliato Vee

The Ranginui Team

Our Special Award Winners 2011

Alexandra Pou Poasa Siliato Vee

2011 Ambassadors L to r - Eryin, Rosilo, Freedom, Ryan, Kennedy and Siliato

Alexandra Pou Poasa

Pesaleli (PJ) Tasi

Ambassadors 2012 with their 2011 predecessors.

Sophie Gilchrist Glen Moorhouse Freedom Williams

Rosilo Togotogoroa

Congratulations Grace! Former student Grace Tasi won the Year 8 Top Pasifika Award at Tauranga Intermediate at the end of last year, That is a fabulous achievement, well done Grace.

School Ambassadors and House Leaders 2012: These were announced at our end of year function and were given their black polo shirts so they could wear them today. Ambassadors are: Gabby Dackers Mathematics, Sophie Gilchrist Literacy, Glen Moorhouse I.C.T, Devyn Sherchan PhysEd, Sanjeshni Singh Cultural, Alex Pou Poasa Arts, Teagan Day. Inquiry and Eden Jarratt. Communication. Eden is also our Leader of the Ambassadors.

House Leaders are: Te Rina Leubert Fire, Helene McLeod Earth, Noah Walker Water, and Miguel Mahuika-Barlow Wind.

The fortnight ahead Welcome to Greerton Village School. WHAKATAU on Thursday 2nd February at 9.00 a.m. THIS Thursday 2nd February at 9.00 a.m there will be a Whakatau to welcome new children and Whanau to our school. If you would like to be part of the welcome please come to the front door of the administration building at 8.45. Once the Whakatau is over then we will move into the Discovery Centre where an invitation is extended to all new parents and caregivers.. This will be an opportunity to meet us and find out about the exciting educational opportunities your child will have while at our school, to meet other parents and caregivers who are also new to our school and meet parents who have been involved in our school community for some time. We are in a partnership to support your child so your active involvement in their education is VERY important. Over a cup of tea you will find out what it means to be a “GVS Kid”, you will meet our school ambassadors and House Leaders, form new friendships and hear how we do things at our school.

19 March 20-21 March 23 March

Kia Kaha and Dare Police Programmes start Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences School Assembly 1.30 p.m. R.6/16 WBOP Swimming Champs 26 March Board of Trustees Meeting 6.00 p.m. 2 - 5 April Kids Can Ride Programme Ranginui 5 April School closes for Term 1 (Thursday) School opens for Term 2 on Monday 23 April at 8.50 a.m. ADVANCE NOTICE On Wednesday 25 April 2012 school will be closed for Anzac Day and on Thursday 26 April it will be closed for instruction for Teacher Only Day Professional Learning in Inquiry with Lane Clark, Canadian Educator, who has been working with our staff in our school for the last three years.

MANY SPECIAL THANKS TO BRENDAN, PAM AND LYDIA FOR THE WONDERFUL PRESENTATION OF OUR SCHOOL AND THEIR HARD WORK OVER THE HOLIDAYS. Thanks also to Maurice and Lydia Day for their assistance. Our raised gardens are looking great!

Term 1 Cornerstone Value is RESPECT:/WHAKAUTE Our definition of RESPECT is – „Willingness to treat with courtesy; to hold in high regard; to honour, to care about yourselves and others.‟ We will be emphasizing what respect means, aspects of showing respect, what happens when one shows or does not show respect and why respect is very important. We expect everyone in our school, including our staff, students and parents, to be respectful towards others. Adults are role models for children therefore we expect that, while on school property, only respectful language and behaviour is used towards everyone. Your children will be involved in activities both inside and outside the classroom. They will read and be read stories and discuss real life examples encouraging them to consider ways to demonstrate respect towards our environment, property and the feelings and opinions of others. We all strongly support and push these very vital values - they are non-negotiable and are followed by all. They are even set in concrete in our Sensory Garden.

Board of Trustees meetings:

Kids on Feet 2012:


These are held on a Monday each term in week 4 and in week 9. Meetings start at 6.00 p.m. and are held in the Meeting room at school. All parents and community members are MOST WELCOME to attend.

Looking Ahead 2012 Please diary these dates: Information about school events and copies of newsletters will be on our website at Term 1 2 3 4

Start date Tuesday 31 January Monday 23 April Monday 16 July Tuesday 15 October

End date Thursday 5 April Friday 29 June Friday 28 September Friday 14 December

Looking Ahead to Term 1 2012: 31 January 2 February -

6 February 10 February 14 February 16 February 20 February 24 February 7-9 March 9 March 16 March

School starts for 2012 at 8.50 a.m. Whakatau to welcome new staff and families at our first school assembly for 2011 at 9.00 a.m. Session with morning tea will follow in the Discovery Centre for new parents. School closed for Waitangi Day School Assembly 1.30 p.m. R.3/14 Meeting - Entering school at 5 years in the Discovery Centre 7.00 p.m. Open Session Ranginui in R.10,14,15 and 16 at 2.00 p.m. Learn to Swim lessons start Board of Trustees Meeting 6.00 p.m. School Swimming Sports School Assembly 1.30 p.m. R.4/15 Ranginui School Camp School Assembly 1.30 p.m. R.5/8 School Term 1 Goal, Indicator Sheets go home

At the end of each school day students who are being picked up by parents are to sit on the front steps until their parents arrive in the school to collect them. Those students who are walking home, including those on bikes, must immediately join their KOF walking group and leave the school together. The Chadwick and Greerton Road KOF groups will meet under the R.11 sunshade and the Mansels Road KOF Groups meet under the quad sunshade. If you would like to assist us by walking with our groups please contact Heather Langley at school. PLEASE NOTE: All children who are not picked up at the gate by parents will leave the school in Kids on Feet groups. This is for their safety. Please do not sit in cars and expect your children to come to you. Walk to the gate to collect them, We will not allow children to leave the school on their own. THIS IS FOR THEIR SAFETY!

Communication with our School: Please remember that if you have any concerns at all about anything at school please do share it with us. It is advisable to make an appointment so you can be sure of seeing me or have a word with me when I am out and about in the school. We have „corridors of communication‟ for all to use so please do. My email address is and the office address is .

WE ARE ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY IF YOU WISH TO DISCUSS YOUR CHILD’S PROGRESS OR IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR CHILD.WE WELCOME YOUR CONTACT. If you can help out at school (lunchtime activities in the playground, help in classrooms, KOF groups, Fruit in Schools, Breakfast Club etc.) we would LOVE to hear from you. Please ring the office with your interest and we will contact you.

Our school day: School starts at 8.50 a.m. sharp every day. PLEASE ensure your child is at school prepared to learn at least 10 minutes before the bell. Our timetable allows for a compulsory full two hour block of literacy and one of numeracy every morning: 8.50 a.m. School starts 9.00 a.m. Literacy 10.50 a.m. „Eating for Learning‟ Fruit supplied. 11.00 a.m. Interval (20 minutes) 11.20 a.m. Numeracy/ Inquiry for 50 minutes. Fitness for 20 minutes. 12.30 p.m. Students go out to play. 1.00 p.m. „Eating for Learning‟ 1.15 p.m. Afternoon school – Numeracy / Inquiry / Cultural / Physical 2.45 p.m. School finishes. We are a „Fruit in Schools‟ and a „KidsCan‟ School.

School uniforms: Our school uniform is COMPULSORY for every child. Our sole uniform stockist is NZUniforms on Cameron Road opposite Tauranga Primary School. We will be targeting those children not wearing our uniform and will be contacting home to see why they are not wearing the full correct uniform. Many thanks to those parents who made sure their children were correctly dressed this morning. PLEASE NOTE: Outrageous hairstyles, the use of hair gel and hair dye, of extreme colour, are not acceptable at our school. ALL CHILDREN MUST WEAR SUN HATS EVERY DAY DURING TERMS 1 AND 4. Please make sure your children have adequate clothing coverage of their bodies to guard against sunburn damage.

ALL STUDENTS TO HAVE CORRECT STATIONERY BY NEXT MONDAY PLEASE. You can purchase this at school - we sell it for the price we pay for it. Reporting to Parents: Greerton Village School encourages frequent informal as well as formal discussions with Students and Parents / Caregivers, to share information on progress. Student learning journals, literacy and numeracy books are sent home each term as another form of reporting. A close partnership between home and school will enhance learning outcomes and prevent minor concerns becoming major problems. Constructive and positive feedback is an invaluable motivation technique. If we have a concern, or even wish to share a celebration, we are immediately on the phone. In 2012 the following planned reporting to parents and caregivers include: 16 March Goal and Indicator Sheets showing your child‟s academic goals and where your child is achieving in relation to the National Standards will be sent home to be brought back and discussed at Student - Parent – Teacher Conferences on 21/22 March. 21-22 March: Student - Parent – Teacher Conferences - The first formal opportunity for an oral 15 minute conference you‟re your child and teacher where a their school start and progress to date is discussed in detail. This is supported by quality data and is recorded in writing with their set goal. At the Conference student goals along with discussion about how help can be provided at home and next steps are also discussed and recorded. The student, parent and teacher will sign these at the completion of the conference. 16 November Written Reports which accurately record your child‟s progress and achievements against the National Standards during the first three terms of the year and progress against set goals supported by quality data in addition to indicator sheets showing where your child is achieving in relation to the National Standards at the end of the year.

20-21November: Student - Parent – Teacher Conferences - your child will show case and co-lead a more formal oral 15 minute interview where they discuss their reports, progress to date, and fulfillment of goals set at the beginning of the year, including next steps for 2013. The student, parent and teacher will sign these at the completion of the conference.

Additional Assistance Programmes: These all begin over the next few days run by our large talented support staff led by Sandra Williams and overseen by Heather Langley our SENCO. Selected students will be given a letter over the next week to give to parents informing them of their involvement. If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Heather.

Learning Journals: This journal provides a valuable link between home and school and is a chance for your child to record their learning experiences, thoughts, feelings and reflections. Teachers may also record thoughts and comments which will also assist your child on their learning journey. The Learning Journal will come home on a regular basis and is also a place for you to write positive comments, celebrate successes at home and at school, ask questions, find out about what your child is doing in class and praise your child etc. We really look forward to seeing all children and parents becoming more fully involved in our learning journey. This year Years 5-6 (Ranginui) will be using clear files as their Learning Journals.

Specialised Te Reo Māori Aunty Barr (Bonnie Pearson) is our kaiawhina who teaches Te Reo and takes our Kapahaka Group as well as being involved in our Health Promoting Schools Programmes . We provide additional weekly specialized Te Reo for Years 5-6. We also have Te Reo with Aunty Barr each week in all Nga Whetu Classes (R.5.6.7 and 11 during Term 1. If there is a student in Nga Whetu who has a real interest and aptitude in Te Reo then we can include them in our specialized groups. Please see Heather Langley.

Road Patrols:

Teachers and/or patrols are on duty 8.25 – 8.45 a.m. and 2.45 – 3.00 p.m. at Greerton Road. There is a teacher only at the Chadwick Road crossing. Please ensure your children cross during these times. PLEASE NOTE - All children not picked up in the school by their parents must leave the school in KOF groups to ensure their safety at crossings etc.

NEWS FROM GAYE OUR SPORTS COORDINATOR: LEARN TO SWIM LESSONS Yrs 5/6: Places are still available for the Learn To Swim Lessons starting Mon 20th Feb – Fri 2nd Mar (2wks). These lessons are being held at the Greerton Swimming Pool from approx 1pm – 2.30pm. Cost is $45 and if you are interested in your child participating please complete the form that accompanies the newsletter: Deposit of $10 MUST be sent in with form and balance paid by 13th Feb, arrangements can be made to pay in instalments, please let me know if required. From Mon 6th Feb, if any places are left I will offer these out to Yr 4 children. Gaye Southwell – Sports Co-ordinator URGENT PLEA SPORTS: If any parent/caregiver is able to help coach, umpire or referee any sports teams, please could they let me know as soon as possible. In particular we are looking for help with Touch, Rippa, Soccer, Basketball, Netball. Without the above we will not be able to get teams up and running so parent/carer help is required. Please let me know as soon as possible as many of these events will be starting soon. If you are interested in your child doing sports, please register

your interest with me so I can look into possible teams, etc. Gaye Southwell – Sports Co-ordinator SUMMER INDOOR FOOTBALL LEAGUE Tauranga Leisure will be running a Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Summer Indoor Football leagues: At the TECT Arena Starting on Sunday 19th February for 6 weeks Cost is $150 per team Space is limited to 6 teams in each year Teams may enter from schools, clubs or a group of mates For more information call 0800 Baypark ex 6006

GENERAL HOUSEKEEPING: Every Monday morning we have a school assembly at 8.50 a.m. under the large sunshade on the quad to set up and start our week. All welcome to stay. School assemblies will be held every second Friday at 1.30 p.m. starting Week 2, please see Calendar for term 1 above. Your child will receive their stationery orders today. Please purchase a.s.a.p. If you have difficulty purchasing stationery please let us know. We expect that every child will have their books by Monday next week and that they will be kept to a very high standard with no graffiti on covers etc. We want the children to be proud of their books and their work. Learning Journals will be sent home regularly each term. Updating school records 2012 – next newsletter all 2011 parents / caregivers will receive a printout of their details we keep at school to verify their accuracy.

IMPORTANT! If you change your phone numbers and/or address please let us know IMMEDIATELY. There is a slip you can use at right. If your child is sick or there is an emergency at school we need to be able to locate and contact parents instantly. Swimming instruction for Year 1-3 students is for the first six weeks of term (dependant on weather) in our school pool. Year 4-6 students will be able to swim at lunchtimes. See Gaye‟s notice above about swimming lessons. Children need to bring their NAMED gear in a NAMED bag. It is compulsory for ALL children to have a book bag – purchase through the school for $2.00 each. This will protect school books and all resources when they come home. Please ensure all are returned in good condition. We ask that children go home first before making any arrangements to go to friends‟ etc. after school. Any arrangements for children to go to other homes must be made the day before with the other parents and a quick note sent to us. Students are not, in any circumstance, allowed to ring home to make arrangements for after school. As we are focusing on self-management they will be expected to bring all their learning tools and books to school. They will not be able to ring parents for togs etc. Our school has plenty of shady areas around the school. Please encourage your children to play in the shade. We have school banking through the ASB. If you are interested in your child banking please pick up an enrolment form from the office. Our banking day is each Friday and books are „posted‟ in the ASB slot in the little hallway off the foyer towards the Discovery Centre. We spend many thousands of dollars a year on purchasing and maintaining of school resources to assist your children in their learning. Please ensure that your children return all readers and library books etc. on time and in good condition. They must keep them in book bags when they are not being used. Please ensure preschoolers do not write in them. Do by all means share them with all your children while ensuring they are treated respectfully and are looked

after. It is heartbreaking to have to use funds to replace ruined resources. Lost Property box is located in the corridor at the end of Room 3. All lost property will be regularly displayed out on the top court. Uncollected items will be disposed of regularly. Students‟ cell phones are to be left in the office at the start of the day and picked up after school. This is to ensure their safety and to prevent any texting etc. during school time. Fruit in Schools starts Monday13 February and Duffy Books in Homes are running again this year. PRIDE TIME from 2.30-2.45pm starts today…students tidy up and get organized for the next day of learning before having a reflection time with teachers before leaving. School newsletters are sent home every fortnight on a Tuesday. Our next newsletter is on Tuesday 14 February. If you don‟t receive one from your eldest child ask them where it is. A copy will be available on our updated website and on our school noticeboard by the Discovery Centre.



I have changed my address and/or telephone number to: Name: Address: Phone Numbers: Email Address: My children and their classrooms:

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all others." Winston Churchill

Have a GREAT first week and enjoy it all!

Our School Logo

depicts the school bell which has been our symbol for many years, with the conch - representing amerging of cultures, the binding together - calling children to learning. The toitoi (our school) has a strong spine. All the seeds (our students) grow and flourish and then are dispersed to the four winds, Nga Hau e Wha to learn, grow and serve as global citizens.

GVS Newsletter 31st January 2012  

GVS Newsletter 31st January 2012

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